6 Top Rated Tourist Attractions you Must Visit in Ontario

Ontario, the capital of Ottawa, is one of the largest regions of a city in Canada. In addition to offering you access to the list of options in the form of modern amenities, you would also provide you access to natural attractions as well. You can definitely witness a huge range of options in the form of wilderness, pristine lakes and other natural attractions. Niagara Falls, one of the exciting tourist attractions, has definitely been considered to be a great choice in every respect.

If you are in Ontario and around, you would indeed find you have access to a wonderful efficiency in terms of an enhanced experience ever. To help you out in your search for the best tourist attractions in Ontario, here are a few good options you can check out.

Well, now that you are in Ontario, we would perhaps be able to help you out in your journey to find a few good options in the realm of the best tourist attractions in Ontario and around.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls does not need any introduction. It has been one of the most renowned – an internationally renowned destination in the Canadian region. It attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

In fact, the Niagara Falls has two parts  – one of the parts is located in the US, and another part is in Canada. If you are in Ontario, reaching Niagara Falls should not be a tough task. In case you are a group of friends or colleagues, it may be a good idea to check out the options of limo services or similar other transportation options. Services such as are known to provide you access to a wide range of services that have always focussed on providing outstanding services at an affordable price.

Algonquin Park

Are you fond of outdoor activities and looking for an excellent share of options while in Ontario? Well, the Algonquin Park is an excellent option that should definitely prove to be one of the prime options from that perspective. It is actually the very first provincial park in Ontario. You would find it providing you access to a huge number of activities.

Some of the activities you would find at the Algonquin Park would include backcountry camping, hiking, biking and fishing, to name just a few. The park offers you access to several options and advantages. You would find that the park has over 1500 lakes and 750 miles of streams. In fact, the entire park is dotted with more than 1000 campsites spread across the shores of the rivers spread across the park.


Ottawa has been the cultural capital of Canada. You would find it offering you a perfect combination of English and French cultures. The city also hosts a wide range of historical sites, festivals, and cultural attractions.

The Parliament Hill of Canada has been one of the focal points of interest in Ottawa and provides you with a glimpse of the British Parliament. The location also witnesses the sound and light show every night. The show also projects the history of Canada. A few other options that would indeed be quite practical can include the national museums, and a few other sites.

Provincial and National Parks

Ontario provides you with several ways that you can utilise in providing you access to a huge range of provincial and national parks as well. You can have access to a wide range of options for the best hiking trails, and a host of sites for canoeing and camping.

Some of the great examples from this scenario would be the petroglyphs of Petroglyphs Provincial Park and the Lake Superior Provincial Park. The Petroglyphs Provincial Park provides you access to a great collection of 500 to 1,000-year-old Aboriginal rock carvings. The location would also give you access to a wonderful experience through the means of the pristine lakes and forests.

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the best and prominent ones in Toronto and has been considered to be an excellent premiere museum in Canada. It would provide you access to a huge range of collections that would provide you access to a peek into the natural history, cultural exhibits and a wide range of options from around the region.

The museum is locally known as ROM and was renovated in 2007. In fact, after the renovation of the museum, you would find that the museum provides you access to a wonderful collection of both old and new architecture. In fact, that would simply make it a striking appearance at its best. The newly added Michael Lee-Chin Crystal is yet another huge option par excellence.

The Wonderland

Also known as Canada’s Wonderland, it is about 30 kilometers northwest of Toronto’s city. It is a theme park par excellence in Canada and offers you an excellent option during the months of summer. It has been one of the premier amusement parks in Canada and attracts families across the country and the world.

The location has several best options in the form of roller coasters and other rides that would interest children. You would also witness a host of other activities such as water parks, dinosaur parks and a host of live shows. It should actually be a trip of one day.

Ontario is indeed one of the excellent and exciting locations in the Canadian region and provides you access to a wonderful collection of options when it comes to the locations of touristic importance. Plan your itinerary ell in advance and opt for the best possible options ever so that you will end up visiting almost every locale that Canada in general and Ontario, in particular, has on offer.

The best time to visit the city of Ontario would be the summers. In fact, that would be one of the excellent options to visit the city. It indeed delivers you the best possible options ever.

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