Why Was Cristiano Ronaldo in World Cup 2024 for Portugal Dropped to Bench Against Team Switzerland?

Cristiano Ronaldo, a forward football player playing for Portugal, is benched by the team boss for the 2024 World cup against team Switzerland in the last 16. It is a controversial topic because the team was playing a match against team South Korea and Portugal lost goals 2-1.

In return, Ronaldo made a shut-the-mouth gesture by keeping a finger on his lips once he was taken off. The team boss is not impressed with the performance of the popular footballer. The Portugal team’s boss, Santos, was disappointed by Cristiano’s gesture and replaced him with the young 21-year-old player Ramos.

It is quite shocking to see such a piece of news for Ronaldo fans. The famous footballer shared the reason for his gesture, but he still dropped the match. Know the entire story of the controversy that happened in this write-up. You must know about the exact things that happened that day.

What Made Santos Replace Ronaldo?

In the football tournament of the 2024 World Cup, the South Korea and Portugal match was taking place. When the Portugal team lost goals 2-1, Cristiano made a gesture that warned the other team to keep quiet by putting his finger on his lips. This gesture disappointed the team boss, Santos.

He decided to send a substitute and replace him with the young member of the team, Ramos. In an interview, Santos replied that Ronald’s act seemed unimpressive and didn’t like what happened. Santos also mentioned that the problem is resolved and should not be stretched further. Now, the team is focussing on the next match.

What Ronaldo Mentioned About his Gesture?

Cristiano Ronaldo is an impressive and popular footballer, and you can get more details from According to Ronaldo, Santos misunderstood his gesture, and in return, he tried to defend himself.

He explained that other players in South Korea were telling him to leave immediately. In reply, he made that gesture and asked them to shut their mouth because they had no authority to comment on him.

Who Replaced Ronaldo?

After the argument, Santos replaced Ronaldo with the 21-year-old young player Goncalo Ramos. The famous player shifted to the bench. Ramos scored a hat trick and made his successful international debut. You must know more about this player. When Ramos was only two years old, Cristiano made his footballer debut with his goal-scoring form, opening and unleashing Yann Sommer.

When Cristiano was dropped to a bench in the match’s second half, Ramos played well and made his position in the team. As per many sources, the reason for replacing the popular player is still unknown. Portugal wins the match against team Switzerland.

But now, a question arises whether the team will provide a chance for the player to play again and whether Ronaldo will fight back. Another match played on Tuesday welcomed Ronaldo in the second half with the crowd cheering for him. But it is hard to forget the performance of a new footballer, Ramos.

What was Ronaldo’s Reaction of Ronaldo?

When the famous footballer was dropped on a bench 25 minutes before the game ended, he reacted with anger to this decision. Treating such a highly reputed player who has already represented many teams and achieved rewards is unfair.

When he was replaced, he cleared the misunderstanding that he in return reacted aggressively to Korean players for teasing Cristiano to leave. But when he didn’t appreciate them, his gesture got noted.

Many fans were disappointed after the team boss made his decision. As per his fans, it is okay to react angrily, as it is understandable. No one appreciates being replaced by another player without any valid reason. Soon, he will be retired, and everyone will remember him and his performance.

Was Santos’s Decision Right?

Many people say that the team boss Santos made the right decision by putting Cristiano on the bench. It happened not because of his gesture but due to his performance in different matches. According to the sources, other team players are also good at playing future matches and performing better than Ronaldo. It is good to provide opportunities to new players and allow them to play the match.

Many think Cristiano didn’t play well in the tournament. This is the last tournament for Ronaldo, and he needed one goal to equalize the nine-goals record of Eusebio in Portugal matches. But he didn’t win the competition. In the match’s opening with Ghana, he scored one penalty.

But he scored well in the match with West Africa and is known as the firstmost player who had scored well in five different World Cup games. According to David Afonso, Cristiano is a good footballer, but the team Portugal can easily play amazingly without Cristiano and has already shown proof.

His reaction seems fine to Afonso because Ronaldo desires to participate in every match and win every reward. Ronaldo played this tournament in the middle. In 2003, he started his debut, and till now, he scored 118 total goals in different Portugal games. In 2024, he broke the international world record.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, Ronaldo is an awesome footballer, and everyone knows his name worldwide. But a controversy happened to him in the 2024 World cup tournament, which was quite shocking for his fans. Many people come to see his amazing performance. But the decision to drop the player on the bench by team boss Santos disappointed everyone.

The exact reason is quite unknown, and people made many statements. Portugal’s team playing with South Korea puts Cristiano on the bench due to his shut-the-mouth gesture. After explaining the reason why he did this, Santos replaced him with Ramos.

According to other sources, Ronaldo played this tournament from the middle and didn’t perform well. Other team players must also be able to show their performance on international grounds. For many people, the decision was right, along with Ronaldo’s reaction. In an interview, the game players are silent about things that happened in the football tournament.

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