13 Dos & Don’ts of Wine Storage

Wine means so much to billions of people. It is not only an alcoholic beverage but also a healthy drink that can help with the overall levels of immunity if consumed in the right amounts. Other than that has been around for thousands of years which resulted in a whole science and a cultural movement existing around it. Lastly, wine is the main hobby for millions, and collectors and sommeliers have personal collections worth thousands of dollars. Those who make their own wines are the real experts who devote their entire lives to their winemaking business, and thousands of dollars for maintenance and storage.

Speaking of storage, it is important to know how best to keep your wine stored away safely so that it does not lose its touch. There is nothing worse for someone who knows their wines than to learn it became spoiled due to improper storing and things that could have easily been prevented with a little bit of knowledge and research. If you wish to learn more about storing your bottles the proper way, you came to the right place. Right here and now we will talk about all the dos and the don’ts you must pay attention to. For more info on the always important topic of wine and everything around it, be sure to visit birre online.

General Dos and Don’ts

To start things off with some straightforward info that is true for all wines and wine lovers no matter how many bottles you have, how expensive they are, or how knowledgeable of a sommelier you may be. In the following section you will have the pleasure of learning all the basics you should know when storing wine, in general, is concerned.


  1. Store it between 50-55° Fahrenheit or 11-13° Celsius, in the dark
  2. Ideal humidity is 70%, but anywhere between 60% and 80% is fine
  3. Keep the most expensive bottles in professional, secure wine lockers
  4. Place the bottles at slight angles, label up, in order to cover the corks and keep them moist
  5. Keep a record of your bottles


  1. Store wine above home appliances that emit heat, in sunlight, or on floor level
  2. Leave the storage overly dry or humid
  3. Keep the bottles straight
  4. Store below 45° Fahrenheit or 7° Celsius
  5. Shake the bottles or disturb the wine in any other way

Professional Advice

Now that we have the basics covered and you are ready to take your wine collecting and storing to the next level, it is time to talk about some more professional and less known dos and don’ts. These should be taken more as tips from the experts than things you should definitely make sure of.

11. Do Have a Wine Cooler

Having a proper cooler for your bottles is important no matter how good and proper your storage is. There will often be the case of having to take out multiple bottles out of the storage for a special occasion, so where do you keep them just prior to serving? Well the cooler of course. The cooler makes most sense if you lack the proper space for a true basement-like storage or a separate room, and many people do lack it. Closets are dark and dry enough but the temperature is not good enough, and they are opened and closed frequently. Therefore, if you are serious about this beverage, get yourself a cooler. On a related matter, do not mistake a regular fridge for a proper cooler substitute. Many a bottle were ruined like this!

12. Do Keep the Bottles on the Side

If you have enough room to allow this, make sure to keep the bottles completely on the sides with the labels facing up. While we did say that an angled position is better, this approach is much better for the moisturizing of the cork. As you probably know, dry corks will shrink and let air into the bottle, spoiling the wine and ruining the quality. Therefore, if you have enough room, lay them down until it is time to consume and enjoy it.

13. Don’t Take Risks

If you have some truly valuable bottle that are worth thousands of dollars, think about ensuring your collection. The general rule most experts and collectors follow is simple, if you have wines that are worth $85,000 or more, it is a genuine asset and a proper investment you will want to ensure just in case. These fall under the categories of valuables and many policies include them without a problem. Back in the day this was not the case and it was problematic to ensure the bottles, but nowadays in the modern times of various types of assets, it is normal and quite common. People ensure it even if they have much less money invested in their bottles.

How Long to Store It for?

Before we let you go, we have to take a moment to talk about the right amount of time that a single bottle should be stored for. When it comes to conventional bottles you buy at your local stores and supermarkets, you should know they are mostly cheaper, table wines. These are made to be consumed almost immediately after they are purchased and opened. In terms of storing, they do not have much worth talking about. Aging them will not do anything, unlike luxury and premium bottles that are considered small fortunes. If you mean to age them properly, you have to know its ingredients and keep it at proper temperatures so as not to change its taste even a little bit.

The general rule of thumb is as follows: all table wines should be consumed within two years after the bottling date on the bottle. Once you open it, it is best to finish it then and there as it loses quality very rapidly. With proper luxury bottles, you can store them for decades and they will keep their taste or even have it improved if you manage to maintain ideal conditions. This is quite difficult without the professional equipment and the right know-how, but it is doable.

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