10 Reasons why Owning a Pool is a Fantastic Investment!

Understandably, for most people a pool is a substantial expense, so you want to be sure you are spending your money wisely. The best way to get maximum return from your pool is by using it often. Here we will run through 10 reasons why owning a pool is a fantastic investment in case you are still sitting on the fence.

Having a pool in the backyard provides you with countless opportunities to relax, keep active and spend time with those you care about most. Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of pool ownership.


Reason 1: A pool can add value to your home

A question we get asked often here at Newcastle Swimming Pools is “does a pool add value to a home?” We believe that a pool is an asset to any home and a quality fibreglass pool that is long-lasting, low maintenance and cost-effective to run is highly appealing for most Australians in the market for a home. It depends on the area where you live but a survey conducted by Swimart shows that homes with pools are priced higher than those without.

Reason 2: Swim in privacy whenever like

If you don’t have a beach in your area the local pool is usually the next best option when you want to cool down. Whilst public pools are great in their own right, you have to pack up the family and pay. You have to wait for them to open and leave when they close. Leaving you hot and bothered once again. No driving the kids to and from the pool or swimming with strangers. Having a pool of your own allows you to swim whenever you please right from the convenience of your home, nothing beats summer nights swims. You can swim with the kids and play silly games if you choose without peering eyes watching you.

Reason 3: Saves you money

Instead of going away on holidays to swim by the pool and relax you can do it from home. You don’t have to organise travel, passports or worry about jet lag or crowds. You can relax at home with your creature comforts and do so at your own pace with no schedule. With some clever landscaping, such as a water feature and greenery, a pool lounge, and a cool drink you can create a tropical oasis in the backyard. A pool provides the ultimate staycation experience.

Reason 4: Spend quality time with family and friends

Most of us are busy and probably guilty of spending a bit too much time on technology. Having a pool of your own draws you outside to spend time in the fresh air with those you care about most. Spending time away from technology is known to have many psychological benefits and there’s no denying that interacting with people we are close with can do wonders for our mood and morale. What better way to do that then lounging around in the pool. You can’t put a price on memories.

Reason 5: Relax

A swimming pool provides you with a sanctuary to relax where you perhaps wouldn’t have one normally. Sitting back in the pool after a tiring day can help you unwind and rejuvenate. By adding spa jets and heating to your pool you can enhance the relaxation further. Being submerged in water can relieve tension and alleviate stress, leaving you rested and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

Reason 6: Teach the kids to swim


Learning to swim is an essential life skill here in Australia and one that every child should learn. If you have a pool your children can practice their skills as often as they like, promoting them to be more confident in the water.

Reason 7: The ultimate entertainer

Nothing beats celebrating or simply catching up with friends and family over a BBQ and a swim in the pool. A pool makes an ideal place to host a party or get together and is the perfect excuse to invite some people over on the weekend.

Reason 8: Keep fit and healthy

The great thing about swimming is you are burning calories with minimal effort. If keeping fit is something you are mindful of or maybe you have some new goals you’d like to work towards, then a swimming pool is a great solution. It’s not only convenient having it at your backdoor step but did you know that swimming burns twice the number of calories that running or cycling does? A pool can also be used to help recover from an injury or for those who need to exercise but can’t weight bear. Swimming reduces the impact on the body, can increase cardiovascular health and improve flexibility.

Reason 9: Keeps the kids entertained

Kids love water and you can guarantee they will want to swim in the pool at any given chance. This keeps them entertained and encourages them to use their imagination whilst playing games and splashing around. A pool is a welcomed addition in school holidays, you can save money by not taking the kids out every day. They can have friends over and burn off some energy outside in the pool.

Reason 10: Cool off

When the heat of summer is relentless, and you can’t seem to cool down. The very thought of venturing outside may make you sweat at the brow. A swimming pool provides an instant escape to take a quick dip after work, school or whenever you please without having to get the kids organised and out the door to get a spot on the beach or at the local pool.

Invest in your future health and wellbeing


Owning a swimming pool isn’t just a fantastic investment financially but you’re also investing in yours and your families health and wellbeing. They offer a copious number of benefits that can drastically improve your lifestyle for the better. If you are considering a pool for your home or if you would like additional information on the suitability of one of our fibreglass pools for your home, get in touch with teams such as newcastleswimmingpools.com. They can offer helpful advice regarding your options and will happily answer any questions you may have.

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