Women’s 4 Favourite Positions

Pleasing a woman in bed can be a big challenge, especially when it comes to first encounters. As well as dealing with the stress of having to make a good impression, the man has to rely on an infinite number of variables such as getting the woman to be relaxed enough to enjoy the moment and give her everything in the preliminaries. And all that without even mentioning the moment of the intercourse itself.

Making love is generally very satisfying for women and when you make love in your favourite positions the pleasure is even more special. Because of the female anatomy, some postures can bring more pleasure and make it easier to reach a climax more quickly. This is because women usually feel more comfortable when they find the right position that stimulates them at that moment until it becomes pleasant.

It is known that there are women who, in order not to leave their partners alone at the time of “having sex” with the feeling that they have not received the expected pleasure, fake an orgasm. Although today, with changes in behaviour, women have more freedom to say what they feel and not to hurt the male ego. This is how you manage to maintain a good relationship of trust when it comes to having partners, you don’t stop trying to find the best sensation of pleasure so that everything continues well.

Most men have the assurance that they are doing their best, and while that may be the intention, it is rarely the reality. Patience and observation are needed when it comes to being between four walls. We must try to find ways to boost the intimate life of the couple, to improve with the foreplay and look for new attempts of different positions so that both can reach the expected expectations during the intimate relationship. A good recommendation would be to practice whilst not in a monogamous relationship looking for escorts and adult work in Skokka.

In terms of positions for women, the ideal is to look for those positions that can directly stimulate the clitoris, which is the key to the female orgasm. It is not always possible to stimulate it during an intimate relationship, but nothing prevents men from trying to do it with their hands, tongue or perhaps a toy. There are also positions that can help stimulate the female G-spot which, if stimulated correctly, can cause the most intense sensations.

For all the above reasons it is possible to know which intimate positions can be the best for a woman to achieve maximum pleasure at the time of an intimate encounter.

So what are the preferred positions among women?

According to, the postures that women find most enjoyable, and with which they can most easily reach orgasm, may also be the most boring for men. There is a big difference between women and men in this way. The truth is that there is a list of very basic postures but they can make all the difference when it comes to the moment of passion.

Posture #1: The missionary with him on top

The missionary clearly seems boring, and if there is not much intimacy and trust it may seem a bit annoying to bring people too close together. However, it is preferred among women not only because there is that pressure between the bodies thanks to the weight of the man, but it is able to stimulate much more feminine pleasure. Women love to be able to feel that connection with the man when doing the missionary. Meeting eyes, intertwining hands… One could say that it is a step beyond at an intimate level for them.

Posture #2: Doggy style

For them, it is an excellent posture that allows control and adjustment of the amplitude of their movement without causing pain in its depth. Besides, they love this posture because they are in control. It can stimulate the G-spot without the clitoris being forgotten, which puts a lot on a person as it is a sexy position for both. While there is penetration, she can stimulate the clitoral area so it is a double pleasure.

Posture #3: Her on top

It could be the preferred position among women since you exert control and power when you are on top. With that posture the woman also determines the movement, intensity, she can feel sexy and domineering and she can have control of what she wants to do or what they want done to them, she can even have help in the movements and show her performance with great style!

Posture #4: Spoon

Far from leaving the intimate relationship with the feeling of boredom or without any grace, it is a classic and sensual posture. Known for being able to stimulate the clitoris and nipples, it allows the couple to be very close and the two of them can make their movements leaving the moment of the relationship more spicy. It also presents variations depending on the desires of both. It is the perfect posture for both him and her, being able to seek how to please each other in the same way.

You can see that you don’t have to be an acrobat either to prove that you are an expert on intimacy. Each person has their own preferences and anatomically speaking, there are bodies and bodies. But it’s always nice not to be changing your position every two minutes. If you see that the couple enjoys, you must try to enjoy at the same time, keep the position for a while and keep the rhythm.

Sex is something to enjoy together, to discover and to enjoy the pleasure of each other. If there is a position that is ideal for either one of you, it may be appropriate to look for varieties of it to try to maximize that pleasant moment. In the end, it is all a matter of practice and it is not necessary to try the most risky postures to get to feel it. With the variations of the known postures, the pleasure is assured.

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