Discreet Sex Positions When You Can’t Be Too Loud

Sex can be about putting your vocal cords to the test and ensuring your partner knows you’re having fun. However, that kind of sex is overly dramatic and unrealistic, especially if you have a roommate or neighbors. Silent sex is a solution to this problem. While it may seem strange at first, sex without music, talking, or moaning in-silent sex is quite hot and one of the most effective ways to connect with your partner or Charmescorts.

There are various techniques for having subtle sex, mainly because there are numerous reasons why you might want to do so. The first strategy is to maintain everything as quiet as possible. Perhaps you live in a large house with many people, or the walls between your home and the house next door are thin. Whichever the reason, the goal is to keep the noise as low as possible. The second alternative is to proceed slowly. This is normally the primary objective when you’re trying to have sex somewhere you (possibly) shouldn’t be or attempting to have sex somewhere you shouldn’t be, or trying to avoid kids running into your bedroom at an uncomfortable moment. You should avoid making it look like you’re trying to have sex.

Many people associate great sex with a type of sex that is extremely loud, aggressive, and possibly unconventional. This viewpoint on what makes sex fantastic, however, is limited. Because some of the more understated sex positions can be just as exciting as their more overtly theatrical counterparts, keeping the act quiet, delicate, and under wraps can make it more pleasurable than it would otherwise be.

Isn’t there a reason you’d prefer a much more personal sex position with your partner? You don’t always want to put on a big show, make a lot of noise, or try-hard. Sex doesn’t have to be high-intensity to be satisfying. You want things to be as minimal as possible. And these low-key sex positions (all of which are quiet-toy friendly) are a terrific way to get yours without going overboard.

See what you can start coming up with if you keep things quieter, more subtle, and low-key. Perhaps you’ll experience a new favorite position — or, more broadly, a favorite new way to have sex. So consider this an open invitation to enjoy the inherent (and all-too-often underappreciated) fun and excitement of covert sex with your partner.

Discreet Sex Positions You Can Try


Both partners benefit from the carnal setup, which you may perform on the bottom, top, or side-to-side positions. You don’t have to worry about all the noise a thrust can make because this position doesn’t revolve around the penetration. On the other hand, experts agree that the carnal arrangement should be part of every couple’s repertoire. Furthermore, it will keep your lips engaged, allowing little noise to escape.


For highly intimate and quiet sex, lie on your side and face to face. It’s nearly impossible to thrust too quickly in this position. You can also kiss, nuzzle, and murmur in each other’s ears.


Both lovers must lie with their genital areas right and their heads at opposite ends of the bed to scissors. This position doesn’t allow for much movement — you won’t end up rocking the bed — but the sensation is powerful.

Lying down doggy

Both lovers lie on their stomachs, one on top of the other, in this doggy-style variation. The lower partner’s back may be strained in this position. If that’s the case, place a cushion beneath your abdomen and try again.


Stretch your legs out in front of you against the headboard. Then, with your partner’s feet flat against the mattress, have them lower themselves into your lap. They’ll keep the pace going by bobbing up and down on you. Less thrusting translates to less noise.


A missionary position might be a terrific way to get it on without making much noise during love-making with your partner if you slow things down. Instead of thrusting, try grinding together. You’ll escape the distinct slap of your bodies colliding together in this manner. While it typically gets a poor name, being a missionary has an added benefit for the women involved. When you combine intercourse with close body movement, you generally get increased clitoral pleasure.

Quiet Sex Can be Better

While voicing is an essential part of sex, most heterosexual sex we see makes it appear as if champion coitus is always preceded by women making erotic sounds. This is due to years of the porno industry creating a specific image about what sex is supposed to look and sound like. This is not to say the moan isn’t useful, whether as a depiction of the intensity of stimulation, a way to attract attention, a signal to a partner that you’ve had your orgasm so that it helps boost their ego, and they’ll likely return for seconds, or simply adding to an arousing experience.

But does sound or making a big spectacle and waking up your neighbors translate into amazing sex? The truth is silent sex, or at least more quiet sex, tends to be well appreciated and sometimes even better than regular sex. Safe to say, many people prefer to have this type of sexual experience because they can be more aware of their partner is feeling and how they can better excite them.

The moral of the story is that even if you need an entire orchestra of sounds to make sex better or experience the same intensity of pleasure, you might be wrong, and all these sexual positions are a great way to experiment. You can have a better time in bed with your partner while enjoying your pleasure, knowing that others will not hear you.

So, we advise you to start exploring all of your other senses while keeping sound out of the matter. You might reach a level of pleasure you’ve never felt before and a new intimacy level with your partner. After all, once things get quieter, every other aspect is much more noticeable, and that can truly be amazing.

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