The Most Popular Chairs for Restaurants

Choosing chairs for a restaurant can be overwhelming. Restaurant furniture needs to be functional, comfortable, and fit with the style of the restaurant. There are literally hundreds of shapes, styles, colors, and sizes. So to help you get a better idea of the choices available for dining chairs, here is a breakdown of the most popular restaurant seating.

Parsons Chairs

The Parson combines comfort and function in a minimalistic design. It has an upholstered seat and backrest but without frills and ornamentation. It originated in the 1930s and is a simple upholstered chair with clean lines.

French Bistro Chairs

Imagine the chairs you would see at a Paris sidewalk cafe. They usually have a wood or resin frame with a real or plastic rattan backrest and seat. They are lightweight and often stackable. Bistro chairs come in many variations, some with armrests, others have hand-woven rattan work. And they can be in a variety of colors.

Chiavari Chair (Tiffany Chair)

Classic Chiavari chairs have bamboo-like joints carved into the frame. They are lightweight chairs with an elegant and classic look. They date back to 1807 but became popular in the 1950s when they were used at John and Jackie Kennedy’s wedding. Not only are they elegant, but they are stackable and compact. They come in a wide range of colors and materials including wood, aluminum, and resin.

Bentwood Chairs

These classic wooden chairs are often used in bistros and cafes. They are lightweight and compact. Bentwood chairs get their name from the way they are made, by bending wooden rods into the desired shape using steam or heat. This method was first used to create the Windsor chair in the 18th century and has become the mainstay of RestaurantFurniture supply.

Arm Chairs

Armchairs take up more space than standard restaurant seating. But they are more comfortable, and a refined choice for fine dining restaurants or intimate cafes.

Bar Stools

Your restaurant might have a small section of bar seating or it may only have seating on bar stools facing a countertop, like a traditional diner. Anywhere there is a bar counter, you’ll need high bar stools. They come in a variety of styles, some have a backrest, armrests, or adjustable height, and some swivel. Bar stools are made in numerous materials including metal, wicker, or vinyl.

Stackable Chairs

If you have a small restaurant or if you have occasion to remove chairs to provide open floor space (for a party dance floor for example) or when chairs are used outdoors and need to be brought indoors at the end of the day, then stackable chairs are the answer.

Booth Seating

Booth seating doesn’t suit all restaurants. They are usually secured to the floor and placed facing tables secured to the wall. They create an intimate, casual feel for groups or families.

Ladder Back Chair

As the name suggests the backrest of this chair has horizontal bars like a ladder. There are many variations of this style of restaurant seating, but it is traditionally made from wood.

Slate Back Chairs

Similar to a ladder back chair but the bars across the backrest stand vertically. It has a long, lean look, and comes in a variety of styles. Some have upholstered seats while others have simple wood or rattan seats.

Windsor Chairs

These unique chairs are usually made from wood and feature a rounded backrest with vertical slats or rods. These chairs are great for a vintage look or rustic restaurants.

Restaurant Furniture Materials

Aluminum Chairs

Aluminum chairs are easy to clean, impervious to rust, versatile, durable, usually stackable, and lightweight. When churches, hotels, restaurants, and event halls want a step up from plastic chairs, they choose aluminum. They can be combined with a faux wicker seat, synthetic wood, or cushion for comfort.

Plastic Chairs

If you have a high volume of traffic and limited space, plastic chairs that can be folded or stacked are ideal. They are durable and easy to keep clean, perfect for fast-food restaurants, cafeterias, or diners.

Wooden Chairs

Classic wooden restaurant chairs are great for contemporary eateries and casual restaurants. They give a rustic, warm, natural feel, and suit casual cafes and fine dining restaurants alike.

Fabric-covered Upholstered Chairs

For a cozy intimate venue, where you want to play with textures and colors, fabric-covered chairs are great. They can capture the ambiance of your restaurant and set the tone for any theme. However, they are not as durable as other restaurant furniture, and they are high-maintenance.

Leather-covered Chairs

Classic, chic, durable, and easy to clean. Even if you opt for faux leather it will still make your establishment look more elegant than plastic or aluminum chairs.

So now you know some of the choices you’ll have when choosing chairs for a restaurant. With professional guidance, you’ll find the right seating for your restaurant.

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