How to Have Fun Outside

The spring is almost over, while the world starts waking up from the pandemic that has been making millions stay home. We have prepared the list of the top summer activities that people have been expecting for so long. However, before rushing out, consider the below recommendations so that to make sure that outside activities are safe for you.

Get a sunscreen to protect the skin against the impact of the sun. Taking into account that most of the springtime has been spent at home, the skin is not accustomed to the sun. Let sunburns won’t be the problem.
Check the state of your vehicles. If you plan to actively spend this summer, on a bicycle or tricycle, check out Jonsguide reviews and choose an option meeting your needs and requirements.
Protect oneself from insects. First, it is necessary to buy a special repellent and carefully read where to apply it. Also, wearing long-sleeves and pants may help. Though, the latter is only possible is the weather allows.

As soon as you are ready, choose one of the suggested options and enjoy your summertime outside.

Enjoy a Full Day Out


Most people are used to staying in the office or at home, but what about leaving your home early in the morning with a bottle of water and lunch and staying out all day long? Take your favorite bicycle and go to the forest or park, find a nice place for reading, or even having a nap. Even if you are on your own, this can be a real relaxation. Besides, the fresh forest air is good for your health. If the next morning you have a headache, it means that your body is not used to the fresh air and it is necessary to spend more time outside.

Plan a Picnic in the Park


If you cannot spend a whole day outside, try to find at least a couple of hours for a picnic with your family or friends. Make sandwiches, take fruit and vegetables, water and juice, a ball, frisbee, or tabletop games. Let the time you spend out is interesting and amusing for every family member.

Join an Outdoor Fitness Group


Summer is the best time to join a sports group. Browse the web and find a group that carries out training outside. If you are an early bird, this is a good alternative to jogging if you dislike it. This is a good combination of healthy activity and communication with like-minders. There are plenty of yoga or cardio classes that carry out training outside, especially taking into account that such activities have no danger that has been imposed by the world pandemic.

Go Hiking

If there are hiking groups arranged, it is even better to join a guided tour. A professional guide will help you find the most interesting places and will provide recommendations on where it is too dangerous. Of course, if you live in the area without dangerous forests, this is not necessary. Make sure that your relatives know where you have gone and when you plan to return. This is a great possibility to discover the world around and spend time with benefits for your health.

Take a Sailing Lesson

If you live near the seaside or river, summer is the time for water activities as well. Have you ever dreamt to learn kayaking? It is time to make this dream come true. Depending on the water body you live near, there are plenty of activities to choose from: from paddleboards and kayaks to even surfs.

Arrange a BBQ Party

Can you imagine summer without delicious meat, fish, and vegetables cooked on the barbeque? Hardly! Invite your relatives and friends, co-share responsibilities with them, and that’s it. It is also possible to decorate the backyard and throw a theme party.

Go Camping

If you are the one who is used to spending time outside, camping is for you. Take everything you need for a weekend in the forest, sit in the car, and let the adventure begin. Click here for a selection of camping pillows so you can sleep comfortably outdoors. Remember how good it is to sit near the fire and sing songs together.  A camping weekend is a great combination of many outside activities. You can fish, play games, and simply relax far from the traffic and noise of cities.

Arrange an Outdoor Movie Night

When nights become warm, why not spend them outside. Gather the most favorite movies, make the screen in the backyard, get a DVD projector, and invite some friends over. A movie night can be combined with BBQ. Just make sure that someone will handle cooking while the remaining group starts watching a film.

Go Berries or Fruit Picking

If you are aware of edible and non-edible species, take a basket go in search of berries you can use to make a jam or just freeze them so that to have the source of vitamins in winter. Ask friends and family members to join. Just make sure that you won’t accidentally start collecting berries from someone else’s property or garden.

Arrange a Garage Sale

This is a good pastime that can help you find out more about your neighbors. Probably, you won’t earn anything. At least this is a possibility to communicate with people living nearby. After the sale, the remaining stuff can be donated or recycled. After all, no one needs it.

Play Games with a Ball


Even if you are living in an apartment, there are plenty of outside activities for you. Take a ball and play any of the games you like: football, volleyball, kickball game, etc. By the way, hide & seek is not for kids only.

Spending time outside requires some creativity. It may seem complicated to arrange a trip away from the city. However, just imagine how much you are going to be satisfied when everything is done and you can enjoy a wonderful weekend in a small camp or riding a bike in the park.

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