Things You Should Know About the Clear Correct Teeth Aligners

People who have crooked, gapped, or are not satisfied with their teeth can now fix and correct their teeth, brightening their smiles. Currently, the dental sector has experienced many innovations, such as replacing the traditional metal braces with a new alternative clearcorrect. Clearcorrect is a unique method made from clear retainers used to correct teeth misalignments. They are non-invasive, safe, and comfortable. The clearcorrect aligners are not visible when worn yet affordable and work effectively to correct one’s smile. To find more about clearcorrect and get your teeth alignment done by experienced dentists, click here.

How Does ClearCorrect Align Teeth?

If you have heard of Invisalign, you already know how the clearcorrect works to ensure teeth alignment. The clear, correct aligners, when used severally, slowly help to align the teeth. The aligners can be worn without anyone knowing since they are light and clear. The clearcorrect aligner should be worn daily for approximately 20-22 hours for a total of two weeks. The aligners should be removed only when you are brushing, eating, drinking, or playing sports. You are also supposed to keep going for doctor examinations every six weeks to determine whether the treatment method is effective. Complete results are usually seen after a year of undergoing treatment. To check whether the treatment is working, visit

Requirements to be Eligible for the Treatment

Anyone who needs teeth alignment using clearcorrect should have a healthy mouth, have none of their teeth damaged, are free from any teeth cavities and periodontal issues, among other dental issues. Such problems may cause more complications during the treatment and make the procedure unresponsive. People with severe orthodontic problems include an overbite or an underbite, mispositioning of the jaw, and crooked teeth. The treatment cannot repair serious teeth problems.

A clearcorrect retainer is usually custom-made for each patient. The treatment method has a system that is used to generate the clearcorrect. The system predicts the possible teeth arrangement after corrections by interpreting the aligners with graduated teeth positions.

Advantages of the ClearCorrect Treatment
  • Clearcorrect treatment is more affordable than teeth alignment using the Invisalign. It competes against other teeth’ alignment. Click here to learn more about Invisalign and clear correct retainers as reviewed by dentists.
  • The clearcorrect aligner is removable. The aligner is removed when eating or drinking. This makes it easy for most people to maintain their aligners since no food sticks to its surface.
  • The clearcorrect is made out of plastic material, unlike the traditional braces. They, therefore, cause fewer complications such as irritation, soring, and hurting of the gums.
  • The person wearing or using the clearcorrect aligners to correct their teeth alignment is never restricted from eating anything of their choice. This is because they are removed during eating and drinking.
  • The beauty or aesthetic effects are minimum.
  • Compared to the metal braces, clearcorrect aligners are less likely to cause injuries and bruises in an accident.
  • After this treatment, the health and beauty results are predictable, and many people have reported the treatment successful in restoring their smiles.
  • The clearcorrect are comfortable and convenient when worn.

Disadvantages of Clear Aligners

The clearcorrect treatment is not recommended for the correction of highly crooked teeth or severely misaligned teeth. In addition, certain teeth problems cannot be fixed using this treatment and may need an orthodontist.

Keeping the aligners in place may be a challenge hence the need for a button to fasten them into position. In addition, aligners that have to be put in place using buttons are difficult to remove when eating, drinking, or engaging in sports, causing comfort.

During the treatment period, proper maintenance and cleaning are needed. You are supposed to brush at the end of each meal then sip something that’s not water before putting them in place. Food particles may accumulate and form a plaque or tooth cavity when you do not brush and clean the clearcorrect daily.

Treatment Plan

The treatment plan provides the clear correct aligner users with explanations of each phase of their treatment and instructs them on each step. Each of the stages is discussed on a page and has 12 sets of clear correct aligners.

Numbering System

Phase identifications help patients to know and plan when to see the doctor. They can book an appointment with the doctor during every odd-numbered step in the plan from the guidance. The stage reached by the patient is colored to help you distinguish which phase you are in.

Symbols Used on the Treatment Plan

Every treatment method explanation uses certain symbols:

  1.  The IPR symbol is a pink triangle representing interproximal reduction. This phase involves creating a gap between the teeth that should be corrected. Intrusions, extrusions, and rotations are used to create the space.
  2. A grey teardrop symbolizes the compliance checkpoints. These checkpoints are used to determine a patient’s compliance with the treatment. At this stage, the patient verifies whether the gap created on the outlined tooth is closing up. When the doctor observes that a patient’s gap is not reducing in size, it is an indication that they do not commit to the plan.
  3. Finally, the teal square is used to indicate where an engager should be added. The engager enables the teeth to move and align, especially those with difficulty moving them to correct positions.
  4. The cross sign shows when the engager should be removed if it is black, while the grey cross sign shows that extraction should be done. There are other symbols used to signify the structure of a tooth.


The traditional braces had many disadvantages in treatment and correcting teeth problems. They were made of huge metals that made them uncomfortable and visible. Technological advancement led to the introduction of various new treatment methods that can be used to align crooked and misaligned teeth. Clearcorrect is one of the new plastic braces that are invisible since they are clear. They have several benefits when used and are quite affordable. Clearcorrect helps to align your teeth, gently restoring your smile.

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