4 Best Crypto Podcasts to Increase Your Trading Knowledge in 2024

Media tends to change over time as we advance as a society and as our technology offers us more. Things started off with newspapers and telegrams, and soon it was all about the radio. Then video entered the picture with the television and news channels. For decades this was the bread and butter of how people learned about new things in the world. It was never ideal but it was much better than what was previously possible. With the internet entering the picture at the turn of the millennium, humanity never looked back with how quickly news and entertainment went round the globe.

More than two decades later, and the internet seems like one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind. Nothing can really function without it. Education, information, entertainment, it is all about the world wide web. New trends and features appear all the time, popular social media websites and hubs are constantly popping up, and the comfort and convenience levels of everyday chores and responsibilities that are possible because of it are staggering. Among the latest big trends that have taken the world by storm are podcasts.

You probably know what podcasts are, but in this article we will focus solely on one type of podcast, those dealing with cryptocurrencies. In order to be successful in trading and investing in virtual currency, you need to always be up to date and learn from the best. Podcasts are there for this specific reason, to educate you and inform you on something while also being humorous and fun. In this article we will talk about the best crypto podcasts out there that you need to watch if you wish to increase your knowledge of trading cryptocurrencies. In the meantime, to find out more about cryptos in general, make sure to check out

About Podcasts

At least two hosts sit in a room, behind a desk usually at the opposite sides. It can also be an improve living room with a centerpiece table and a few armchairs or couches facing each other. They have microphones in front of them, usually a pair of headphones on, and they are being filmed by cameras. Sometimes they have special guests, sometimes it is just the hosts, and that is practically it. The name is a coin term made by joining “iPod”, the now obsolete Apple audio device, and broadcast. So why are they suddenly so popular and what makes them so fun, more so than regular news or other form of video content on the internet?

Podcasts are spoken-word digital audio format episodic series that one can listen whenever and wherever. They are filmed, but they do not have to be, which means you can listen to them while you commute to work or exercise just like music. This is actually the way most people do it, without the viewing part. They are usually available for downloading and the creators offer back catalogues of their episodes. What is neat about them is that regular people make them, fans and enthusiasts that love a certain thing so much or have enough knowledge that it makes sense you would listen to them. There are sponsored and under the umbrellas of corporations, but most are independent passion projects. Some require subscriptions or small donations, the majority are free.

1. The Crypto Conversation

Simply titled for what it is, the podcast is actually just one of the things a crypto informational agency Brave New Coin does. Hosted by Andy Pickering, it is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Most of the episodes focus on the analysis of the market, predictions, and all sorts of speculations. If useful insight that you can use is what you want from a podcast, look no further than this one. Pickering is a great and fun host, but he is not alone. He usually has a guest, an expert on the matter, who provides most of the information. While many agree that Andy sounds too serious, his voice is peculiar and nice to listen to, which is always important for audio material.

2. Crypto Campfire


If that name sounds warm, relaxing, and comfortable, know that the whole podcast is exactly the same. It is basically a casual conversation between the two hosts from which you can learn quite a lot of useful crypto information. Mitch and The Perfesser are the hosts, two guys who carry the whole thing with simple discussions and a bit of classic buddy banter. Subjects they touch upon are random, and can diverge into all sorts of everyday stuff like fishing, coffee talk, celebrities, and popular entertainment like movies and games. However, crypto is always there and they never actually go off topic. They usually have opposite arguments which makes for a fun, educational discussion.

3. Zero Knowledge

You will get quite the opposite of what the title implies if you decide to listen to Anna Rose. The title comes from the protocol of the same name that stands for proving something is true. Actually, the Zero Knowledge Protocol is a core verification element in cryptography. Anna usually brings along an expert guest, like-minded crypto enthusiasts who talk about all of the updates, issues, and changes in the crypto world. Their opinions are highly educated and you can easily see that the guests are both experienced and knowledgeable. To the point and with a mixture of different information in every episode, Anna Rose truly does an amazing job with her podcast.

4. Stephan Livera Podcast

Whenever somebody attaches their name to a project or actually uses it as the name of the show, you know they are all about it. Stephan Livera is exactly that, deeply invested in his passion and knowledge that he is willing to share with is listeners. He has been in the industry for a while, and his podcast started in 2018. He mostly focuses on Bitcoin and everything that impacts it, so naturally he also talks about some other big cryptos too. If you are interested in the leading crypto and want to base your trading skills on it, this is the podcast for you. Apart from the token itself, some of the topics include energy consumption, software, the networks, etc.

More Podcasts to Try

If these four amazing sources of crypto knowledge are not enough for you and you have time for a few more, you should also try The Pomp Podcast, The Bad Crypto Podcast, and What Bitcoin Did. Hosted by Anthony Pompliano, Joel Comm & Travis Wright, and peter McCormack, respectively, they offer everything you may possibly learn about crypto trading.

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