Top 7 Crypto Podcasts That All Beginner Traders Should Be Following in 2024

Cryptocurrency is ruling the investment world in today’s time. Many individuals are beginning their journey in trading. Also, having prior knowledge about the place you are getting into always helps in performing better. Hence, the knowledge about cryptocurrency and investing will help beginners in doing trading. The question that arises is how should beginners gain knowledge about the crypto world?

Studying and reading about the topic you want to learn is now a thing of the past. Listening and learning is something creative and easy to do when it comes to gaining knowledge. So, Podcasts come into play and make your lives a lot easier. Podcasts are digital audio files that give you information about various topics, for example, cryptocurrency. Beginner traders can always listen to cryptocurrency podcasts to enhance their knowledge and rule the trading world.

The digital era has a large amount of data and options and finding out the right choice for you is very crucial. Filtering the right information or the right podcast becomes essential in gaining the right knowledge for beginner traders. Therefore, finding trusted and reliable sources are a must. To find one such reliable source click here. Now let’s focus on trustworthy crypto podcasts.

Here are the top 7 Crypto Podcasts that all beginner traders should be following in 2024 to learn, earn and perform.

Stephan Livera Podcast:


Stephan livera Podcast is one of the best and must-hear podcasts in 2024 for beginner traders. He has covered Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in a very detailed manner in his podcasts. For all those beginner traders who are inclined towards Bitcoin, this one’s definitely for you. It is a trusted source for information regarding economic theory, bitcoin mining, optimizing mining, lightning, nodes and all other topics related to cryptocurrency. The listeners can conveniently establish a strong foundation about the topics by listening to Stephan’s podcasts. One hour podcast is released each week by Stephan. Hence, it is also not very hectic to cover and learn.

The Pomp Podcast:


The pomp podcast is hosted by Anthony Pompliano. He is a self-made entrepreneur and also an investor who has made tremendous wealth including several companies, products and growth teams. Also, he has invested around 100 million dollars in startup technology companies. Anthony Pompliano is also the producer of the crypto newsletter named Off The Chain. The beginner traders who are seeking knowledge about technology, finance, entrepreneurship and economics must listen to this podcast. It will prove to be very beneficial in learning about a wide variety of topics before investing in cryptocurrency. This podcast also discusses the crypto scams that happen frequently and how traders can avoid such disasters? Hence, The pomp podcast is a must-listen for all the beginners out there.

What Bitcoin Did:


You want to trade and Bitcoin is your aura or the currency that you want to invest and gain profits. What Bitcoin did is a podcast that is suitable for you to listen to. Peter McComack is the person behind this podcast and his podcast is an amazing place to begin your journey into cryptocurrency. If you are a person who has heard for the first time about bitcoin, you will relate to Peter as he was the one. Learning about crypto and blockchain technology will become a cakewalk for you when you listen to this podcast. His podcast discusses the details of the coins and technology that proves to be beneficial, to begin with.

Tales From The Crypt:


Tales from the Crypt is a Bitcoin podcast hosted by Marty Bent. This podcast covers a wide range of topics covering almost everything about bitcoin. If you hear this podcast, you can have all your queries about bitcoin resolved here itself. He explains everything with such captivating tone and energy that it eventually becomes more interesting to learn from him and his experiences along with the amount of knowledge he has. Therefore, no doubt Tales from the crypt is a must-listen in 2024 for all beginners.



Unchained is another crypto podcast by Laura Shin. It is a one hour podcast that is released weekly. This podcast is considered too efficient because it covers the whole aspects of the industry from the very core. Blockchain technology, assets, investments, profits, and all other things are covered in this podcast. This podcast becomes an interview sort of that helps you to understand everything conversationally. So, if you are a person that believes in learning through conversations, you must listen to this amazing podcast. Also, Laura shin was an investor herself and she also has degrees from reputed institutes like Stanford and Columbia.

The Bad Crypto Podcast:


The Bad Crypto Podcast has received 5 stars from its reviewers. This Podcast is hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright. They effectively host this podcast by making the listeners look deeply into litecoin, bitcoin, blockchain, ethereum, ICOs. This Podcast helps beginners to gain insights and learn productively. This podcast is released twice a week and the episode is of thirty minutes duration. It is a must-listen in 2024 to access a good hold on cryptocurrency and the technology behind it.

The Money Movement:

The global economy is experiencing unprecedented challenges and change. Business leaders everywhere are grappling with how to transform their companies to become more digital, resilient, and efficient. As we face this change, a new global movement is building around the promise of digital currencies and blockchains — forming a new architecture for the global economy and creating new opportunities for companies everywhere. The Money Movement explores and chronicles the issues and ideas driving this brave new world of digital money. The Money Movement is brought to you by Circle. Our mission is to raise global economic prosperity through programmable internet commerce.


These were some of the most trusted and worth listening podcasts that everyone must listen to before making their entry into the investments of the cryptocurrency world. Learning is a gradual process and when you learn from reliable sources, you become more confident about yourself, your knowledge and the domain you are working on. Confidence is the key to being successful and confidence comes gradually through learning more and more. Cryptocurrency is a technology that has something new each day and being aware of them is mandatory. If you miss on even one particular information, there are high chances of you hitting a loss. Therefore, to avoid any unnecessary loss and make profits, learn and earn. Also, make your entry grand in the cryptocurrency world by listening and learning through all the amazing podcasts available.

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