History Of Stag Parties

The tradition of celebrating a bachelor’s party is present in almost all cultures in the world and has a very long history. There are many variations in terms of some practices related to the stag party, but in most cases, they are related to partying and drinking alcohol. The main point of a bachelor’s party is to celebrate the last day before getting married. The reason why this celebration is called a stag party is that this term is related to a male of any species, a leader in a wolf pack, a strong person. When it comes to the term bachelor, it is related to English knights.

In modern society, we can see that both men and women are celebrating the last day of freedom by going to parties, hanging out with friends, and more. Also, a lot of people would choose to take a vacation and travel with their friends and spend a couple of days together. Therefore, many travel agencies are offering great deals for this event. If you are interested in making a stag do in Krakow, visit partykrakow.co.uk.

During a long time of existence, there are many varieties in ways of celebration of this event. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most interesting things related to stag parties and its long history.

Stag Parties in Sparta


The earliest known stories related to stag parties comes from Sparta in fifth-century BC. They had a tradition of making a party for a guy that is getting married and spend all night while enjoying food and alcohol. The Spartan culture is well-known for its priority of making strong soldiers, and the main reason why they would make a celebration the day before a guy is getting married is to give him honor. Besides Sparta, there are also some connections between old Celtic culture and stag, and many people think how this phrase comes from Celtic God Cernunnos. Also, the stag represents a ritual in old British and Roman tradition, and it was used for the celebration of fertility.

Specific Activities and Events


While bachelor’s parties held for men all share a similar point of spending the night with friends and drinking, events related to the celebration for women are much more different among various nations and religions. For example, women in ancient Greece would make a sacrifice to the Goddess Artemis by burning a piece of hair and clothes. They believed how this practice would provide them with a lot of children. On the other hand, this process lasted for several days in Morocco, where a girl was preparing her herself for marriage by taking long baths and speaking with older female friends and family about the first night with her husband. Moreover, the ritual in Indian tradition requires a girl that is getting married to dance and get symbolic tattoos.

Development Throughout History

Along with the progression related to technology, literacy, and standards, people are improving the ways of making a stag party. The people in the United States are first who started the modern method of making a bachelor’s event by spending a night in some club or going to strip clubs and casinos. For example, one of the most popular destinations is Las Vegas, where you could enjoy many activities aside from gambling. Moreover, we have some examples where these parties were unique and too wild like the event created by Herbert Barnum, where police had to intervene because he was planning to pay to female dancers to dance naked.

Modern Days


While there were many differences between these events related to man and woman in past, stag parties are very similar today. One of the most popular ways to celebrate a bachelor’s party is to go on a trip with your friends to some popular place. The most popular places are some exotic destinations like the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, or some towns known for amazing nightlife, such as Bangkok, Amsterdam, Berlin, Krakow, and more. Also, in most cases these parties are private, and a broom or a bride doesn’t have to explain to the future partner anything about that night. Therefore, it is not a surprise that many people choose to go wild in clubs or visit strip clubs. It is not a rare case that friends of a person that is getting married would organize the whole event and make a unique night for him. In recent years, there is also a trend of avoiding the most common ways and choose a Groom Shower event, which represents a night spent while playing video games, drinking beer, and many other activities while at home.

Last Words


As you can see, the celebration of the stag party has a long history, and it is present in most cultures all over the world. Also, there were many differences between the bachelor and bachelorette parties throughout history, while these events are quite the same today. With all kinds of entertainment available today, it is very easy to plan a perfect and memorable stag party. You can contact some tourist agencies because many of them had some great deals related to this event. For example, the most popular activities in Krakow that people choose for stag parties are parties in private buses with strippers, watching oil wrestling performances, rafting, drinking alcohol in local pubs and clubs, and much more.

The common for any type of bachelor party today is to have fun and enjoy yourself with your friends during the last day before getting married. If you are planning a stag party, there are many examples that you can find on the internet if you are not sure how to prepare for this event. Plan something that would represent a great memory of your last day of freedom. Some of the most popular stag parties today are road trips, paintball, boat trips, karting, golfing, and many others. You should consider some activities that you always planned but never had time for them, like going on a fishing and camping with your friends, or visiting some exotic destinations.

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