Best Areas for Solar Homes in Orange County

Solar panels are a very economic option for those who live in sunny areas and want to save a lot of electricity. The installation of the panels by itself is a huge investment and may require long planning, and a lot of money until it’s completed. Orange County is an area that is usually listed in almost every list of the greenest neighborhoods in the world.

By upgrading your solar system, you can help in decreasing and reducing carbon emissions, and lowering the level of air pollution around you. That directly affects the climate changes, and the people who are part of this can be very proud of themselves and the huge step they took when they invested in the solar panels. Orange County is located in California, and in general, the residents take care of the environment, knowing how damaging the gas emission and the standard sources of electricity are. The residents are also lucky enough to live in a sunny area, and their investment will result in great savings in less than two years. Most of the homes in this area turned to solar energy, especially right after many services, including Harness Power, offered the panels online, and they can calculate the whole cost, and decide if it’s worth to buy them, knowing their financial abilities.

So, if you plan to live a whole eco-friendly lifestyle, and you want to buy a new house in Southern California, you may consider choosing Orange County, especially these three areas and neighborhoods:

Baker Ranch – Lake Forest, CA


The real-estate agencies advertise this area as an eco-friendly choice, and the authorities also encourage the residents to use alternative sources of energy. Almost the whole neighborhood is always under direct sunlight, which is one of the basic conditions to apply for a solar home. But, to live in this area can be very expensive, starting from the house prices, that have an average worth of $1 million, more or less.

Painted Trails – Mission Viejo, CA

More than half of the houses there turned to alternative energy sources, and according to some studies, around 55% of the homes are already covered in solar panels. But, it’s expected that the general interest will start growing, especially if the governments decide to promote this efficient solution. The average home price in this area is around $750,000, and that is pretty less than the first option.

Echo Ridge Village – Ladera Ranch, CA


Almost 60% of the homes in this neighborhood are using solar energy so they can run the household. The area “offers” more than 300 sunny days per year, which is a great potential for the panels and installations by themselves. An average house there costs almost $730,000.

Some important questions answered

When someone wants to invest a large amount of money for a huge project like this, it’s normal that they will have a lot of questions related to the problem, and they may start changing their mind, and then immediately getting back to the initial idea. When you have to spend that much money, it’s expected that you are scared of that, but the professional agents will always be there for you to make all the things clear.

Which side of the house is the best for the panels?


The south side is the best one because most of the day the sun will shine directly over the panels. Another great option is to put a few of them on the roof if it’s possible. The best angle between the panel and the sunlight is around 90 degrees, so the light can activate the photovoltaic cells and use the energy they get from the sun, converting to something useful for the home.

Can I put them in the yard?

If you have enough space, you can install them near the house. Some sellers offer that option for areas where it’s possible to do that. Be careful when doing this, because the house can easily shade the panels during the day, and the replacement is also very expensive, and you really don’t need that.

What angle is the best to position the solar panels?


Some people think that they need to install the panels horizontally or vertically compared to the walls of the house. But, according to the science and the experts in this field, they will work the best if they are positioned under the angle between 30 and 45 degrees, so they can “catch” more sunlight, that they will convert into energy later.

Can the panels ruin the walls or the roof?

When installed properly, there is no risk of ruining your roof or the walls. That is why you need to look for a high-quality service that will provide a professional installation, without damaging even an inch from your house. But, even the best people can make mistakes, so there is a chance for that, and you need to be very careful who you hire for this action.

Is there any disadvantage of installing solar panels over your home?


Most of the people talk only for the benefits, and they somehow forgot to mention that everything in our life has also bad sides and when it comes to solar panels, you should remember that the initial cost is huge and you may need to take a loan to complete the whole task. People who live in sunny areas will use this energy most of the days, and their investment will be profitable for them. Another thing you must pay attention to is the weather forecast because the rains and winds can be pretty unpredictable, and that’s a day lost for you. And in the end, even though they are energy efficient and emit less damaging particles in the air, it doesn’t mean that the panels are completely safe for the environment. They are just much better than the standard sources of electricity.

We hope this article covered every important question the residents of Orange County may have if they don’t have a solar system already.

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