Success Is Defined Over Time: Keep Track of It

Society defines success by several factors; when you achieve it, it’s rewarding to embrace the quality it affords you. Wearing a masterpiece around your wrist is so much more than an ego-boost. It reminds you, time and time again, of the labour and sacrifices it took to get here.

Narrowing down a short-list of top watches is excruciating. To omit some of the greats is a difficult task. But, alas, it needs to be done to bring you a list of the top watches of all time.

Most Legendary Watches of All Time

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Parmigiani Ovale Pantographe

It’s a timeless masterpiece designed with precision and flair. The watch is an elegant timepiece that’s not only a beauty to behold but a dynamic and advanced piece of engineering art. Due to its oval-shaped dial, the markers extend and retract as they travel around the clock face. It’s like watching a slow and romantic dance as the arms move around to follow time. For $55,000, it’s truly a piece to behold—the ultimate gift to yourself as a celebration of success.

Furthermore, according to the watch maker website “The pantograph complication enchants the observer as its hands perform a subtle dance to the passage of time. Seemingly following the outline of the oval dial by the power of magic, the pantograph hands brush the perimeter of the watch, as if majestically showcasing the time as they travel. Their waltz is hypnotic.” A very charming description for a luxury timepiece.

The Urwerk UR-105

This futuristic design is an intricate blend of modern technology and timeless style. Although its design breaks all the rules of watchmaking, the simplicity and clean lines will keep you captivated. The metal case and hands both display the hours while it interestingly points to the minutes on the tracks. This piece is the perfect accessory for a professional gamer or revolutionary IT developer. According to the statisticians at Betway, with a price tag of around $70,000, you’ll have to make it big before spoiling yourself with such a luxury.

According to an Urwerk press release from 2015 one of the UR-SATELLITE models is the UR-105 TA (Turbine Automatic), a watch the was designated to achieve “the best of two words” says Felix Baumgartner, and URWERK co-founder and chief watchmaker. He continues: “We have enjoyed demonstrating the extent of our savoir-faire, from the micron-precision mastery of our CNC machines, to the superb hand finishing carried out in our ateliers. It is a piece that delights the eye. Observed under the loupe, it reveals all the little subtleties that we have incorporated into it.” The concept was to have the carousel operate precisely, silently, subtly and in harmony with the rest of the timepiece. “With our previous timepieces, our satellites were supported by an orbital cross at the top. We rethought this concept and made some refinements. The fruits of this can now be felt when setting the time on the UR-105 TA: There is virtually no friction, no jerking movement, just the ballet of satellites. It is the fluidity of the gears that quietly reveals all our hard work” concludes Felix Baumgartner.

Rolex Datejust

Rolex has held its ground as one the most sophisticated and sought-after brands since 1905. It’s still a sign of wealth and success. The most popular model remains the Rolex Datejust since it made history in 1945 as the first automatic timepiece to host a date window. It’s more affordable to own than many of its counterparts, and you can become a proud owner of this iconic masterpiece from around $4,500.

Rolex was founded in the year 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf back in the United Kingdom before relocating to Switzerland fifteen years later. Interestingly, the name of his company also changed from Wilsdorf & Davis to the name we know today, Rolex SA. Wilsdorf himself was born in a village in he North of Bavaria, Germany and in 1881, some twenty-five years later he would have established himself as a wholesale watch business associate with Mr Davis, in the streets of London. The meaning behind the word Rolex which today is synonymous with luxury watches derives from the French abbreviation phrase “horlogerie exquise” or ‘exquisite watchmaking’ in English.

The Rolex Datejust was released in 1945 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Rolex. It was a pioneering watch as it was the very first automatic wristwatch that had an automatically changing date. A feature that was as astonishing at the time as it was to be able to fly on a plane across the Atlantic instead of sailing on a boat for days on end.

Patek Philippe

A piece of time-keeping history is embodied in a Patek Philippe yellow-gold watch. It took four years to build and holds the record as the highest paid-for timekeeper in history. It’s a piece of art, and when it went on auction at Sotheby’s in 1999, it was estimated to sell for around $5,000,000. The competition that day was so fierce that after a bout of intense bidding, it sold for $11,002,500.

However, it transpires that the winning buyer, the Qatari Royal Family member Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Bin Ali Al-Thani never paid for it nor did he pay for $70 million worth of other auctioned goods he is said to have purchased at the Sotheby’s auctions. Consequently, on November 11, 2014, the Patek Philippe Supercomplication was sold for a mammoth $24 million dollars, an amount never before or after paid for a timepiece.

Timeless elegance

There’s a piece of engineering genius or timeless elegance in every sought-after brand that’s trending at any given time.

Whatever your motivation is for wanting to own one of the top watches in the market, enjoy the moment of self-indulgence as you buy a memorable moment in time. It’s more than a status symbol; it can become a family heirloom and most importantly, it can be an investment of lifetime.

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