Destiny 2 Tips and Tricks

Destiny 2 is an online first-person shooter with MMO elements in it. The game just celebrated its sixth birthday, which is an indicator of the great work the developing team has done over the years. You take the role of a guardian of an ancient energy, called – the Light, which connects every living thing that exists into this one vast futuristic world. Many events occur in front of your eyes while doing your quests, giving you the opportunity to explore and enjoy every part of the game, including traveling around a list of different planets and participating in various activities. As in every RPG, your main goal is to equip your character with the best itemization possible in order to dominate both PvE and PvP aspects of the game. The PvE option is represented under the form of dungeons and raids, where players team up against the AI, to destroy and conquer their foes, and obtain a high value reward. PvP is another direction for your character to develop, with numerous versions of matches, where you will improve your skills and gear significantly. In this article, we will focus on a few Destiny 2 Tips and Tricks that may help you out with a better understanding of the game.


In Destiny 2, you can create a total of three characters per account, choosing between three classes. Each of them is different and has its strong sides and weaknesses. All the guardians own a Super (ultimate ability), with three subclasses, each with different skills, which pretty much defines them. Here we will take a quick look at every one of them to help you with your pick and decide which suits you best.

Titan – this is overall a tanky character. Strong and very useful in fights in open spaces, where usually your enemies are outnumbering you. He is capable of dealing great amounts of damage despite his tanky preset. Defensive and offensive skills are part of his arsenal, and on top of that, he has a ranged variant of his Super ability. That makes him versatile and allows him to take the role of DPS if needed. Titans are very good at drawing the enemy’s fire against themselves, while their teammates are clearing the area and going the objectives. These bulky Guardians are a great asset to every group, and on top of that, they are really fun to play.

Hunter – assassin type of hero. This guardian depends on his damage per second to survive. After all, the attack is the best defense, right?. His powers come from the burst damage he is capable of in every fight. His trick is to eliminate his opponents without them even noticing. That’s why some of his abilities allow him to become invisible and get his enemies by surprise. Even one of his Super abilities is turning him into an invisible mele assassin capable of one-shotting almost any enemy in the game. He  is the main DPS in the game, and probably that is why the Hunters are the most popular class in Destiny 2.

Warlock – the mage/healer of the three. Much like the mage archetype that it pulls from, the warlock isn’t really in the position to take the brunt of the damage on the frontlines. However, he is making up with raw power and support buffs for the team. They can choose from different healing and damage-amplifying rift skills that make them the perfect support class. Good in distracting his rivals, whiling melting their health by hurling deadly spells, warlocks are a great addition to every team out there.

Every guardian has a role that fills in the team composition. You can let your friend play as Titan, while you deal damage as a Hunter and being supported by a Warlock or vice versa. The trick here is that you must manage your  Super’s subclass abilities and change them to perform better based on the situation. Ideally, there should be a place for any role in your group, so try them all, learn their skills and abilities, and experiment with different Super subclasses. Although some might look more powerful than the others, they all are viable and useful in different situations.  So just create one of each class and try them up! Check their abilities and all of the subclass variants and learn how and when to use them. That is the first step in becoming a good guardian!

Power leveling

In Destiny 2, the quality of your gear defines your Power. The higher it is, the better your damage and performance will be. Your Power level is determined by all the gear you are wearing, so you need to get better gear or upgrade your existing one to improve it. Every activity you participate in will reward you with something, but the key here is to choose the right ones and prioritize them! Till power level 1050, almost every activity will drop you better gear and will increase your power level. That, however, might take some time. Your best choice to improve your equipment is to lay your hands on all kinds of powerful and pinnacle gear drops. How to do that? Just check your directory! All the activities that reward Pinnacle or Powerful gear are indicated with a gold circle, so it will be easy to find them. If you want to get the best results, we suggest starting with the Pinnacle activities as they will reward you with a bigger power level upgrade.

Fireteams and Clans

The whole section here is one big tip! Just find fireteam to play with. Coordinated actions are always better than the chaotic ones. It’s just easier to do everything in the game with a friend. It is the same with clans. Finding a clan ready to do activities with you will improve your progress significantly. Your clanmates can help you learn the tactics of more complicated encounters in activities such as dungeons and raids. Since this is a multiplayer game, you will need help, and as fast as you can find teammates, the quicker you will gear up and reach the end content of the game. On top of that, it’s just more fun when playing with a teammate, as in any other game.

Final Words

According to, Destiny 2 is one of the best in the genre. With many players online, it still remains very popular among all the guardians out there. It is just a quite unique feeling to play it. This game is a growing project, with many activities and objectives to complete, making the experience very worthwhile to all the gamers. There are many exotic weapons to obtain, a process that might make players lose themselves, but this is where the fun lies. The many events and raids are also a returning point for many, as well as the interesting lore! In conclusion, this is a fulfilling experience that will bring gamers closer together, as they face the endless cosmos’ challenges! If you’re struggling with certain ranks, levels, achievements, or anything else, boosting services are the perfect solution for any of that!

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We hope that our Destiny 2 Tips and Tricks article has provided some insight for both veteran and new players and will make your adventure smoother.

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