12 Tips And Tricks For Improving Your Academic Writing Skills

Writing is becoming unavoidable in this Internet world. Is writing more difficult for you? Let us give you some simple tips on how to improve your writing skills to write great articles in English. So you can confidently write any memos or emails as an employee, post comments or tweets on social media, write essays or greetings as an adult, write terrific content for blog posts as a webmaster, anything and everything.

Online writing company such as knows that grammar is the major part. Fortunately, professional proofreading tools are available online. Using these, you can also practice and improve your writing. If you want to take your writing to the extreme, premium tools are good for you. Take advantage of festival seasons, during which you get great discounts on purchasing such premium software that you can use all year long.

Practicing and improving your writing skills won’t be vague or boring. You may find it enjoyable and exciting.

But your commitment and attention are very much needed. Otherwise, it would be difficult to develop writing skills.

№1. Stop Worrying About Your Lack Of Writing

First of all, stop saying that you don’t write well. This attitude can apply in all cases, not just for writing. Anything you are lacking or falling behind on, you just need to find ways to develop or get out of it, not just complain about it. Likewise, you should never underestimate your talents. If you are interested in developing your skills, you need to master other necessary skills such as planning, time management, and motivation. With these necessary skills, skill development is never tedious.

“The best way to start is to stop talking and start doing.”

Be curious about your goal and work tirelessly until you reach it. Never give up your confidence and motivate yourself to keep leading you on the right path.

№2. Determine Your Inspiration For Writing

Setting a goal is crucial to everything. To spark your curiosity and interest in improving your writing skills, find your inspirational writers. If you’re a beginner, you don’t have to be an experienced writer; having someone who writes English correctly is enough. You can write in moderation and then choose your brainwave accordingly. Depending on your writing needs, find your inspirational writer and implement your ideas.

“Don’t wait, find your inspiration and start observing.”

If possible, try to connect with your aspiring writer. No one will refuse to refer you to anything if you appreciate their good works. In the last section of this article, titled “Get Ideas from Your Interests,” I’ll share details about where you find such sources of inspiration. Stay tuned for more updates!

№3. Read Regularly And Subscribe To Expert Authors

Reading is always good practice. It used to be reading books; now I read online. Reading never loses its importance. Reading habits will help you in many ways. You can gather information about what you’re reading, as well as get ideas about different writing styles.

“Reading and listening are great for writing.

Once you find that reading becomes boring; Take time to look at some of the pictures in the article and pick up ideas. Consequently, you can find ways to better express your thoughts through graphic representation. Reading doesn’t have to be boring. Keep finding interesting things to read more and more articles. To learn new ideas and information, follow industry experiences. Extend your reading habit to more challenging articles and test your observation skills. Reading only makes sense if you can observe and learn something from the material.

№4. Establish A Practice Of Sticky Writing

Practice makes you perfect. Just reading or writing only when you need to will not help you develop your writing skills. Set a regular schedule for writing something, at least a small draft every day. Try to discover more writing opportunities in your daily lifestyle to get a broader writing experience.

If you’re into social media, make up frequent posts, comments, etc. Don’t slack off; make it fun by finding opportunities to write every day. Plan and schedule your writing habit and stick to it. Set a goal of writing at least a minimum of words a day.

“There is no room for a writer or being a writer to rest; they must keep writing or thinking about writing.”

Make a relentless effort to develop your writing skills, find ways, stick to your writing practice every day, and watch your progress. I suggest developing the habit of journaling in English. If you are a person who has the habit of writing down your daily events and memories in a journal, write it in English.

№5. Get Ideas From Your Interests

Expand your reading platforms into categories that interest you, such as watching movie reviews, listening to sports commentary, watching your favorite movies, reading children’s stories or novels, etc. You may also find your inspiration in these areas, as you will find it interesting to spend time on these parts.

“Love to learn from your interests.”

You shouldn’t just use it as an entertainment platform, look for as much information as you can get. You can notice your writing style, word usage, headline titles and trigger words used, and quotes on the subject material. This way, you can improve your writing skills, as you will be more engrossed in spending maximum time.

№6. Learn Grammar And Writing Rules

Don’t dig into the grammar and don’t make it difficult. Although grammar is more important for writing than it is for speaking. Grammar gives full structure and meaning to your writing. Any experienced writer you meet will acquire a good grasp of grammar. Otherwise, they would not be a master of writing.

“Grammar is very important.”

Writing content with grammatical and spelling errors is in no way noticeable. If you want to improve your writing skills, you need to watch your grammar and writing rules. It can include starting a paragraph, using punctuation, word choice, tenses, subject-verb agreement, and more. Basic grammar and writing rules are the first thing you need to learn to start writing. You can improvise when you write regularly.

№7. Know Your Writing Style And Stick With It

Everyone will have a unique writing style. With regular writing practice, you will be able to determine your writing style. Never try to change your writing style; improve your writing style, though. To do this, you must learn new words or phrases every day. Always prefer to use simple and attention-grabbing words rather than writing more complicated words.

“Stick to your style. Don’t change it, better improve it.”

Keep your content accurate. You can get more ideas by reading various forms of articles online. For a moment, an academic writer’s writing style will be different from magazine writers. Writers will prefer to use question and answer sections, quotes, and illustrations to express themselves. Find more transition words, trigger words, refer to the dictionary and learn their uses and meanings so you can use it correctly. The attention-grabbing style may also depend on the syllable of the word, the length of the sentence. When reading other pages, pay attention to this as well.

№8. Make An Outline Before You Write Anything

As I said before, daily writing practice is practice. When it comes to professional writing, such as essays, or web pages, or anything like that; you can’t write right at the beginning. You have to write for your readers. With this in mind, you must prepare your writing. Make your content flow smoothly; the first basic task is to make an outline or index of your material.

“A blueprint is a foundation, and planning is almost half the work.”

Outlining your thoughts based on a template would be more convenient than just writing. With proper planning, you can fill your content with the necessary annotations and make it more interactive. Know your audience’s opinions and behavior and present them in a way that interests them. Your unique writing style should get to know your readers to keep them engaged.

Link to more and more articles and get ideas to plan your content. Find similar reviews take ideas and implement them in your own style with added flavor. But don’t miss the opportunity to get away from the pattern scheme. To anticipate you as an expert writer developing your writing skills, you must take great initiative.

№9. Try To Write Simple And Useful Content

People never take joy in reading complex articles. You will need to present simple and accurate material to keep your readers interested. By reading more varied articles online, you can get innovative ideas on how to make your content simpler and more interesting. You can have graphics, a table of contents, comparison tables, interactive Q&A sections, and more. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to create plagiarism-free content.

“Keep your content simple so it’s a model.”

You’ll also have to have more unique and relevant discussions. By the way, you’ll be more comfortable including more statistics and relevant facts in your text to get your readers to agree with you. You can add value to your text by including some of the top opinion leaders in the industry. This way of presenting will get your readers interested in you and find the information uniquely interesting. If you want to improve your writing skills to capture your readers’ attention, continue to write on the unique and most familiar topics with a concern for the natural world.

№10. Check Yourself More Than Once

Creating error-free content is more important than writing. Before you publish your content, you should proofread it more than once. It’s better to proofread once as a writer; check content flow, identify grammar, spelling, or sentence structure errors, and check the credibility of the content. You should never use false or fake information in your content. Then double-check your text again from the reader’s perspective to identify hidden errors or mistakes.

“Finding mistakes is hard; as a writer, if you’re specific about it.”

This practice makes your page more transparent, and your readers will enjoy a memorable reading experience. You can see how any outstanding writers come up with content that keeps you reading to the end. By the way, their content will drag you to read to the last word. This experience can only be achieved if your content is flawless.

Regardless of the length of your content or the purpose of your writing, proofreading is a must. Even you will proofread the text that you write every day to practice learning and developing your writing skills.

№11. Ask Someone Or Free Tools To Check Your Writing


It is always advisable to have a personal tutor to check your content and give feedback on your writing. Only a third eye can give a proper review of anything. Make sure your tutor or partner has a good command of English writing.

However, there are many grammar and proofreading tools available online. However, you can use such free tools instead of a personal tutor. These tools will allow you to discover your mistakes, correct those corrections, and, in addition, justify the reason for the mistakes and appropriate suggestions for correcting those mistakes.

“You can’t get better if you can’t measure your performance.”

This is how you can make your content error-free anyway. This practice will automatically lead to better writing skills over time. Meanwhile, if you are not a native English speaker; try to improve your English proficiency as well.

My favorite software is Grammarly for its features and user reviews. I am a big fan of Grammarly as it often comes with great suggestions.

№12. Learn From Your Mistakes And Fix Them Further

All of the ideas above will only be useful if you learn from your mistakes. Writing with mistakes without knowing the cause and solutions will forever be a never-ending story. For decades, writing skills could not be improved. As you write, correct, correct your mistakes, and learn from them so that you don’t repeat the same thing in future articles.

“Remember the lessons; learn from mistakes and forget them.”

As an average person, everyone will make mistakes. What separates anyone from the crowd is that they learn from the past in order to properly shape the future. Take advantage of free online writing practice in English. You can use it to write your own and check your spelling and grammatical errors. Knowing the cause or reason for mistakes can help you avoid repeating them in future papers.


Along with other important necessary skills, it is more important to have better writing skills. In the world of the Internet, having a place to connect with people; you have to be an error-free writer. From relationship-building to branding or business promotion, communication skills are vital. Among these communication skills are especially the ability to write.

If you’re struggling to improve your writing skills, plan and schedule to try these actionable tips. No one can stop you from developing your writing skills. I’m happy to help you with ideas to see radical improvements in your writing. Please let me know your feedback in the comments section below on how this article was helpful to you in improving your writing skills.

Have fun writing!

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