Board Room AV Design and Installation Tips

To get audio and visual correctness in a space, it is important to have some ideas. However, it is not enough to design a meeting room concept. You need to know a lot about AV design as well as installation. This means you need smart displays, control panel, video conferencing, microphones and speakers and other equipment.

This room is much more than a nice table, table and monitor. Important meetings take place there, important presentations are held and work is concluded. Find out in the rest of the text a few more tips to help you better equip your space.

Smart display


There are a number of manufacturers to choose from. Well-known companies around the world provide the most modern displays, which means that you will surely find one that suits your needs. If you are not very familiar with this type of technology, you can request this service from experts. It is best to opt for the dual display option. This is the content that is presented to the participants of the meeting while at the same time they can see the other participants.

Everyone will have a picture like this on their screen. You no longer have to choose between content and them. Because of such a choice, you will do a lot of useful things for your company, and in this way you encourage cooperation in the team. Your team will have the opportunity to notice people’s behavior such as facial expressions and everything else during the presentation.

Video calls

Today, video calls are a standard feature in a meeting room. Every company regularly holds Zoom meetings, but also uses other platforms such as Teams, Poly, etc. Each of these apps offers different solutions that you can take advantage of.

For example, you can integrate some platforms. This will make it even easier for you to schedule appointments and establish good communication. Fortunately, these platforms are very easy to manage and are suitable for different systems.

Microphones and speakers


We must not forget about this piece of equipment, because it is an important addition to the room. However, there are several factors to consider when looking for the ideal audio equipment. For example, volume is not the only thing you need to focus on.

Equally important is the quality of the sound in order to be able to listen to everything that your clients and you have to say to you. If you do not have enough space for this equipment, do not worry. You can opt for solutions that are compatible with your aesthetics. For example, install them in the ceiling or under the screen. You can also use soundtracks that will be useful in this case.

Do not forget that the choice of this equipment will have a great impact on the events inside the room. Appropriate settings will bring you less echo, great feedback and elimination of noise. Depending on the use of the room and its characteristics, decide on the right combination of microphone and speakers.

Cable management

One conference room contains a lot of equipment, which includes a large number of cables. Tangled cables have a very bad effect on the room. First of all, the hall looks messy, and clutter is one of the main enemies of productivity. So invest in solutions that will solve the cable problem.

If you store equipment, waste bins and manage cables properly, you have a positive effect on employee behavior. This means that you will keep your space clean and efficient, and employees will be a big part of that. Of course, when it comes to cables, you can always opt for wireless A / B solutions.

End user


The board room can be a place that will encourage you and your colleagues to work, get together and come up with new ideas. However, people in it can be frustrated, confused and ashamed. One of the factors that contributes to such conditions is a technology that does not work properly. That is why you should design the room as well as possible, and during the design process, keep the end user in your head all the time.

This room will contain a lot of people, and each of them will have different levels of technical skills, which means that things should be simplified. The equipment you choose must be easy to use. The approach to technology must be intuitive and easy to navigate.

Staff training

If you are interested in advanced technology, don’t give up on it so easily. Although staff is not currently able to use this type of technology, train them to use audio-visual equipment. This is the best way to move forward, because that’s the only way to give the best technology a chance. For example, leave a quick user guide in your Meeting Room. It will be a very useful item, because it will serve people to remind themselves or solve some small problems.

In addition, you can organize webinars that will not take up much time for your staff. Think of this approach as an opportunity to learn more about the technical abilities of the people you work with. For example, training will help you identify problems that employees have. You will also identify the necessary settings, but you will also find a solution much faster and correct them in time.

Installation monitoring


You can install most of the equipment yourself, but it is best to leave everything to experts. They will have proven ICT hardware and will certainly do it much better and faster than you. If you are not confident enough in your abilities, present the requirements of your meeting room and employees to the experts. This is important because of the appropriate screen resolution, software, etc. That is why it is important to attend the installation.


Conference rooms are a space where your work is talked about. This room is very important to business owners, and Rome provides an opportunity to share the values ​​and personality of their company with others. However, in addition to your story, it is important to pay attention to the design choices. They determine the appearance of the hall and can direct energy inside it.

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