Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tips and Tricks

Hearthstone is a popular card game from Blizzard Entertainment, one of the most successful video game development studios in the entire world. This game takes the most fun and interesting characters from the World of Warcraft universe and formats them into cards that can be played versus your opponents on the battlefield.

Although it’s a card game, Hearthstone requires a lot of “grind”. This means spending many hours researching the meta of the current expansion, farming arcane dust, theory crafting and testing your deck against multiple opponents. So, Hearthstone is not an easy game by any means, if you want to play on a competitive level, but if you want to enjoy the more casual events and playing normal games for fun, it’s possible for everyone.

Blizzard Entertainment is a studio that focuses a lot on adding new content and expansions to their popular releases, and Hearthstone is one of them. Now and then, this game gets a new dungeon, new event, completely new play mode and tons of other exciting things that keep the game fresh and interesting for even the oldest players.


In this article, we are going to focus on the battlegrounds part of the game, so if you are trying to improve at it, feel free to stay with us until the end.

Learning the basics of the game

It might be a very convenient thing to say, but learning the basics of the game is what is going to help you the most if you want to become better at the battlegrounds game mode. Many of the regular things that you face in standard matches are used in this game mode, so make sure that you know what every card effect does exactly, and you will have a much easier time predicting the moves of your opponent.

Learning what taunt, death rattle and other effects mean will be very useful, so start with that, and then you can move onto the more complicated things. Minions with taunt are always prioritized targets in the battlegrounds game mode, and this can completely change up the pattern of attacking, so keep this in mind when thinking of your next move.

Now, remember that if the enemy has three minions with taunt, the game will randomly choose one of them, so there is still some RNG added to this.

Picking your cards

In Hearthstone, just like in every other card-game of the same style, what matters the most is that you have a strong synergy between your cards. Whether you’re going for the same minion tribe, or you are making your spells work together, it’s completely up to you, just focus on building a deck that works.

Now, here comes the tricky part. Although synergy is very important, when picking your first few minions, you shouldn’t look at the bigger picture, because you can mess up your deck. It might sound confusing at first, but let’s explain this a bit better.

Let’s say that you want to go for a full mech deck. You start by choosing the one and two drops, and there is a really low chance that they will all be mechs, but let’s say that you get a few. Then you suddenly start getting spells that have zero synergies with mechs, and they are the higher mana-cost cards that make the most impact in a game.

So, what you end up with is a deck that has some early-game synergy, and then it completely doesn’t make any sense in the mid-late game where it is usually decided who’s going to win.

You can always make a comeback from a bad early game, but it is much harder to do this when the opponent has a full board of minions and spells in their hand, and you are completely defenseless. You can read more at

Learning about value

“Value” is a term used in Hearthstone to describe the efficiency of each one of your actions. For example, if you have a spell that deals two damage to every enemy minion on the board, and you use it to kill just one enemy minion, it means that you didn’t get a lot of value off the spell. If you wipe the entire enemy board with it, killing five or six minions, it means that one of your spells got you to value equal to five of the enemy cards.

This is something that you should try to do in each one of your games, and if you manage to get good at it, you will win a lot more in general. Let’s take a look at an example that can help you understand this a bit better.

You’re playing as a mage, and you have a flame strike in your hand, but the enemy has only one minion on the board. They have two more cards in their hand, and you know that there are no more minions in their deck. Your life points are full, and you hold one minion in your hand that’s weaker than the ones your enemy has. What do you do?

If you use the flame strike to kill just one enemy minion, they will put the rest two on the board and then you have no way of removing those because your minion is weaker, so you will just end up losing the game a few turns after.

If you allow your opponent to place the rest of the minions on the field, and then you use the flame strike to wipe all of them off the board, you will place your minion and they will have nothing in their hand to stop it. Life points are just a resource, and you shouldn’t panic if they are slowly going down if you have a secret plan that your opponent doesn’t know of. The game lasts until your life points are more than 1, so until then, you are free to do whatever you want.

Carefully thinking your moves is important, so try to “bait” your opponent as much into doing a mistake, especially when playing classes that require a lot of mind games, such as mage and priest. if you want to learn more about the progression system or if you would like to check out a site where you could buy an account, check out and their review of the website Player Auctions.

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