PR And Marketing Tips For Small Business

Marketing is very important for the development of any business, regardless of its size. When it comes to small businesses, good marketing and PR campaigns are especially important to set them apart in a sea of competing firms – and provide them with a place in the oversaturated market in the long run. We will try to help you with a few tips on how to better conceive your PR and marketing campaign and make your small business continually grow.

Internet Is A Powerful Tool

With the advent and rapid growth of internet use, now all companies have the opportunity to build their brand and expand the availability of their products or services globally. Today, most customers use the Internet before making any purchase to find the information they need for a product or service. They also make a purchasing decision based on such information. Therefore, it is clear that this fact should be used. Wouldn’t it be a good idea when potential buyers are looking for a product – to get your site in search engine results? To do this you need two things – a quality website and creating a good PR and marketing strategy.


The first and basic thing for a small business owner to provide is a clear and functional website. Unfortunately, statistics say that only a small percentage invest their money in such matters. To meet potential customers with your business and show a high level of seriousness in your business – owning a website is a necessity, not a luxury. In the digital world that we live in – most of your future users will reach you right through a computer or mobile phone. The website should provide all the important information that will convince the user that your business is worthy of their trust. Besides introductions to the business you perform or the services you offer, it should also provide them with information on the location of your business, opening hours and contact information.

Get Good Positioning On Google And Be Mobile-Friendly

To make it easier for potential buyers to find you, it is also necessary for your website to be highly ranked in Google searches. For this reason, it is very important to hire experts who will optimize your site for keywords relevant to your business and searchable by users. However, the ability of your site to adapt to the users who use their mobile phones for search is also very important. An increasing percentage of the population is accessing information this way, and your site must be mobile-friendly.

Expand Consumer Network

If you are in the business of selling, with the help of a website, your small business need not be limited to local customers. You can easily expand your consumer network with the help of a virtual store or webshop. In this way, your products, with their adequate descriptions, primarily allow customers to become more familiar with them even before they make a purchase. It also makes it easier for people who are unable to reach your store to shop. Mothers with young children, people with disabilities, individuals with inappropriate working hours will prefer to shop this way than to take a walk to your store. An online store will be especially useful for selling items to customers who are not near you or who are located in the rural regions of our country. Today, everything you sell can be just a few clicks away from your user.

The Power Of Recommendation

We are sure that you have already had the opportunity to meet many small enterprises that have set up a successful business and a large number of clients  – only with the help of a recommendation. The “live word” of a satisfied user has many times more weight than any advertisement or another form of marketing. So don’t hesitate to ask your customers to recommend you to a friend or even offer them some kind of relief for any new customer who comes across their recommendation. Besides, you can suggest that they leave impressions or ratings of your products or services on search engines or social networks.

Use The Benefits of Chatbot Marketing


It’s no longer a secret. Chatbot marketing is something that is becoming more and more prevalent in the business world. And it is for a reason – it gives great results! What has been a growing hit lately is advertising through influencer on Instagram which is a very popular social network. However, you may not know that Facebook messenger chatbot is something equally exciting and can be even more effective. It takes a little effort, but after that, many benefits and conversions are achieved with very low money investments. To some people, Messenger may look like email marketing. However, with interaction being much better, acting more personal and conversion rates dramatically higher – it cannot be the same thing.  People will rather click on a message in Messenger than open an email. With Facebook Messenger Chatbot you are not targeting the masses but individuals – and interacting with them one-on-one.

How To Set Up A Chatbot?

If you are a programmer, you can code, then you can make a bot of your own. You can find some tutorials on youtube and adjust everything you need in the Facebook section for developers. And you can create a chatbot much easier. There are great tools to help you create your Messenger chatbot in minutes and are easy to use. A good example is the Botsurfer which is very intuitive and easy to use. Just as email marketing requires a mailing list of the people you send this type of offers to – you also need a list of people to send your messages to. However, this is much easier to get subscribers and get them into the sales funnel once you have posted a quibble on your Facebook page or linked it to your Messenger.

Social Networks

When it comes to digital marketing, social networks certainly play a big role in promoting your small business. Today, when almost everyone has accounts across various platforms, it is the easiest way to raise awareness of your brand through them. Facebook is still of major importance and influence, through which you can not only inform your audience about the news and actions of your business but also receive feedback and direct communication from them.

Get Promoted

No one can dispute the importance of the advertisement itself. In addition to getting potential customers to know your business – strategic advertising can increase the importance and seriousness of your business in the eyes of the customer. Of course, when it comes to small businesses, the amount of finance set aside for these purposes may not be large – but it is important to make use of what is available to you. For example, branding your business car or putting up a simple billboard or street sign will direct people to your business. Also, another effective way to advertise your business without spending too much money is to advertise in local news magazines or flyers.

Get Involved In Local Events

Simply find a way to promote your brand by joining events in your local community. Also, you can network with other small business owners who are not your competitors and together spread a good voice about what you do. Associated, you can sponsor local events, minor league jerseys or even charity fundraising events for your neighbourhood’s common goal.

Retain Existing Customers

You are much more likely to encourage existing customers to buy from you or use your services again than to find new ones. Therefore, take care of the old ones and meet your new customers. You can achieve this through simple procedures, such as combining a landing page with email marketing as mentioned in this blog article, by sharing discount coupons for subsequent purchases, or by forming loyalty programs. With these concessions, not only will you encourage customers to return, but you will also be able to form a customer base with whom you can build long-term relationships.

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