8 Tips for Understanding How Gear Levels Work in Destiny 2

Gear leveling is a confusing and challenging task in Destiny 2. For a beginner, it isn’t easy to understand complex things and level up different stages. But once you know how you can step ahead at different levels, no one can defeat you. There are plenty of levels, like character, power, light, etc. You have to choose them wisely to play the game with more dedication and increase your chances to excel on the stage.

As a gamer, you need to improve your skills and learn new things. You may need boosts to understand the working of gear levels. Lfcarry offers the best boosts that you can pick as per your requirements. In the following write-up, we will discuss tips for understanding how gear levels work in Destiny 2.

1.  Never Infuse Anything


Choosing the perfect gear helps in determining your overall power level. You can reach the high stage only when you have high-quality equipment to fight against your enemies. You will often be tempted to infuse your gears that are low in power, but you must never do it. Many people get attracted to such a scheme and lose everything.

You have to understand that you have entered the stage where you can raise your power level. When you are going to the higher stage, the infusing will become invalid. Make sure that you save the available gear and dismantle it. You will undoubtedly be switching to different gears, but make sure that you do not stick to specific equipment. If you keep this thing in your mind, you can raise your level and randomly get high drops.

2.  Dismantling All Your Old Stuff

If you compare old games with Destiny 2, you can observe that you can dismantle all your old equipment instead of selling them. There is a dismantle button to get rid of your old stuff. Consider all the blue and green drops that are available in power levels. You must go for the better items instead of using the old ones.

It is better to dismantle the legendary drops and yield gunsmith materials. Many beginners do not know when they need to dismantle things. Dismantling is a great option when you get an opportunity to raise the level, but you have to leave all your old stuff. You may earn powerful equipment and earn a reputation as well.

3.  Start Making Alternate Characters


You will get three options in Destiny 2, i.e., Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. You can use any one or every character to get an opportunity of leapfrogging your characters and share different equipment. It is better to make alternate characters that will help you in raising the power level. If you have more characters, you will have the option to use different resources of different characters.

In this way, you can become more powerful and win the game against your enemies. The armor you will get will keep you safe throughout the game. It is easy to enhance the character leveling every week by sharing different weapons among different characters.

4.  Complete Your Strikes

If we talk about strikes, then these are also known as long missions. There is a different playlist in every mission. Every week, you will get various tasks that need to be completed. If you do so, the power will increase, and it will help you to level up.

When you complete three strikes, you will Tier 1 reward. You must wait for the weekly playlists and check what tasks are given to you. Show dedication to completing them to win the rewards.

5.  Entering the Crucible

There are different Crucible playlists in which you get an opportunity to win Tier 1 reward. You can get access to basic game modes, and when you complete any four matches, you will be rewarded. It does not matter whether you have any skills to reach there. You can prefer Rotator playlists which are available with PvP modes. You can approach the playlist every week.

There are chances that you need to compete with other people to win four matches. You can either win or lose the game. A ranking system is also associated with it that can help you get more rewards. Crucible is the best and reliable way to level your game by getting a high rank and winning the prizes.

6.  Completing the Bounties

When you step into Destiny 2, you will observe that many vendors are offering various Tier 1 program for completing all the available eight bounties every week. If you do so, you will get a reward in return. Whenever you pick bounties and complete them, you can access many benefits. In this way, you can win many prizes and level up quickly.

7.  Joining a Clan

If you are playing this game with your group, then you need to make a clan. It can be the best way to earn rewards. In a team, you can level up quickly. Every week, you can manage to accomplish the playlist and get returns successfully.

Slowly and steadily, you can go from Tier 1 to Tier 2 and so on. It will be more fun to play the game with your friends. There will be more work as well as entertainment.

8.  Completing Some Quests

When you complete any story or expansions, you automatically return to the planet the character belongs to. You have to ask for a new mission or quest. It is easy to get involved in many adventurous activities and finish them to earn massive rewards.

You can understand how your gear levels work here. It will be beneficial for you while jumping to another stage. In this way, you will get plenty of weapons and boost your power level.

The Bottom Line

Follow all the mentioned tips to understand how gear levels work in the Destiny 2 game. In the beginning, you will find these things difficult, but once you start understanding them, everything will become easy for you. These tips are quite helpful to gain enough experience to play the game.

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