Latest tech gear to take with you when camping

People have different reasons for going camping. Some people want to challenge themselves, they want to pit themselves against mother nature and whatever venom she throws their way. And some other people want to take a break from the city life; they want to go to the farthest, most remote parts of the world to take pictures on their mobile to share on Twitter and Instagram.

While both sets of people are camping, the kind of gear they need are worlds apart. The former is looking to challenge themselves, and the latter is hoping for a stress-free camping getaway. If you fall in the latter group, you’re in luck as this article provides you with all the exciting gizmos you could need to have a hell of a camping trip.

This form of camping should not be confused with camping in a motorhome. Caravan and camping gadgets required are radically different from the following outdoor gear.

Let’s get to it!

Powerful LED Flashlight

Going camping with a flashlight is a no-brainer. But many people often forget to go along with one. The most common reason being they can be quite bulky. The solution, however, is purchasing a pocket flashlight or everyday carry (EDC) flashlights. EDC torches are very powerful and yet compact. Survival and outdoors enthusiasts at have some excellent info on how to pick out the best EDC flashlight for your camping event.

Flashlights are often overlooked because many campers rely on their mobile phone’s flashlight. But when you are outdoors, your mobile phone flashlight is no replacement for the new generation of LED flashlights.

For context, the iPhone X flashlight at its highest setting produces 50 lumens of brightness. This pales in comparison to LED flashlights that offer as much as 1000 lumens and can stay on for longer without overheating.

Gas-Burner Cookset

Not the tech you had in mind? Well, camping cook sets are as much tech as the other gear on this list. Before this functional yet straightforward innovation, cooking at the camp was a hassle. It required moving heavy gas cans and kitchen utensils. The other alternative is making food on a campfire. While this can be fun and self-exploratory, it is not as easy as setting up a gas burner cook set at the camp.

Solar generator

Off to camp with your mobile phone, communications and entertainment gear, even your computer. But how do you intend to charge these devices? There are no sockets outdoors. And while the answer might be AA and AAA batteries for many devices, I am confident there are no personal computers or mobile phones that run on AA or AAA batteries.

The solution is to turn to the sun with the use of a powerful solar generator. Although they can be pretty costly, it is a one-time expense that guarantees electricity for as long as the sun exists. And the sun is going to exist for quite a while.

Insect repellant

There’s a lot of fun to be had at the camp. Also, everywhere you look at the camp are BUGS bugging around. Beatles, spiders, flies, and the notorious female anopheles mosquito. These bugs can crash your party if you do not stop them. There are many ways to stop them in their tracks, and this includes the use of homemade remedies and vinegar. But the easy way to do it is with the help of bug sprays and creams.

Some people complain about the smell of these sprays and creams, and there have been reports of people experiencing skin or eye irritation. But on average, these repellants keep the bugs away, keeping you, your friends, and your family safe.

Item locator

If you have misplaced your keys or debit card and wished you could place a call to find it. The principle here is similar; the item locator uses Bluetooth technology to find your keys, wallet, or other essentials that you can easily misplace at camp. After you have fixed the item locator to your valuables, you can use an application on your mobile phone to keep track of your valuables.

Phone Tripod Stand

Getting a phone tripod stand adds a touch of professionalism to your shots. It allows you to set your phone down in uneven terrain and to avoid the blur from your hand shaking if you were holding your phone during the shot. If you want to take amazing pictures for your blog, vlog, social media, or capture the moment and experience forever, you need to go with a phone tripod stand.


What to do before going camping?

It would help if you prepared a checklist, so you do not forget any essentials. You should diligently research where you would be camping, emergency services contact, the kind of wildlife you could encounter, alternate food sources, and watering holes.

Do solar panels work in the shade?

Yes, they do. Although the exposure to the sun would determine the output and being under a shade would mean less output than if it was directly exposed. It is generally believed that solar panels produce roughly half of their expected output under cloudy conditions or under shade.

What should you not bring to camp?

  • Scented lotion, perfumes, or cologne: Doing so could be risking your life as these foreign odors could attract curious wild animals near your campsite.
  • Expensive clothes, jewelry, or other fashion items: It is very easy to misplace things when you are camping outdoors, and for whatever reason, you might need to leave your camp in a hurry, without time to collect your valuables.
  • Glassware: It is better to come with disposable plates and cups because they would be easier to store, they would take less space in storage, and they do not pose an injury threat, unlike glassware.
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