5 Stages of Buying your First Adult Toy

Since we, as a society, highly celebrate diversity and are full of understanding for any personal decision someone makes, why would any of these things be different when it comes to our sexuality and what we prefer sex-wise. There isn’t any point in arguing with people who simply don’t understand that adult topics are not bad nor wrong, as they are a part of our lives, something we talk, joke, and write about all the time. Yes, throughout time, we somehow managed to make talking about sex a taboo, which couldn’t be more strange, as we wouldn’t be on this planet if there weren’t for it. Okay, now some will say that we are crossing the line by saying this, as it is something you should do and talk about only with that special someone, but let’s be real as, in 9/10 situations, this simply is not the case.

Let’s leave that aside for a moment and talk more about the rapidly growing adult toy industry, which has so many things to offer. Luckily, with time, we somehow managed to debunk some of the adult toys myths, but even so, choosing the right adult toy from such a vast offer can be tiresome, especially for someone who is new to all this and has mixed feelings about it all. For those, we will say to just stay with us because as soon as you try out and find something that works for you, that startled feeling will go away.

Even if you still don’t believe us, let’s first agree that making that first decision about which adult toy to buy can be too much for someone. So, let’s shake that fear off by going through the five most important stages of buying your first adult toy and work from there.

1. Research

Let’s focus on the things that matter, and even though curiosity is something that drives us all as humans, and intrigue just represents something that lures us to explore new things, when it actually comes to which adult toy to buy, doing proper research is not only preferable but necessary. As mentioned, the offer of these toys is vast, and the best advice is to start small, to buy something that will be enough to satisfy your curiosity, for now, make you feel great, and be a great first step on this remarkable journey. While doing research, for starters, only consider the things you are sure you like, as there is no reason to start experimenting right away. By doing so, one will get precisely what they paid for and want, but for those who feel courageous, after thorough research, buying something just to try out and spice things up is okay.

2. Picking the right toy

After proper research, we will have insight into the offer, and at that moment, we should have an idea of which toys suit us the most. After that, it is preferable to create a shortlist of them and take enough time to reconsider each of them and choose the best one in the end. We need to focus on our needs and wishes and be sure that we are putting only the toys that suit us the most on the shortlist. It is not something that we should rush with, so we need to take as much time as we need to be sure that we made the right decision.

3. Choosing the right store

We need to sit down and do the proper research about stores once we decide which adult toy we want to buy. We can buy it in a real store or order it via a website, and the detailed research will help us find the most reliable one. Luckily, this industry is growing all the time, and there are many shops on the market, so we can certainly find the one that suits our needs and make us feel comfortable during purchasing. A good starting point is to read the online reviews and check other people’s opinions about the stores because it will help us avoid those that are not trustworthy enough.

4. Feeling ashamed and confused

Do not worry if you feel ashamed or confused even after the decision to buy your first toy because these are normal feelings in that situation. It is still taboo for some people, and many of us will judge ourselves for this decision, but it won’t take long. Besides being ashamed, we may feel proud of ourselves because of that big step on one side, and on the other side, embarrassed because of that decision, and again it is completely normal to feel like that. It is something new for us, and it is okay to be confused with many different feelings at that moment.


5. Acceptance

We are all going through the real rollercoaster of emotions when we decide to buy our first adult toy, and it is good to know that at its end, there is acceptance. It can be difficult to imagine that we will be happy with our decision at the stage when we feel confused or ashamed, but the good thing is that everything will fall into its place. We all should do what makes us happy, and when it comes to buying adult toys, there is nothing wrong with that. Our sex life is only our thing, and there is no need to think about other people’s opinions. Once we realize that, we will be much happier, and we will not worry about unnecessary things, and that will make our lives much easier.

Final thoughts

Well, this settles it, as following these steps should make any decision about adult toys much easier. Of course, it is also about from which store or website one wants to make a purchase, as what everyone surely wants, especially rookies, is confidentiality along with great quality. The only way to get both is to do shopping on renowned websites, so click here if you want more info.

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