Is it Safe to Live Alone as an Aging Adult?

Studies have shown that a larger percentage of older adults live alone. This established fact may result from a couple of reasons, including the idea that they do not want to lose their sense of independence.

While it would be of great help for them, emotionally, to be around familiar places, there are many other things at stake to consider.

There are various risks and downsides of our loved ones staying at home alone, so it is necessary for one to ask these questions before deciding on this subject – Are they able to adequately follow medical prescriptions? Do they frequently cook for themselves?

If the answers to these are uncertain, it is advisable to consider long-term care or a retirement home like Seasons Retirement. They have beautiful and conducive retirement communities with a homely feel that will help to make your loved one transition from independent living seamlessly.

Feeding habits

Eating is a social activity that is best enjoyed by friends and family. However, a solo meal is not as gratifying as one taken with a company of people. Consequently, people that live alone tend to have irregular feeding habits.

Furthermore, with advancement in years comes a greater need for certain nutrients and a specialized diet. However, if there is no one to hold them accountable, it may be difficult for older folks to maintain a balanced diet.

This emphasizes the need to consider moving to a retirement home.


Social interactions are healthy for everyone, no matter how introverted they may seem, and it doesn’t lose its essence as people grow older. Man is a social being who thrives in the community.

As research has shown, suppose someone is separated from their friends and family. In that case, they have a higher risk of developing physical and mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, and a lot more!

People who take part in substantial and productive activities with emotional contact, on the other hand, tend to live longer and happier. More than that, social activities improve cognitive functions and maintain physical vigour.

Being surrounded by people who care about their well-being and provide a listening ear or encouraging words is an easy way to keep them upbeat. In addition, events and hobbies shared with people of similar interests can assist older people in cultivating social bonds.

Home hazards

The house itself could pose some dangers for anyone, so maintaining a safe environment is crucial. There are electrical, fire hazards and burns from cooking, and slippery surfaces, to mention just a few, but the most common things to watch out for are falls and falling objects.

This is especially important for older people because their bones are more brittle, taking longer to heal. In addition to this, there may also be psychological effects like lack of confidence and fear of falling again.

With others around, the chances of any of these happening drastically reduce. There would be someone available to make sure they are safe and provide help so that they don’t lose their balance.

Medical prescriptions

Sometimes following prescriptions from doctors can be a bit challenging for older people. They tend not to remember to take their medications at the right time. They may even forget they have taken it previously and end up taking it more times than recommended.

Furthermore, it can take an extra eye to notice unusual symptoms and detect any health conditions on time before any other complications occur.

Sadly, if they live alone, these little concerns will not be noticed until they become a huge threat to their health and are too complex to handle. It will be judicious for seniors to have a personal medical assistant that attends to them each day and administers their medicine to them or live in a retirement home where all of these are taken care of.


Older people are a common target to fraudsters and scammers. These scammers have several tactics to reel in victims and make away with their money by being friendly with them to gain their trust or using threats to instill fear in them.

They may hide under the guise of financial advisors, home repairers, or even one of their own grandchildren! Such deception can easily be steered clear of if they live with someone who points out these scammers to them.


Unexpected repairs, maintenance services, and home modifications are some of the expenses that your loved one would have to pay by themselves.

Also, managing finances can be a little tough for adults living by themselves. Bills could pile up due to forgetfulness. Meanwhile, they are more prone to falling victim to financial scams or fraud.

However, if older adults are in a retirement home, this burden of paying for home maintenance and ownership will be taken off their shoulders. Also, if your loved one stays with someone, the cost of housing can easily be shared to ease any potential financial burden.


Understanding that it is not an easy decision to make, it is still necessary to ensure that your loved ones live in the best conditions and live securely. With this in mind, isolation should not be an option.

Social interaction, physical and mental activities topped off with the provision of balanced meals should be made available so they can enjoy long and healthy lives.

Seasons retirement home is one of several firms that can help meet all of these objectives by combining comfort and competence to provide older people with a place to call home.

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