6 Tips for Dealing with your Emotions when Betting on Sports

Predicting the outcome of a match is not impossible nor improbable, and when you have the needed knowledge and data, you have good chances of making some profits from your predictions. People who love and follow sports indulge in betting on them from time to time, and everyone who’s done this knows that the process can sometimes be emotional. We can get angry, stressed, and we can even lose our temper at some moments and even start yelling at the TV. If you’ve noticed you are doing this while the game is on, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we are going to give you some tips for dealing with your emotions when betting on sports, and we will tell you how these things are going to help you now and in the long run.

1. Take a break

The easiest way to handle your feelings is to take breaks from time to time. You can take some time off from betting, and you can do that even while you are watching the game. You don’t have to check the results all the time, and you can check all the matches that you wagered on after they are all done.

Taking a break can be really beneficial and it can help you tone your feelings down. However, if you feel anxious and if you feel that this is not good for you, especially while the match is on, you should follow your gut. Nevertheless, taking a break from wagering every few weeks or months will help you stabilize and refresh.

2. Remember to breathe

When we are in a stressful situation, more often than not we remember to take a breath, and then we start hyperventilating. Breathing should be done without us controlling it, but sometimes we just hold our breath, especially when there is a huge thing about to happen. This is going to lead to headaches, and you may even start feeling dizzy.

So, while you are watching the game, try to breathe regularly, even when you are stressed. Don’t forget to unclench your jaw as well, and try to sit straight. These things may feel like they are not important, but the way you sit, breathe, and even the way you move will make an impact on your emotional health.

3. Avoid other risks

When we choose to wager on sports, we are aware that we may make the wrong prediction and we may lose the money we invested. This is part of the deal, and we are pretty much okay with every possible outcome. However, the result is still going to stress us out, so we need to do everything we can to avoid any other risks and problems.

When choosing the betting place where you want to put your money into, you need to choose a trusted site that will not put you at any security risk. You should never go for a place that does not have the needed encryption, and you should always check the security status before you add your credit card information.

On websites like, you can see that you can bet on live games and use other payment methods as well, and when the casino offers this, and when they are transparent about the way they work, the quotas, as well as your potential winnings, it’s a good sign that they are a safe place for you to bet.

4. Be aware of how much you are ready to lose

To minimize any emotional impact while gambling, you should be aware of how much you are ready to lose. You need to have a budget, and you should stick to it. As you already know, many places are offering live betting, which means you can increase your wager as the game progresses. If you choose to do that, you should never go above your budget.

When you put in more money, you are going to add more stress, which means you are going to get even more emotional. Before every game and every ticket you write, you should see how much you are okay with losing if the worst happens, and no matter how the match progresses, you should never change your mind.

5. Have as much information as possible

The best way to avoid stress is to have as much information about the matches as you possibly can before you make the wager. This will help you make a well-rounded decision and it will take the element of surprise off the table.

You will learn if there is any vital player who is injured, you will know if there are any changes in the team that will affect the outcome, and you will be ready and prepared so that there are no or very few surprises. This will help you get your feelings in check, and you won’t get stressed if something you’ve thought is going to happen, does in fact happen.

6. Don’t wager more just because you lost

Another rule that you need to follow to minimize the emotional impact is to never put in more money just because you lost. Don’t chase the cash that is not yours anymore and don’t try to get it back at all cost. Sometimes you are going to make the right prediction, and sometimes you are going to choose wrong.

Both things are okay and know that since you are not going to try and lose all the cahs you’ve just won, you should never try to win back all the money you’ve lost. When you are going through a negative emotion after a wrong prediction, you are more likely to make another bad call. So, take your time, take a break, and come back refreshed with more knowledge and data.

Try to avoid betting on your favorite team, and know that when you are doing that, you are more likely to get even more emotional. Watching the games with your friends or your partner can help you relax, and you are going to have fun even when things are not going your way. Remember not to make huge decisions when you are too happy or too upset, and at the end of the day, you should know that sometimes you will win, other times you will lose, and in both cases, it is going to be okay.

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