6 Online Casino Games that have the best and worst Odds

If you are being a person who enjoys the anticipation and the rush you get from betting, you have surely tried online casino games. Not only that they are more accessible, but there are also various types that you can try out and test your luck.

However, in this sphere, everything is being calculated, so besides luck, you will need the statistics on your side as well. Some games have better odds than others. That is why informing yourself before playing will prepare you for better results.

To inform, and get you to pick your games wisely, we have prepared this article. You will have the chance to see which games give you a better chance of winning, and which games you should be avoiding. This will improve your experience, and most importantly it will save your finances that you could’ve enjoyed more on another game.

High chance of winning

Firstly, we are going to talk about the games that you should practice more since they give you a better chance of acquiring something in return. This means that they are pulling a lower amount for the institution, which improves your odds. Just make sure that you are visiting an eminent site, to prevent certain problems and have your gaming experience maxed out.


As one of the most popular ways to increase the thrilling sensation, this game sits at the top of our list. Since it requires both luck and knowledge, you are getting the highest chance to come out with a full pocket.

However, the online version is not the same as visiting a regular casino. There are slight variations that you will have to accommodate on. With that, you will have to strategically improve, and prepare yourself for your next session. Because the returns are all above ninety-nine percent, it is worth hiring somebody to tutor you. That will additionally increase your chances for a better result.


Roulette is another game where you have a higher chance to come with a prize. Although it is not as high as poker, it is still an alternative if you like to explore. There are many options to place your bet, depending on the prize that you are chasing. For the highest amount, you should be guessing the correct number. However, if you combine that with side bets, like guessing the color or the column, you can increase your winnings in the end.

If you don’t want to chase a number, you can combine some site bets like number groups, added with a column and a color. That way, you increase your chances of a prize, and it improves the playing experience. You can
find out more a


One of the most thrill-filled games that many people tend to enjoy, is also one of the games that is offering the best chances to come out with a win. Although luck is the key factor of every game of this type, there is also the knowledge required, and an essential characteristic to know where to stop.

Not only do you have one of the highest winning odds when playing blackjack, but it’s also much more fun while doing it online. Simply because you have the option to go for a live version which features a real dealer as seen on n1casino.

Lower chances of winning

These games can be interesting as well, with the difference that you will not be able to come up with a prize often. They have been programmed in a way to get a high return for the institution, which lowers your chance of winning. However, they are tricking you up with astonishing prices, which arouses your desire to try it out.


As one of the gaming alternatives, the slots are the ones that offer the lowest chances of getting away with a win. They are being programmed to bring most of the money back for the institution, so you will be spending more than earning.

However, certain games are having better percentages than others. Make sure that you inform yourself about the game before you insert your credit. That is why preparation is really important for situations like these.

Fortune wheel

Another game that has been known for the lower winning chances. You are having zones where you place your bets, and if it lands there, you get it. They usually start from a dollar, and gradually go up depending on the game. You have more chances to get the dollar zone because it is the largest, however, you will not be multiplying a lot in that way.

Although it is a game filled with thrill, you should maybe consider other alternatives if you are visiting the site for more than just the feeling that you get.


You can see this alternative almost everywhere, and not only in places where you can try out your luck. They are present on the gas pumps, common sports betting places, and online as well. However, guessing the right number can be hard.

While all the other games are getting only a few percent as a return, Keno is getting more than thirty. That makes you very unlikely to earn something. However, it is the most accessible betting format, and it can be fun if you don’t have anything else to do. Just don’t expect that you will become rich for a moment because almost surely you will not.


As much as they are fun, you should be careful with these games. The anticipation and thrill that they give you can be even addicting, so make sure that you are having the situation under control. Don’t put yourself in a bad spot, especially on a financial plan. Have your budget predetermined, so you can know how much you can spend before you even load the online casino game.

Make sure that you are having the most fun possible while being a responsible person. Prepare yourself nicely before you begin, so you can choose a better game, and maybe come out on top.

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