How Many Active Players does the World of Tanks have?

World of tanks is one of the world-famous massive multiplayer online action shooter games that has made a huge accomplishment in the gaming industry and a lot of gamers love playing this highly competitive tank battle with realistic gameplay.

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Further in this article, you will get insights into the number of active players in World of Tanks and the reason why this game has such high active players.

What is the number of active players in World of Tanks?

The massive multiplayer action shooter game provides you with tank-on-tank combat and an advanced battleground gaming experience. The game is highly trending amongst several gamers and a lot of players are actively playing it daily.

Join the forces and fight amongst the army of armoured war machines, tanks and artillery vehicles. The mechanics, tactical gameplay and high-quality graphics make it highly competitive which is the reason for the sudden increase in the popularity of this game globally.

The number of active players currently in the world of tanks is more than 160 million and with the upcoming updates, the number of players is increasing every day. Countries like the USA, Canada, Argentina, and Ecuador have the most active gamers.

You can play this game for free and accessible in almost every country which is another major reason why gamers are widely attracted. Also, you can form teams with your friends and have fun together. It is also available on different platforms like Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PC.

The game provides you with an intense battle between tanks and armoured vehicles that has a resemblance to historical prototypes.

Defeat your opponents by destroying their tanks  or capture their base to make your way towards victory. You can level up your account and unlock new features and vehicles to dominate your power in the battle arena.

You get to choose different armour vehicles from five different classes with unique specialities. Play in teams to get more XP and level up faster. The fun and excitement of victory with your friends are why such a huge population loves playing this massive multiplayer game.

Why are players in World of Tanks actively increasing?

1.  Multiple game modes

World of tanks is a vast game with multiple game modes, a variety of battle arenas, different types and classes of armoured vehicles to choose from and much more. The number of active players is increasing worldwide because this game provides diverse and competitive gameplay that usually attracts most gamers.

You get the option to play solo so you can embrace your skills and make new strategies or you can play as a team with your friends to have fun and build your synergy with them. The game also features a training mode where both beginners can learn the basic gameplay and experts can hone their skills.

Defeat your opponents across different maps and conquer the battlefield with over 600 different tanks and armoured vehicles. The epic battle of tank battles is fascinating to gamers all over the world.

2.  Advanced game mechanics and complex physics

World of tanks is one of the best action shooter games with advanced mechanics and complex physics. This makes it highly competitive amongst professional players and increases your interest in the game. If you are playing in a team you won’t be able to win if you don’t have team synergy and play strategically.

For beginners, it will take some time to make themselves well-familiar with the game but once you understand the gameplay it will be a lot more interesting. The advanced game mechanics ensures that you get a real gaming experience by playing this massive multiplayer tank battle with your teammates.

3.  Impressive graphics quality and optimised visualisation

A game with impressive graphics quality and optimised visualisation is also an important aspect to attract players. World of tanks provides you with high-quality graphics to make it feel more realistic and optimised visualisation gives you a clear vision of everything happening in the game.

This also helps you to locate your enemies from afar and you can enjoy the aesthetics of different landscapes in the battle arena. The developers have done impressive work providing realistic textures and vibrant colours to the game providing gamers with an advanced gaming experience.

With its high graphics and optimised visualisation the world of tanks has been liked and enjoyed by several players around the globe and with an active increase in the number of players playing this game.

4.  New features and updates are driven by players

It’s important to bring new features and updates to any game after considering the opinion and demands of players. Developers must keep in mind what changes the players want in the game and must improve it accordingly so they can get a better and fair gaming experience for everyone.

World of tanks provides a beta testing server where you can get early access to new features and modes in upcoming updates. Players who participate to test the early access can provide feedback based on the majority of the feedback, developers make changes and launch updates for the actual game.

In this way, players get to choose the different modes, features and developments they want. Also, the regular updates and development increase the interest in the game. This is one of the major reasons why players in the world of tanks are actively increasing.

The Bottom-line

World of tanks is an exciting and competitive game with diverse tactical gameplay they encourage the players to perform better in this game. In the world of tanks and war machines, you must play strategically to defeat your opponents and get the victory.

These are the most common reasons why the game has become so popular in less than a decade and still, the count of active players is increasing day by day.

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