7 Easiest World Of Warcraft Dungeons For Beginner Players

It is an evident fact that World of Warcraft is one of the most adored and played games all across the globe. Enthusiastic gamers are always excited to experience the joy of World of Warcraft. This game is an open-world one. Hence, you will have an idea about your expectations. For example, there are innumerable missions, challenges, levels, and quests that make the game even more interesting.

However, all gamers unanimously agree on one point that is leveling up in the game. The process of leveling up a character is called Raid. It means that you have to pass through dungeons with their companions and fight the demons and spawns. Does that all sound exciting and interesting? If you are a beginner, it surely does ring the bells in your heart. But do you know how to get into them? Especially if you are a beginner, that sounds interesting but difficult at the same time. You don’t have to get disheartened though because there are numerous other easiest dungeons that act as practicing elements for beginners in World of Warcraft.

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Best dungeons in the world of warcraft for beginners

1. The Scarlet Monastery: Library

If there is a list of easiest World of Warcraft dungeons, it has to start with The Scarlet Monastery: Library. This is not just the one though. There are tens of other popular ones out there. But the thing is The Scarlet Monastery is the least played dungeon, which makes it an ideal choice for you to explore.

However, not all characters and characters at all levels cannot enter this dungeon. But, the happy news is that your character can enter this dungeon at all levels.

2. Mits of Tirna Scithe

Mits of Tirna Scithe is one among the many dungeons that quickly rose to fame. The first thing is its static layout coupled with variations in each attempt makes it even more exciting for the gamers to play this dungeon even if it means playing it multiple times. The fights, challenges, demons, and bosses are almost as hard as any other dungeons and mobs being fairly forgiving for the aggressive players.

Despite being so hard, it lacks the scary factor. Yet, the complexity level cannot be ruled out altogether. However, you cannot judge a book by its cover? Remember this saying? It holds absolutely true for this dungeon because it may not be scary but the challenge is tough putting your energy into it. It takes skill, time, and effort to pass this dungeon.

3. Zul’farrak

Are you a World of the Warcraft fan? Then this dungeon doesn’t need any introduction or elaboration at all. Zul’farrak is so famous that almost all the World of Warcraft gamers are totally aware of it. It is famous, best, and yet the easiest.

From beginners to the most experienced gamers, World of Warcraft fans keep coming back to it. Your character may face a severe backlash in the form of trolls, which is one unique factor specific to Zul’farrak.

However, the game requirements for leveling up in this dungeon are not pretty. So that’s one fulfilling thing in this dungeon. Even if there are a few requirements, they are not difficult to achieve.

4. De other side

De other side is both easiest and hardest at the same time. However, there are certain things in which the brain game takes the front seat. De other side is one such dungeon. With tricky pulls and handling hard bosses, it can be a nightmare for beginners. But a smart brain is what it needs to pass this dungeon with flying colors.

As mentioned already, the dungeon is non-linear so you should have a plan in your hand even before you begin the game to approach it all strategically and not get stuck in the dungeon till eternity.

5. Spires of ascension


The entire list would have been incomplete without featuring Spires of Ascension. This is yet again another dungeon in World of Warcraft that can be tricky if you approach it without any strategy. So, you need to be ahead of the game, think above the challenges and have a plan in place. It is easier if you have a plan handy. Remember, that you might run into issues, without plans and strategies in this dungeon.

Despite all that, it can be an easier task, if you know how to tackle it. With an organized approach, you will be more than fine and can pass the dungeon with skill and deft.

You need to remember one more thing here, that is the trash. Always be wary of it because the final boss, Devos usually heals himself. Hence, all your fights might entirely be a waste of time if you stay reluctant and choose to play a boring game.

6. Ragefire Chasm


Located in Orgrimmar for Horde players and Stormwind City for Alliance players, Ragefire Chasm is an ideal dungeon for beginner players. Its linear layout makes navigation simple, eliminating the risk of getting lost. The encounters in Ragefire Chasm are relatively straightforward, allowing players to focus on learning the basics of group dynamics and combat mechanics. This dungeon serves as an excellent introduction to the world of dungeons, providing a taste of the cooperative gameplay that defines World of Warcraft. Even if this one proves to be too hard, got your back.

7. The Stockade


Situated in the heart of Stormwind City, The Stockade is a classic dungeon that is perfect for novice players. Its compact and easily understandable layout makes it an ideal starting point for those new to dungeon exploration. The encounters in The Stockade are designed to be manageable for beginners, allowing players to practice their skills and coordination with a group. This dungeon offers an opportunity to learn the importance of tanking, healing, and damage roles within a party, setting the foundation for more challenging dungeons later in the game.


If you are an experienced gamer, you must have already known about these easiest dungeons. But for beginners, these are hardly familiar. As the World of Warcraft is expanding each day, everyone’s after different and easiest dungeons these days. You will have a lot to accomplish in terms of winning dungeons and exploring more.

Dungeons play a significant and exciting part in World of Warcraft and the reason is pretty clear why everyone loves them. They are a great way to loot and level up in the game so that the game becomes more interesting. While these are just a few widely explored and played dungeons, there are a lot more to be explored for beginners.

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