Lawyers in Dubai and a study about UAE Law

Lawyers are the advocates as well as legal consultants who are supposed to handle the legal things here. What can be legal things in Dubai; we can write the points briefly here;

∙      Providing legal advice to those who are looking for legal advice.

∙      Providing legal solutions to those who need a legal way to overcome some legal problem.

∙      Creating or drafting the documents and legal work for single or multi-clients.

∙      Appearing in Dubai Courts and other Emirate Courts, but if he is authorized by having the license.

∙       Helping the others in company formations.

∙      Helping the companies to recover the debts from the market.

∙      Helping the companies hire the employees.

Let’s have a little light on the types of law;

∙      Every kind of Law.

∙      Civil Law

∙      Criminal Law

∙      Labour and Employment Law

∙      Business Setups

∙      Taxations, Audit, and VAT Filling

∙      Immigration Law

∙      Family and Domestic Law

∙      Property and Real Estate Law

∙      Wills and Estate Law, The succession planning

∙      Arbitration

∙      Banking Law

∙      Money Laundering Law

Lawyers are also of few types;

∙      An Emirati Lawyer, can only become a Lawyer.

∙      He has the right to become a lawyer and open a Law Firm.

∙      Expatriates can only become legal consultants.

∙      Full-Service Lawyers

∙      Specialized Lawyers e.g. Family Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, Civil Law Lawyers, Criminal Law Lawyers etc.

∙      Legal Consultants, just for legal advice

∙      Emirati Lawyers can be Lawyers and Legal Consultants.

Fee Types:

∙      Full Fee

∙      Installment Fee

∙      Contingency

Kinds of Court:

∙      1st Court

∙      2nd Court, Court of Appeal

∙      3rd Court Court of Cassation

If the matter is more than 50, 000 AED then the appeal can be filled in 2nd court which is also called the appeal court. If the matter is more than 500000 AED then another appeal can be filled in the 3rd court also called as cassation court. These cases are the big cases where the experts are usually hired. Experts are the law experts, accounts experts, religious experts, social experts, and finance experts.

The Cases can also be reversed from the appeal court to the first court. Cassation Court to appeal court or first court. Please keep in mind that if the case is reversed to the previous court, then that is considered the final destination for the verdict where it takes very little time.

Experts are the new addition in judicial systems for quick and better results. Especially in criminal courts, where the investigation is organized on a different basis. Lawyers are asked to bring the expert reports first, and experts can also be appointed at later stages in the case. Expert Reports make the work of experts easier to pass a quick and easy opinion. Court definitely considers the opinion provided by the expert.

The role of Lawyers is started from providing legal advice. These people are also called legal consultants. As we stated above that, a legal consultant can be an expatriate as well but after passing the exam/license. Emirati lawyers can be a lawyer and legal consultants. The Emirati Advocates in Dubai are popular in UAE. They are also given examples in the Middle East and the rest of the world due to their quality of education, professionalism and services.

The role of Lawyers is to provide justice. Justice is only possible when the lawyers will work with honesty on the cases. Lawyers can only work with honesty once he is provided with (read more here):

∙      All the Case details

∙      Supporting Documents

∙      Arrangement of Witnesses

People are not uneducated before. People have better access to law and justice now. Even if they are exploited or put at risk by their employees then they have the right to lodge a complaint against the lawyer or law firm as well. Such complaints are registered in DIWAN. DIWAN can punish the Law Firm and the lawyers too.

It is to be made sure that clients or people could not be looted or destroyed by these lawyers. Even an Emirati Lawyer or a Law Firm has no right to exploit the people. The justice rules are made and kept equal for everyone. When complaints are lodged in Dubai Courts or DIWAN then justice is provided to people. Expatriates should be confident enough while living in UAE that nobody can kick them off, or snatch their rights.

The Law Schools in Dubai and UAE are made on the intentional pattern where law education is provided to local and international students. For muslins, Sharia Law has to be used and implemented. Therefore if one has to be an expert in Law in UAE then he has to be an expert in Sharia Law. However, the Sharia Law is necessary more only for the Muslims. People from other countries and religions may choose a different law. Please be informed that such things are only for family or personal status cases. Commercial and civil matters are governed as per the rules defined on international grounds.

Lawyers in Dubai are made capable enough to perform well. It means the grooming with education are set on international grounds. Lawyers in Dubai helping people from domestic to business levels. These advocates are the Emirati Advocates, as mentioned above who are not just the most professional lawyers but also the most disciplined lawyers. The reasons are local status, the best education, the best work environment and the stable trade market of UAE.

The legal consultations should also be checked with the Emirati advocates and legal consultants. Though the purpose of legal consultation is to grab the expert opinion only. But an expert legal opinion by the UAE Lawyer and Legal Consultant is in the favour in a sense that, the chances of cheating will be quite less. Therefore the quality of UAE Lawyers is always preferred by the people in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the established companies in UAE. It is also observed that even for the number of legal consultations, companies do hire the best Lawyers in the United Arab Emirates.

If the people have an idea that these lawyers might be proved expensive then it is not a fact indeed. These Lawyers are not expensive if you do compare with the quality offered by these advocates. Therefore the Lawyers in Dubai are the best in favour.

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