How to step up your Basketball Betting Skills – 2024 Guide

Betting is one of the most exciting things you can do to fulfill your daily free time. People tend to bet on different games and different types of sports. It’s not very complicated and anyone can do it. Especially if you are in good company and you are waiting for the game to start, you can spice things up by betting on your favorite team. And then let the fun begin. Wagering is good not only for people who like sports but also for the people who are thrill-seekers.

Not only you are waiting for the game to start, but you are waiting for the right combination, and to make a little more extra money, which may come in handy these days. Brokers and financial advisers will tell you that to make money you have to invest money. Well, in this case, you don’t need a broker or financial advisor to tell you how to invest your money, because with just a few clicks you can invest a small amount of your weekly income, and gain a little more than that.

These days basketball is one of the most exciting and most-watched sports in almost every household around the world. Also, basketball is a game that is very simple, but betting on this game, can be a little tricky. That’s why we are giving you a few tips on how to step up your basketball betting skills.

Unlike Soccer don’t always bet on favorites

Basketball franchises like Golden State Warriors in recent years and Chicago Bulls back in the ’90s went on a fantastic score in the NBA league when they finished the regular season with 73 wins out of 82 games (GSW 73-9, Chicago Bulls 72-10), and that’s just amazing. If you look up the odds of them losing that season, you will see that they are pretty low. On the other hand, betting on the other teams who played against them, the odds were very high. And in the end, they still lost 9-10 games. Now if you were lucky enough and bet on the teams that beat them, then you’ve made a load of money.

The point is, even when teams are winning game after game, you must know that cannot win 82 games in a season. Players are getting tired, and even sometimes even injured, so coaches have to rest some of their best players because they need their player’s fresh for the playoffs.

You just have to trust your gut and wait for the right opportunity and when the time is right, make your bet. Know that you should also steer away from betting on your own favorites because this will take the objective view out of the picture. You are never going to wager against your favorite team, and that can cost you a lot of profits in the long run.

In soccer, things are a bit different. It is always better to bet on favorite and bet on live games as well, which is something that’s more risky for basketball. You can always visit a reliable online casino such as, and see if there are any live soccer bets available.

Mind the statistics

Nowadays coaches and their staff rely on statistics and mathematics. They are calculating which player can score more points, which one will make the most rebounds or assists etc. That’s why statistics are very important in betting. You can follow a certain team, or a certain player if you like and bet on them. Sometimes teams are exhausted, and they cannot score the number of points they usually score. For example, if you follow a certain team that usually scores 90 to 100 points per game, you have to know that after a couple of games they will score 80 points.

Also, if you see that the team you follow plays against a team that played great defense that season, you have to wager that your team won’t score more than the usual amount of points they score in a single game. In places like N1bet, you can see what is currently happening in the world of basketball, and you can get the needed knowledge to make the right wager.

Favorites don’t always win

Just like we talked about above in this text, favorites don’t always win, and that means that your best chance to make a little bit more money, is to bet on the outsiders.

For an outsider team to win a game, there are greater odds in betting. Even the worst teams sometimes win when it comes to basketball. Many different factors can influence the results, like motivation, traveling schedule, home games, away games, and things like that.  For example, if you see that a favorite to win a game, have played three games away, and they are playing the fourth one at home, chances are that the players are already tired, so, there are bigger chances that they will lose at their home crowd, which means, a lot more money for you. Pay attention to these small things, and know that you don’t always need to wager on the most popular games and groups if you want to make profits.

Explore live betting

When it comes to betting, you can bet before the game starts, or even while the game is on. Live betting is a good way to make a little more profit than usual. Here is the trick. There are teams that play a lot better in the second half. That means that they can fall behind the other team by 20 points before the second half, and in the end, they can win by 10.

While the odds of losing are going up for the team that leads, they are going down for the team that is losing. You just have to pay attention to the teams that play better in the second half, and then bet pray for a turnaround. If that happens, you will make a decent amount of money.

These things will help you create the strategy that you need to make more profits while you are wagering. In addition to all these things, remember that you need to choose a reliable place where you can place your wager, and know that not every place is going to offer the same quota. See what you can get, how to get it, and which option is the best one for you. The more information you have about the players and the match, the better your chances are of being victorious, so make sure you do your research before you place the wager.

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