5 Best Xbox One Role-Playing Games To Play in 2024

Whether it’s an Xbox, PlayStation, or any other console, video games are one of the most common ways younger people, teens, and kids spend their free time, especially males.

What are video games?

To talk about video games, we first need to define what games are. According to different definitions and dictionaries, games are a type of activity, which are defined by some rules, and playing the game itself can be with different intentions. Intention can be fun, competition, entertainment, distraction, relaxation, learning …

Video games are games, which in most cases are used as input to the user’s action, then those actions and the environment are processed via a computer, and the result of the processing is displayed via a video signal to the user back on the video device. Because of the display of processing results via video devices, they are called video games. A slightly simpler definition of video games (used by some dictionaries) would be an activity, which deals with the manipulation of images displayed by a video device.

Microsoft’s Xbox One console has been around for 7 years, although at the very beginning it did not win the sympathy of true gamers, and the reason for that was the mandatory connection to the Internet every 24 hours. In 2017, the Xbox One also got its more powerful version – the Xbox One X, which was promoted as the most powerful console of the eighth generation. Several games managed to harness the power of that console to run in 4K resolution, but for the most part, it was not native 4K resolution. The Xbox has since continued to get new features, including mouse and keyboard support. Even today, it is the most powerful console on the market.

What are the best Xbox single player games?

Xbox games are not cheap and all those who own a Microsoft game console are well aware of that. You’ve probably spent quite a sum of money on the games you bought for the Xbox One console yourself. Still, the good thing is that there are many very good Xbox One games you can get for free. True, a large number of players just roll their eyes when they hear “free-to-play” games and are entitled to it. Again, games like PUBG or Fortnite have shown and proven that not all “free” games are a waste of time, at least when it comes to console games. In the continuation of this article, we will say something about several games, including free ones, which you must try. Anyway, it is always good to hear suggestions.

Phantom Dust

Phantom Dust is in many ways a unique game that first appeared on the OG Xbox in the original. From then until today, the game has received several improvements and upgrades, as well as changes, one of the most important of which is that the game is now available as free. If we want to briefly describe Phantom Dust, then we will say that it is a game that is a genre combination of “deck building” games (games in which the player uses different cards, such as Metal Gear Acid) and third-person shooters. Within the game, players receive various cards which then give the playful character new opportunities, skills, and weapons which he can then use in the game. As for the fights, they take place in three-dimensional arenas in which your goal as a player is simple – you need to “spend” your opponent’s health meter, with the proviso that you will need to use all the skills you have previously gathered cards.

Batman Arkham Knight

This is the game that finishes what Arkham Asylum started. It’s Arkham’s last game, and during the game, you can feel the finality. Rocksteady manages to outdo himself once again with another amazing Batman game. Arkham Knight brings all the villains and Batman allies into this game, which makes a great ending. Arkham Knight is also a story addictive game. This story revolves around Batman’s psyche and an anti-Batman created to stop Batman known as Arkham Knight. Batmobile becomes an essential part of the game and many puzzles and missions are also played with it.


The game itself is based on the rich fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons.

After a brief introduction to the game, you as a player need to select a character, a character class and that’s it, the game can begin, that is, you can join other players in solving “endless” quests. The game as such is free, with some things you can spend a little (or a little more) dollars on if you want – as is usually the case in games of this type – there are premium things, such as armor parts, weapons, and spells that cost). If you don’t mind that you will need to spend more time to reach some levels of the character, you will not need to give a single cent for the game. The best thing is that, although you did not give any money for anything in the game, you can still play the game and progress in it. Quite a good MMORPG game for Xbox One that is worth trying and playing in the “long-run”.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Although this game starts slow, the amount of depth and variety in mission types will soon connect you well and truly hook you up. It’s also massive, so be sure to take a month to go through everything on offer. And, with the addition of Red Dead Online, you’ll have a lot of work to do even after the one-player story is over.


The main description of this game is “strategy hero shooter”. As a player, you take on the role of one of the “drawn” warriors. Each playful character has their unique abilities, and the main goal of the game is simple: take down all the opponents before they take care of you. Thus, each team of players has the opportunity to use a special “boss” giant monster. Every time you gather enough energy, the giant boss gets involved in the fight on your side and brings you the advantage.

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