How High Should You Hang Pendant Lights In Your Kitchen

Decorating and renovating your home are the processes that require time and creativity. People often can’t afford to change something in their home too often. Because of that, once they save enough money, the designs remain the same for a couple of years. That is the reason why they need to work on the process with full attention. 

We need to highlight one essential thing here. Homeowners do not consider all the rooms inside their house equally valuable. For instance, they will invest a lot more money to make their living room and bedroom comfortable. Despite that, many people will also invest a lot of money to make their bathroom look excellent. All these rooms are the places where people relax. Because of that, they won’t hesitate to spend a bit more than usual.

Things are a bit different when we talk about the kitchen. The kitchen is the part of the home where we do not relax a lot. It is the place where we have to work on accomplishing some additional duties. After a tough day at work, the last thing most of us would like to do is cooking. Because of that, people are not motivated enough to decorate their kitchen a lot.

That way of thinking is wrong. Making a comfortable atmosphere for cooking is equally essential as ensuring comfort for rest. That is the reason why we would like to share some essential pieces of advice in this article. One of the items that every kitchen should have is pendant lights. 

Finding good quality pendant light is not a challenging task in today’s world. There are many online shops like Stylish Direct where you can find pendant lights with different designs. Your duty would be to find the one that matches the design of the kitchen. 

Yet, decorating the kitchen with pendant lights is not an easy task. You will have to determine how high you should hang pendant lights in your kitchen. The good news is that you came to the right place. We will make an in-depth analysis and provide you with some helpful information. Let’s get started. 

The Space Between Countertop and Pendant Lights


Generally speaking, there is no precise answer to that question. Different factors determine the right space between the light fixture and countertop. Most interior designers suggest the base of the pendant light should be at least 30 inches from the top of the countertop. In some cases, that space can go up to 36 inches. 

As we said, the precise answer to that question does not exist. Because of that, you need to put into consideration the overall height of the ceilings. Every house owner needs to ensure a clear viewing path. In that way, you will make a comfortable atmosphere and light up the space you are tasking over. 

The Space between Pendant Lights


People rarely purchase only one pendant light. Reaching the desired results is only possible with a couple of them. In most cases, there are two or three of them in the kitchen. However, if you want to design them properly, adequate space between them needs to exist. 

All the interior designers suggest the space apart pendant lights should be around 30 inches. Yet, that answer does not count always. It depends a lot on the size of the island and light fixture. We can use an example to make things clear. Let’s say that your kitchen island is around 7 feet wide. In that case, installing three pendant lamps would be unnecessary. Only two of them will allow you to complete the job. 

Determining the right space apart pendant lamps requires some extra steps. You primarily need to target the center point of the kitchen island. After that, get your pendant lamps and measure the distance between their widest parts. In that case, they should be around 30 inches. In that way, you will light up the entire kitchen island properly. 

The Perfect Width of Pendant Lights

Here comes another factor that you need to put into consideration. The perfect width and size of the pendant lamp do not exist. Because of that, it is impossible to give you a clear answer. You need to determine how much working area you want to illuminate. That is the reason why you need to get familiar with three subcategories of pendant lights. Their features will tell you which one is perfect for your kitchen. 

The larger ones are more than 20 inches wide. That option is perfect for people that do not have other sources of light inside their kitchen. Despite that, it is also perfect for people that have large kitchens. On the other hand, the medium-sized pendant lamps are between 10 and 20 inches wide. They are an excellent choice for people that want to get the basic lighting. In that way, they will manage to complete kitchen tasks without any additional effort. Finally, the smallest lamps are ten and fewer inches wide. Of course, they provide a more ambient effect to the kitchen. However, they are also the tool that gives the least amount of lighting. That would mean your kitchen will need to have at least one more source of light. 

The Perfect Number of Pendant Lights In Kitchen


As we said, one pendant light over your island won’t bring the most effective results. In most cases, people install two or three of them to reach their goal. However, the difference between two and three lights is not as small as you think. That is the reason why you need to put the size of your island into consideration once again. 

Let’s say your island is around 6 feet in length. In that case, you should place one pendant light every 3 feet. In other words, you will need to install two of them. However, if your island is 9-feet or bigger, you will need to install at least three pendant lights. 

Of course, these are only some of the standard rules experts recommend. Every homeowner has a unique taste as well as requirements. Because of that, if you think these standards are not satisfying for you, you can always create yours. 

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