Vanessa Kirby – Life after ‘The Crown’ and ‘Mission Impossible’

After winning the Bafta Award for her role as Princess Margaret in Netflix’s Crown Series, it’s hard to imagine Vanessa Kirby without a tiara and smoking a cigarette.

But you have to make an effort, as she is just starring with Tom Cruise in the latest installment of ‘Mission Impossible’ as the White Widow.

And this time, she rules over an entirely different world as she interprets the character of a black-market weapons saleswoman.

She spoke for BBC about the role-changing, Tom Cruise, her Emmy nomination, and Helena Bonam Carter’s relay lectures.

Balancing between two significant roles

Kirby admits she didn’t know too much about White Widow in the beginning, as the script was based on the thrilling turmoil we loved, and it developed all along.

She was still filming the second season of ‘The Crown’ in London when she started traveling in the evening to Paris to shoot the movie ‘Mission Impossible: A Breakup.’

Kirby describes the White Widow as “a fatal woman, leader of a criminal organization.”

“It was challenging to play two completely different characters at the same time and try not to be Margaret without a wig,” she said.

“It was wonderful to join this great team that has been working together since 1996.”

Learning the basics from Tom Cruise

At the heart of this team is a character played by Tom Cruise, IMF agent Ethan Hunt.

Kirby says, “He plays this recognizable and beloved character and has gone through his various incarnations … and having someone like that at the center of it all seems relaxing, in the ‘Oh, great, you know how things work’ phase, and there is no dilemma.”

In addition to bringing some peace of mind to the noisy set, Vanessa also learned a few things from a Hollywood veteran.

She explained that she learned a lot about work ethic and discipline.

“He is incredibly present, energetic, and enthusiastic and does not give up on him for a second. He loves to make movies. ”

“There is a six-year-old inside of him who adores movies, can’t believe he’s still making them, and it’s so wonderful to be in his presence.”

Kirby says that she also picked up some health tips.

“I learned how important physical fitness is to the actor, which I never thought about before.”

In addition to being an award-winning actor, Cruise is a part-time stuntman and often performs scary stunts in his films, including Mission Impossible.

It was no different in the ‘Mission Impossible – Fallout,’ and the actor made headlines last year after breaking an ankle while jumping between two buildings in London.

Director Christopher Megwayer told the BBC that when he came to visit Cruise after the accident, the first thing the actor asked him was, “Did we film it?”

It’s good to know the priorities of a Hollywood star. (And yes, they recorded it).

About taking down a tiara

Kirby was in Paris when she learned that she had been nominated for an Emmy Award for her role in the Crown Series.

“It was an unreal and wonderful moment, and my friends were more affected by it than myself.”

Kirby handed the baton to Helena Bonam Carter, who will play Princess in the third season of the series.

Vanessa says that she can’t think of a “better person to take on the role.”

“She made her beautiful, and she was all graceful and nice and thoughtful.”

Kirby adds, “She sent me messages from the set, and I heard that she was doing the same things I did in the first few episodes, so we feel very connected.”

“You know when you just love a character so much that it feels like a part of you because the experience was so wonderful, it’s nice to share it with someone,” she explains.

“It’s out of the ordinary to do this because it’s a special experience, and being able to talk about it [Margaret] is such an intimate blessing.”


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