Why Should You Consider Staying in Canada After Your Studies

Canada is a decent destination for staying after completing your studies. It takes a lot of investment to sponsor and complete any degree in any international location. If you are also wondering whether it is profitable to stay in Canada after graduation? Every year, many students go to Canada for completing their studies and get a deserving job. But only a few of them make it and stay there for a lifetime.

Many people doubt whether it is fine to remain in the same country or not. Therefore, it is necessary to know the benefits of staying longer in Canada. In the following write-up, we will discuss all those advantages that the country can offer for the growth of your career and lifestyle. After considering the following factors, you may feel that why many people prefer to go and live there. Read More to know more information.

1. Great Process of Immigration


Many people across the globe want to immigrate to Canada for beneficial reasons. Every year, it is observed that there is a rapid growth in the number of people, applying for immigration. Many international students appear for becoming permanent residents in Canada.

Various programs help in tempting intelligent graduates for immigration. When people decide to move to Canada, they mostly consider the quality of education, excellent work experience, and other personality skills.

People judge less in terms of job, career, and business. If anyone wants to complete post-graduation, then they must opt for it and stay for a long time. Now, a candidate can get points between 15 and 30. It helps in improving the immigration process and extend the time to stay in the country.

2. Amazing Work Program After Graduation


There is a scope of gaining fantastic work experience after completing your graduation. If anyone asks about the prime reason to stay here, then it is one of them. The candidates can apply for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and work as long as they want. There are lots of career opportunities that anyone can prefer.

If any person has a PGWP, then he is also eligible for the Canadian Work Permit. Well, that sounds interesting and simple. It is easy for international students to apply for the job in any company. The PGWP is available only for the time you are studying. There is an extended period, where one can try his luck to get a satisfactory job.

The Canadian work permit lasts for eight years, whereas PGWP is available only for three years. You can assume that you can work there for 11 years to become a permanent resident. You can apply for the Canadian experience visa if you have experience in any technical, or professional area.

3. CEC


It stands for the Canadian Experience Class, for temporary students and workers to apply for permanent residence. It is essential to have a work experience of a year in the country. If you want to be eligible for CEC, then you must apply for it with the mentioned experience in 3 years. If any international student has a graduation degree through a can easily earn points to apply for the graduation courses.

4. Quality Lifestyle


Canada is the best place for people who are looking for the best education and fabulous lifestyle. If you want to settle down in any area, then you can opt for this country. Every year, many people prefer to immigrate here for studies and jobs. The lifestyle of the people is impressive, and there is a lot more to explore.

If we talk about your career, then you can get lots of opportunities to earn a handsome salary. Many other factors can attract several international students towards Canada, such as quality in income, a fantastic education system, stability in political groups, stability in the economy, health system, etc. After completing your education, if you stay in the country, then you can enjoy many benefits like other citizens.

Many people are moving to this country to experience a perfect lifestyle, excellent education, and exciting opportunities for an ideal job. You are making a wise decision if you are planning to stay in this country after completing your graduation. You can work for eight years and get a PR of Canada to stay a lifetime.

5. Progressive Country


Canada is a common and popular choice for granting foreign education as compared to other countries. With time, it is observed that there is a rapid increase in the number of students choosing Canada for education as well as after-graduation job.

The country is famous due to diversity, vibrancy, culture, and many other factors. It comes in the list of top ten preferable destinations in the world. If you check the statistics, then the number of international students had risen rapidly. Every year, candidates keep on enrolling for the application for a study visa in Canada.

The country offers terrific graduation programs to students across the globe. They welcome and attract these candidates due to their reputation, unlike other countries that do not provide any opportunity for permanent residence. There is one more plus point that education in the country is quite affordable.

The Bottom Line

Every year, many students prefer going to international countries for education and amazing job life. Canada is the best destination for getting a quality education and a perfect career. The number of students is rapidly increasing year by year. If you are also looking for the opportunity to relocate to a new country, then you can prefer Canada.

It is vital to invest your hard-earned money in a deserving education program that helps in enhancing your skills and provide fantastic work experience. If you want to get a quality education as well as the best opportunities for your career, then it is better to consider Canada. After completing your graduation, you can apply for a Canadian work permit that helps you to work and stay in the country for a long time. You can improve the quality of life by choosing this destination.

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