The Best Pools in Las Vegas

Getting the chance to swim in the middle of a desert is rare. By their very nature, deserts are typically void of bodies of water large enough for aquatic activities. This didn’t stop the owners of Las Vegas’ largest casinos from making it a reality.

Las Vegas is best known for its casinos. The city grew out of the desert sand off the back of construction workers that were building the nearby Hoover Dam. They began by playing games like blackjack before Texas Hold ’em was introduced to the city in the 1960s. This community variant of poker became an international sensation and the most popular version of the game thanks to Las Vegas, and the two still benefit from their shared history.

Over the 20th century, Vegas casinos grew from small establishments to giant integrated resorts, complete with shopping malls, dozens of restaurants, bars, clubs, conference centers, and, of course, pools. Today, these pools have become large complexes and could even be considered resorts in their own right.

Mandalay Bay Beach

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One thing that New Jersey has over Las Vegas is a beach. Or at least, that used to be the case. Mandalay Bay Resort changed this with its own artificial beach, complete with sand, gradually sloping into its pool. This means you can even build your own sandcastles, just like if you were at the seaside. Even the tide is recreated with the 1.6-million gallon wave pool.

Spanning 11 acres, Mandalay Bay Beach has eight separate pools, a lazy river, and all the amenities you could wish for. You don’t need to decide between playing games in the casino or enjoying the pool, as Mandalay Bay Beach brings the two together.

There are over 100 cabanas, villas, bungalows, and loungers for you to relax in. The most luxurious of these can fit up to 10 people and contains a large TV and a fridge.

Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis

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Not to be outdone, Caesars Palace has constructed its own Roman-themed pool complex. Covering a total of five acres, Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis packs in many of the luxuries enjoyed by the Roman elites.

Large columns, statues, and stone structures help to set the scene, while themed facilities like the Snacks Maximus bar add to the Roman styling.

There’s one large pool called Neptune, with six smaller ones that have a different vibe. Like at Mandalay Bay Beach, you can combine swimming with gaming at the Fortuna Pool thanks to its swim-up blackjack table.

Meanwhile, the Temple Pool is great for socializing, and Jupiter and Apollo are best for relaxing. If you want to sunbathe au natural, then you’ll want to head to the Venus Pool. Finally, Bacchus is a VIP pool accessible only to the rich and famous.

Like other Vegas pools, you can reserve loungers and cabanas, the latter coming with cold drinks and fresh fruit for you to enjoy. Unfortunately, though, you’ll have to feed yourself the grapes.

Encore Beach Club

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If you’d rather party than relax, Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las Vegas is going to be your best option. All-day, every day, Encore Beach Club offers a lively pool party vibe, complete with great live DJs, a wide selection of drinks, and great private cabanas.

The cabanas are packed with refreshments, TV screens, refrigerators, fans, misting systems, and plenty more amenities to create a luxury pool party experience.

This is a place where jeans, baggy clothing and all kinds of trousers are forbidden. This strict dress code requires bathing suits and is designed to maintain the upmarket pool party theme.

Although Encore Beach Club is open throughout the day, it also organizes a range of different events in the evenings too. Here you can enjoy the same pool amenities as in the day, but with a more nightclub vibe.

Tickets are not cheap, though, with the smallest table for two people set you back $500 (plus taxes, fees, and tips) all the way up to $4,000 for a “Premium Location.”

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