Why You Should Consider A Pre-Wed Shoot

Pre-wedding photo shoots, also known as engagement shoots, are nowadays very popular in the world of wedding photography. Established wedding photographers offer them as jobs in their own right, which are becoming increasingly in vogue with stylish foreign couples who travel abroad to get pictures of themselves together in an exotic country where they can be offered a set of famous, iconic locations as backdrops.

Photographers also offer them as an addition to a couple’s wedding photography or as part of their chosen wedding photography package. So why the popularity? Richard Sena, owner of, explains the reasons why.

Overcoming any uneasiness


For some individuals or couples, having their photograph taken can be the height of uneasiness and they can feel particularly awkward or embarrassed when asked to look straight at a camera. I often hear couples saying ‘I hate my photo being taken, I never know where to look’ or ‘you’ll never get a picture of him smiling, he’s so camera shy and hate’s being the center of attention’.

My answer to that is that they have not been ‘shown’ how to relax in front of a camera. The request for the photo was more likely than not sprung upon them when they were not expecting it and so they did not have time to respond appropriately.

By accepting to go for a pre-wedding shoot you are in fact saying to the photographer please help me and show me how I can feel less self conscious and awkward so that I can feel more relaxed on my wedding day.

On the actual shoot, when initially faced with the photographer armed with a couple of cameras with intimidating long lenses, the couple may feel that immediate sense of panic, but a skilled and experienced photographer will quickly calm your nerves and within a surprisingly short period of time you will feel completely relaxed. The benefits work both ways;

The photographer gets to see how you react together so they can get the best from you and you get to see how your photographer works. The next time you see him or her, you will know them that much better and you will trust them totally, which will make you feel relaxed and unselfconscious on your big day.

Understanding yourself and your spouse


It’s not surprising for wedding photographers to find that some couples who may have been together for many years and are about to commit to each other for the rest of their lives are actually quite awkward with each other when showing any form of intimacy in public.

Sometimes they can feel clumsy when showing each other tenderness or love when for example they are holding hands, walking closely together, looking at each other and kissing. Part of the process of a pre-wed shoot is to bring a couple together in a way they have not done so before, allowing them to enjoy being close and intimate, especially in a public space.

The couple will have benefited because they will have learned something about themselves and their other half, which has got to be good.

Some valuable time together

In today’s rushed and busy world and lifestyles, where work and commitments often intrude into private leisure time it’s great to have an excuse to just stop everything, shut off your PC or laptop , turn off your mobile phone (cell phone) and go out specifically for some time with each other without any interruptions whatsoever.

With a free guiding hand of an experienced reportage style wedding photographer, you will be able to forget everything and just focus (pardon the pun) 100% on each other. In that time you will experience that wonderful feeling of happiness and devotion to each other, reminding you of why you are together and providing you with the perfect precursor to your wedding day.

A unique experience for you to both enjoy some fun and romance, what’s not to like?

Enjoying scenic or memorable locations


Some couples who chose to have a pre-wed shoot have an exact idea where they want to go: to the train platform where they first set eyes on each other, to the park where he got on his knees and proposed, or somewhere that they both enjoy together and have wonderful memories of. But if you don’t really know where then your photographer can suggest a range of options to choose from ranging from city landscapes to countryside ones.

Then there is the time of the year to consider which is especially important in countryside locations. In the UK, the best seasons are autumn and spring, autumn lasting from 1st September to 30th November when the leaves on the trees are turning color providing a wonderful, ever changing backdrop of bright yellows, rich reddish coppers and warm golds.

Then spring from 1st March to 31st May benefits from the blossoming of nature with the iconic golden yellows of the daffodils in March, the deep violet blues of the bluebells from late March to early May and the riotous pinks, purples and reds of the azaleas and rhododendrons from late April to mid May. With so much to choose from you are assured of getting that perfect special place where you can enjoy time together and come away with stunning pictures and lifelong memories

To conclude

A pre-wedding shoot helps you get over any nerves and awkwardness you may have and in so doing also helps you to appreciate and learn a little about each other. In addition it can give you a much needed breath of fresh air from your everyday commitments which could include your actual wedding day preparations. It will also be a lot of fun and will provide you with a lot of lovely romantic memories for you to treasure for the future.

It’s also a great practice for your wedding day and will make the whole experience that much easier and enjoyable for both you and your wedding photographer.

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