How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Real Samurai Sword?

Samurais. The ancient Japanese mystery. They were a warrior caste in the land of the rising sun. Their fame was so great that the stories about their exploits reached every corner of the world. You have heard of them, right?

If not through history lessons, then you have probably seen The Last Samurai featuring Ken Watanabe and Tom Cruise. Even if you missed that Hollywood flick, you have encountered an anime or two about these great warriors. Either way,  no one can deny their greatness.

The fame of these ancient warriors reached the western shores a long time ago. It stuck with the people even long after Japan reached modern times, and the samurais, as great as they once were, got sidelined as a part of the great Japanese tradition.


What was it that made them so great? Their fighting prowess? Their armor that reflected ancient beats and fairytales? Or was it something else? If you ask us it was their sword – the katana. The blade is so renowned that the stories of its making remained a mystery for the western world for centuries, while it was a standard in Imperial Japan.

If you ever watched a movie revolving around Japan, or any popular anime, you know that the katana is often a symbol of power. As a kid, I wanted to have one. You did too, right? Even after centuries since the first katana was made its popularity is not veining.

Why? As we said, Japanese culture reached the west and stayed there. Movies revolving around Japan often feature katanas. All major manga and anime feature at least one major character wearing a katana at its hip. You saw Roronoa Zoro or Byakuya Kuchiki. That’s how you feature a sword on TV and in a manga.


The one question that remains is if the secret behind these swords was ever revealed. While some ancient techniques of molding and creating these swords might be lost, the famed samurai sword is still an attainable item. You don’t have to be a warrior of ancient Japan to have one anymore. So, the question that remains is can you get one, how, and how much does it cost to buy a real samurai sword?

Can You Buy a Katana?


As we said, how some of the ancient katanas were created are still a mystery. But, the idea is still alive, and thanks to the new technologies, and old secrets of the masters of the old, you can have a real katana sword even today. Surprised? Don’t be.

There are people you can find at who excel in sword making.  They are extremely proud of every one of their products, and making katanas is elevated to a whole new level by these folks. So, having this sword no longer needs to be just a dream for all of us who grew up dreaming of wielding one of these swords.

Of course, one thing everyone needs to understand, these are not toys for kids. No! They are not, by any means. So before you buy one, if it’s not for decoration, you need to practice at least a little bit of kendo before wielding it even if it’s just for fun. We’re sure you’re not dueling anyone with a real katana.

While we’re no longer dreaming, no one is claiming you’ll be getting these swords cheap. No, making one, even by today’s standards cost money. Is it worth it? Yes, of course, it is. How many people do you know that own a katana? I know one guy, but not sure if he’s having the real deal. So, if you follow our recommendation from above, how much would it cost to get your hands on a real samurai sword?

Yes, you are interested in a price, but do you know what you want? If it’s a standard katana with a scabbard, you can have one for $149. This is a bargain. The ideal gift for yourself and anyone else. The good people from True Katana are something else.

They offer a fair price for their products, but they go beyond what I as a kid ever imagined. You can have a real sword which is a replica of one of the main characters from one Piece. You know which one, the Pirate Hunter’s. It doesn’t matter which one of the three you choose, they’re all priced at $139. If you’re a One Piece fan, this is almost as if you’re getting one for free. But, the fun doesn’t stop there.


This company from California has swords for everyone’s pocket and almost any fandom out there. If you’re a fan of anime, there are numerous replica swords from some of the most famous animes of today. That’s not all. They also cover some of the popular TV shows.

Walking Dead and Michonne are featured. Also, they have Kurosaki Ichigo Tensa Zangetsu Bankai on display. Yes, you can have your hands on this piece before the new episodes of Bleach come around in October. This one is also $149.

These items are beyond what I ever imagined. Yes, there are also pricier items, which are beyond doubt worth it all. The most expensive piece goes far up to $1500 region and a few bucks over that. Even at this price, it is something that will sweep you off your feet. We’re talking about pieces made out of Damascus steel. We’re not even going to talk about the fact that every sword is handmade.

To tell you the truth, we don’t know how to tell you that we’re impressed with everything we saw upon visiting their website. Samurai swords are not the only product you can get your hands on here. If you’re a fan of Japanese culture you’ll be glad to hear that you can even buy samurai armor among other items.

Also, there are separate shelves intended for ninjato, wakizashi, tanto, and even tachi. If you enter, you better bring your wallet. This is an offer that you can’t resist taking upon. If you want to go beyond Japan, they even have Chinese swords, so you can think about that too. We will. About everything.

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