How to Start a Woocommerce Online Store From Scratch in 2024

Nowadays, one of the most profitable businesses is to have your web store. Today, e-commerce is a branch that brings great profits on a global level. After all, just look at what Amazon has done in a short time. If you want to embark on an e-commerce business adventure, then you must have heard of different platforms you can use for it. However, one of the most popular and well-known platforms is WooCommerce. Here’s how you can start your WooCommerce online store from scratch.

Choosing The Right Platform For Your Online Shop

E-commerce is popular today because of the great opportunities it offers to users. Starting an online store is one way to generate additional income – but it can easily become your main business. Namely, if you are capable, you will realize that this kind of business starts to work for you over time. OK, but beginners in e-commerce would probably ask: How to start an online store? There is no secret about it. Just choose the right platform and start working. A Google search will give you tons of results, but choosing the right platform is easier when you know which one is the best. And one of the best and most popular is WooCommerce.

Why Choosing WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most famous e-commerce platforms which allows you to create an online store in WordPress. Almost 45% of online store owners use this platform, so we believe they know what they’re doing, right? In addition, the goal of every online store is transparency, fast work, and good sales of products. WooCommerce is ideal for the fast and easy creation of a functional and high-quality website. The platform is integrated with the most popular website-creating platform, WordPress – and you can use available plugins for it, which are very useful.

Start Your WooCommerce Adventure


Indeed, you can’t lose anything – but you can only gain. If you already have a selling strategy in mind, which products to sell and which is your target group – WooCommerce will do most of the work for you. How does it work in practice? Let’s start from the very beginning!

Easy Launch

This is a platform used to sell products and services. If we look at it from a technical point of view, it is a plugin that you can install as an addition to a website that is already built on WordPress. That means you need to have your WordPress website with a domain, hosting, and SSL certificate. If you have all the required things, it is easy to start. We can state that WooCommerce is a platform that offers some extremely good solutions for smaller sellers – but also medium-sized online stores. The system itself includes everything needed to start a store.

WooCommerce Setup

This is a job that will take up to half an hour of your precious time. Namely, it is important to set some basic parameters in the operation of your store before starting sales. For something like this, beginners are most often recommended to go through the WooCommerce wizard and set some of the main store set-up items, such as where the store is located, which currency is used for billing, whether you sell physical or digital products, etc. This is followed by optimization and adapting the shop design to WordPress.

WooCommerce Doesn’t Provide All Features – So Use Boosters


For those who are less knowledgeable about this topic, we will say that WooCommerce has some disadvantages that should be considered. Namely, perhaps the biggest drawback is that although downloading and installing is free – many add-ons are still paid for. It wouldn’t be such a problem if it weren’t for some add-ons which are necessary for your store to be functional – and yet you don’t get them for free. Therefore, we can say that WooCommerce has hidden costs. Additionally, WooCommerce doesn’t come with many built-in features – so you have to rely on plugins. Therefore, the best option is to use Booster, which will significantly save you time when setting up an online store. Add-ons such as those for buttons and stickers with product prices, WooCommerce payment gateways, or creating professional PDF invoices – are just some of the advantages you can get by using the Booster. Also, you can use over 100 different modules that you will not be able to use within WooCommerce. Although you will pay for this service, we can say that it is far more convenient than paying individually for all the features you need but don’t get on WooCommerce.

Start Selling Your Products

WooCommerce has no limits on the types of products you want to sell in your eCommerce store. For example, let’s take the sale of dresses. After you have prepared your first collection, you want to sell the dresses, and the ideal place for that is your website. Regardless of the variations that exist, WooCommerce puts everything into the store. You can set different sizes, colors, and patterns – and you can also add new products whenever you want. You have the option to control product inventory. When stocks are low or a product is sold out – WooCommerce will send you a notification by email, and that’s just one of the many ways WooCommerce makes it easier for you to organize your business.

Is WooCommerce Truly The Best Choice For You?


You need to judge this by yourself. However, judging by the experiences of so many users – this platform is almost ideal for small and medium-sized online stores. No startup business is simple, so if we compare online selling with other businesses – we can say that this is the most painless option. Online stores are considered to be the business of the future, which came to the fore during the current Covid-19 pandemic when more people ordered through online stores than went to physical stores. This trend has continued, so if your business plan is related to online sales – then WooCommerce is a good choice.


Although there are certain disadvantages of WooCommerce as well as strong competition – this platform is still one of the most successful WordPress plugins. It offers merchants the chance to easily open an online store and sell their products. The platform is open to everyone and is constantly evolving – and new themes and plugins are updated daily. With excellent integration with WordPress and numerous customization options – this platform is expected to grow and be one of the leading e-commerce platforms for a long time.

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