Top Swimming Pool Upgrade Ideas

Have you ever thought about the times you decided to stay in one particular hotel over another just because of how the swimming pool looked like, or the difference a pool made when compared two houses? Customer experience surveys conducted by five-star hotels have shown that people are almost always delighted by the presence of a pool – just when the sea is nearby.  In other words, we are all attracted by a body of water – even if it is an artificial one.

Pools are a great way to add luxury, accentuate the spaciousness, and add fun to a terrace or back yard. It will be a great place to relax, get some exercise, or host parties, as it adds to the ambient. They are an expensive investment, so they have to be cleverly designed from the very start – there should be room for upgrades, even the case if you can’t install them from the very start. Maintenance can also be pricy, and that is why you should seek for ways to be carried out more efficiently.

However, sometimes having a simple, blue pool with aluminum stairs is not enough; whether it is for aesthetic or entertainment purposes, or purely for practical reasons, pools can be further enhanced with a few upgrades. These will significantly improve the subjective experience, and some of them will ensure the optimal condition of the water for the longest time.

These are the top 8 swimming pool upgrades that will immediately transform your swimming area.

1. Underwater LED lights


LED bulbs are suitable for pools as they are durable and energy-efficient. That, and their low heat levels, make them outlast other bulbs for thousands of hours. LED lights have a high lumen per watt; most of their energy is converted into light. LEDs can emit an extremely high level of brightness. These kinds of lights will provide an entire pool area and surroundings with beautiful, ambient light as they offer a wide range of colors and color temperatures to choose from. It can operate safely in colder temperatures and can withstand more impact and vibration than other light bulbs because they have no filaments or other fragile parts. This stability is what makes them ideal for use in pools.

2. Gas Powered Fire Pits


These are metal bowls or pots surrounded by stone, which are powered by gas to create with a flame that transforms any pool into a welcoming and luxurious sanctuary. The coals or logs are decorative, and the real flame is being produced by natural gas or propane. These fire pits can be in different sizes and shapes; from rectangular to round, or even semilunar. They are usually on the side of the pool, but they can also be engineered that way so that they will be in its center. They are the perfect boho vibe and will take your poolside experience to another level.

3. Fountains and Waterfalls


For some people, still water gives them a feeling of stagnation. Adding a little movement in their pool provides them with that outdoor feel that they seek – and fountains and waterfalls are the answer. They are designed in many kinds of ways, using various types of stones such as faux boulders. These add a naturalistic feel to the modern pool design. These kinds of features serve as a focal point and are beautiful to the eyes, can be used to provide a water massage, and offer the calming sound of sunning water, which is found to be very relaxing for the body.

4. Stone Decking and Pavers


Upgrade of the pool area can be made by decking with natural stones or paving with specially designed pavers. The pool decking creates a unique place that can accommodate pool chairs and tables, sunbeds, shower and hot tub area and even a barbeque grill. Pool decks can have a stone, concrete, tile or wood finish, depending on your preferences and budget. Pavers are interlocking bricks made from either concrete or stone, usually placed on top of a sand or stone base. There are also vast options of material for pavers resembling natural stone. The best pool decking and pavers complement both the shape of the pool and the surrounding landscape and offer protection from slipping once they get wet.

5. Beach Entries


Also called a zero-entry pool, they are the perfect idea for a pool renovation. It is designed with an entry with zero water in it and has a very slight slope into the pool, providing you with a long, slow, gradual entry. It creates an amazing retreat that resembles a beach right in your backyard where people can relax and have a lot of fun. They also have the advantage of making the entry and exit much easier for children, older adults, or those who might otherwise have a challenge with stairs.

6. Spa Installation


A next-level pool upgrade idea would be the installation of a spa next to the pool. The spa can be built into a corner, side, or the entire end of the pool, depending on the pool shape and location of the utilities. It can also be attached to the pool – with and without contact of the two bodies of water. There many kinds of amazing designs for a spa such as spill-over – where hot water cascades into the pool from the spa which is elevated above the pool level. There are also raised perimeter-overflow spa, where its walls of the tub are set lower than the water level so that the water spills into the pool, and detached spa which is separate from the pool and there isn’t any mixing of the water. The two bodies of water are separated by a dam wall or small containment vessels to keep the cold water from seeping into the heated spa.

7. Automatic Pool Cover


This one is a practical upgrade – when the pool is not in use, or at least viewed, it makes sure that the water won’t get dirty. It will keep the water cleaner for longer. That way, stuff won’t fall into it during the night or the time when it is not in use will, so there won’t be need to fish it out. That will prolong the intervals with fresh water. It will retain the heat, so the water won’t lose temperature during the colder periods of the day, as well as it will prevent the evaporation of the water.

8. Solar Heating


This is an easy, effortless, and eco-friendly way to get the pool water to the desired temperature. Solar panel collectors are installed on the roof of the house, and during the day they collect the energy from the sun and convert it into energy which then warms up the water from the pool. It will be an investment that will pay back in the long run.

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