Top Swimming Pool Upgrade Ideas

Swimming pools provide a great source of entertainment and exercise. They can transform the overall appeal of your home and add to the value of your property. The many benefits of having a swimming pool in your backyard have resulted in more and more people buying and using backyard swimming pools. The fact that it’s more common nowadays for homes to have their own swimming pools may make you feel like owning a pool is just another normal thing to do.

The swimming pool you once marveled at may start to seem ordinary, and it may lose its wow factor. Luckily, there are plenty of ideas for upgrades that you can add to your pool to bring back the wow factor. These upgrades will ensure you continue to get excited about going for a swim in your backyard or even hosting guests over for a party by the pool. Here are some of the top swimming pool upgrade ideas that you can check out for your home pool.


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Who doesn’t love waterfalls? The sound of water gently falling into your pool is sure to melt your troubles away on a day when work has been particularly stressful. Waterfalls from pool decking don’t just sound great. Their presence can also make your backyard a more aesthetically appealing area. The sound and sight of a pool waterfall are sure to draw the attention of any guests you invite over to your house. Apart from these benefits, waterfalls also help in the circulation of pool water, which is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy pool.

Pool fencing

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Adding pool fencing is a great way to maintain privacy and stay protected from others’ watchful gaze. Many cost-effective pool fencing options can change the look and feel of your pool. Natural wooden fencing can help you screen off your pool area while complementing its natural surroundings. You can also adopt glass pool fencing, which adds to your property’s elegant look. Glass fencing will enable you to keep an eye on your kids when they’re in the pool.


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A slide is an exciting upgrade to give your swimming pool, especially if you’ve got little ones at home. Slides come in different sizes and levels of complexity. You should take your pick based on your budget, level of complexity desired, and the amount of space available. The installation period will differ based on the level of complexity chosen. Adding a slide to your swimming pool will be a great way to stay entertained in the pool with friends not just for your kids, but also for you.

Pool resurfacing

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A complete renovation of your pool in terms of reshaping it or making it look bigger can be expensive. Resurfacing can help you avoid burning a hole in your wallet while giving your swimming pool a brand new look. Pool resurfacing can be done as a way to give an old pool a modern finish using stones, colorful material, and shells. You can plan you’re resurfacing in such a way that your swimming pool looks as good as new, without it actually being a new one. To learn more about these services, you can visit fibreglasspoolsmelbourne.com.au.


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If you don’t have the budget for a waterfall or simply aren’t interested in one, pool fountains can be a great upgrade for your swimming pool. Like waterfalls, they can enhance your backyard’s appearance and have a calming effect on anyone who views them. They also help circulate the water in your pool, keeping it clean and safe for swimmers. Many fountains have color-changing lights that can help you put on an interesting show for your guests whenever you’re throwing a party in your backyard.

Waterline tiles & new liner

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You can upgrade the waterline tiles of your swimming pool to create an inviting frame around the water that anyone wants to get into the pool for a swim. They’re also available in several color options and can help you glam up your pool’s appearance. Getting rid of your old pool liner and replacing it with a new one is an extremely useful way to transform your pool’s look. You can also inspect the floor and walls of the pool for rust or damage whenever you take out your old liner. Both these changes can increase the appeal of your pool.


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There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best of a relaxing pool as well as a hot spa in your backyard. You can have a spa added to your backyard or even directly installed as an attachment to your pool. Attached spas are convenient because they’ll use utilities and circulation systems that are already present. Spas can reduce stress, relieve pain, and add to the value of your property. They’re also a lot of fun and knowing that your spa is just a few steps away from your pool can make your backyard experience even more exciting.

LED lights

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Adding LED lights to your pool is needed for safety and increasing the appearance of your pool. LED lights can be installed inside the water, along the pool deck, and even on the sidewalls. They also come in different adjustable colors that can make swimming at night a more enjoyable experience for you. You can also impress your guests at a pool party with the several beautiful color options available through LED lights. Changing colors can help you create the right mood in your backyard, whether it’s for an evening swim or a party in your backyard. They’re also more energy-efficient options.

Powder-coated handrails

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Getting ready to enter your swimming pool is exciting and stepping into the cool water can be very relaxing. What isn’t so pleasant however is ending up with sore, red palms from touching a hot handrail. Powder-coated handrails are the perfect solution to this problem. Although normal stainless steel handrails, these come with a special powder coated plastic surface that is capable of reflecting heat. This means that they remain cool to touch, irrespective of how hot it gets outside.

Pool seats

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If you’d like to relax with a drink in your swimming pool, pool seats are the perfect option for you. These are made from special plastic specifically for your swimming pool and are resistant to the wear and tear brought on by the use of chemicals in a pool. They’re convenient to position and move around, so you don’t have to worry about the seats obstructing your path when you’re trying to swim. If you’re tired of swimming laps and just want to refresh yourself with a quick drink, you can do it without getting out of your pool thanks to pool seats.

Smart pool upgrades

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Investing in smart pool upgrades can help you save on energy bills and is a more environmentally friendly option. Smart pool upgrades can mean many things:

  • Investing in a pool monitoring system
  • Using a variable speed pool pump
  • Adding an automatic water leveler
  • Using smart chlorinators
  • Making use of an automatic pool cleaner
  • Adding a solar cover to your pool

Apart from the above upgrades described, there are also several landscaping ideas that can help you upgrade your pool area to create the backyard oasis of your dreams.

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