Are Kn95 Masks Available For Me To Buy?

Nowadays, you can choose whether to wear a mask because you don’t want to contract coronavirus. Selecting an effective mask is necessary, especially when spending some time around people.

Wearing a mask in public settings is one way of ensuring that you don’t transmit or contract COVID-19. Like most people, you might be worried as to which masks you should purchase.

What Is A KN95 Mask?

A KN95 mask is similar to the N95 mask in that it provides 95% protection from air and liquid contaminants. Some people even consider it as the “Chinese version” of the N95. The mask is made from many synthetic material layers, and the design necessitates for you to wear it over your nose and mouth. Click here to find out more KN95 masks.

The mask has straps that go behind your ear to help keep it in place. Because it captures particles as small as 0.3 microns, it’s effective. However, you should know that coronavirus is around 0.1 microns, but the masks are effective because these viruses usually attach to larger particles like droplets.

KN95 Vs. N95 Masks

Because these offerings are from different countries, people might think of either as a better version of another. However, the main difference is in the certification of these masks. KN95 is based on Chinese standards, while N95 is based on US standards. More so, only the N95 has approval for use in the healthcare industry.

The KN95 mask can only attain its certification from the FDA. However, their tests indicate that, indeed, the mask meets the 95% filtration requirement. Both of these masks have fit testing requirements to ensure that they are made to the wearer’s size and shape. Fit testing the mask ensures that it’s snug and no particles can penetrate from either side of the mask.

Kn95 Mask Protection


When buying the KN95 mask, you should expect protection from all droplets and contaminants made from sneezing, coughing, and talking.

Therefore, they are effective because they can protect you from coronavirus and any other airborne or liquid-based virus and bacteria. Their fit also ensures that you are not only comfortable but safe because anything that lands on the mask will not leak in or out.

One disadvantage with these masks is that they aren’t the best options for kids or people with lots of facial hair. That’s because the mask has to provide a tight seal around the face, and such faces won’t enable the mask to provide the best protection. When buying the KN95 mask, you have to remember that it isn’t bulletproof. It provides increased protection and isn’t a supplement for limiting person-to-person interactions, hand hygiene, and social distancing.

Reusing Kn95 Masks

Most people prefer clothes or surgical masks because they can decontaminate them and reuse them. With both KN95 and N95, you cannot reuse them.

They are only one-time use, and this can be expensive for most people. The KN95 mask is only effective when you wear it once or twice. You cannot wash the mask like the cloth options.

However, it’s advisable to dispose of it immediately by putting it in a plastic bag and throwing it in the trash. Some studies show that you can reuse your KN95 mask by spraying it with ethanol, air drying, and later vacuum drying it.

Where to Find KN95 Masks for Sale

There are many companies from where you can find KN95 masks for sale. One such company is Public Goods. They claim that these masks are manufactured from five filter layers, and they can block 95% of harmful contaminants from getting to your mouth and nose. These masks also have a nose clip to help provide a tighter seal around the wearer’s face.

Another place for obtaining your KN95 masks online is the N95 Mask Co. It claims that these masks have advanced antiviral technology that blocks 95% of small particles and inactivating 99.9% of those particles in minutes. These offerings are also comfortable to wear, and you can attain adjustments to ensure that they fit snugly as per FDA recommendations.

Types of Kn95 Masks For Sale

If you want the best KN95 mask, you need to understand that there are different manufacturers. Therefore, your goal is to find the best solution and one that has FDA EUA approval. Below are some of the best KN95 masks for sale.

1.   WellBefore KN95 Masks

WellBefore is a company that deals with personal protective equipment like face shields and face masks. They have three types of KN95 masks, and they include:

  • Kids KN95 masks
  • 3D style KN95 masks
  • White KN95 masks

These masks have individual wrapping, thus making them easy to carry without getting them dirty. They are also made from five layers of fabric, and they incorporate an adjustable nose bridge and ear loops.

2.   WWDOLL KN95 Face Masks

You can purchase these masks in packs of 25 and 50 from amazon. Like all the other KN95 masks, they are made from five fabric layers that help them filter large and small particles. These layers of fabric are also skin-friendly and offer a soft layer on your face. Unlike the WellBefore offerings, the mask only has an adjustable nose bridge while the ear loops are elastic. These masks are available in multicolor, black, and white.

3.   VIDA KN95 Face Masks

VIDA KN95 face masks are available in cyan, white and black. They are also available in packs of 10, 20, 30, and 50. They are also made with five fabric layers, an adjustable nose bridge, and elastic ear loops like the WWDOLL options. There is a wide array of accessories to choose from with these masks like:

  • Ear look adjusters and chains
  • Filters
  • Kids KN95 masks

Unlike the N95 masks, the KN95 options are easier to buy, and there is a wide array to choose from. Before making your purchase, consider looking through these brands’ reviews and ensuring that they are reputable.

Doing so guarantees that you will purchase a mask with the best features. More so, consider checking the adjustment options to know whether it will fit snugly.

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