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5 Best Trading Platforms to Grow your Digital Assets

Since the cryptocurrency craze and general fluctuations in other assets, everyone is opting for online trading. The hopes and dreams of becoming rich just by sitting in front of your PC with some charts, lines going up and down and using something called predictions have never been closer. A plethora of online courses on how to be a trader, how to use the right strategy and what to do in a tight situation has everyone preparing to be the next big trading whale.

Although there is some truth to this you have to be aware that trading is a science of its own. There are some things that you can learn online and maybe get yourself familiar with what you need to do and when, but the finesse part of it will never be available online and can’t be learned in just a week or so. But if you don’t care about being the best out there, and you just want to increase your digital assets than trading on an online platform is the right thing to do.

What most online trading tutors don’t tell you is that there are a lot of platforms out there and that there are good ones and really bad ones. Today’s article will tell you about some of the best trading platforms out there and why you should consider using them. You should also check out and see what are they all about!

1. Trading View

Now this one is familiar and you can see it almost anywhere. There is a reason for that. Trading View is easy to use and understand the trading platform. There is a lot of customization options and a whole lot of transparency. You don’t have a lot of options and buttons crammed in a tight spot giving you anxiety or stress about clicking something wrong and ruining your trade. It has a lot of tools that will help you with your trading and with that spotting movements and trends. It will also allow you to connect to your broker.

2. Metatrader 4

Another one of those very familiar trading platforms. It is a great trading platform that is very quick especially when it comes to live-trading, and all of you that have at least some experience in platform trading know how big of a deal is speed when it comes to live trading. Besides that, it is another one that is simple to use with a lot of tools behind it and it boasts precision and quickness which is all the qualities you search for in a platform that will be used daily. Again, there are plenty of customization options that allow you to set it up to your liking which should greatly ease your trading and improve your comfort levels using Metatrader 4.

3. eToro

eToro is known as a social trading platform and it is an awesome platform for those of you that are just starting. eToro allows you to follow and even copy the trades other users made. It is made very easy and understandable, which makes it awesome when you first start trading, it offers a lot of trading options which means there is something for everyone. Besides allowing you to copy and follow other user’s trades, you also have a news feed integrated into the trader and you can have news from users or directly from the source. This helps greatly, especially when you are expecting a move of your next trade. This website has an updated and detailed eToro review so you can find out if this platform is suitable for your trading needs.

4. Plus500

Another more than a good platform that is likely one of the oldest out there as well. It is boasting with easy to use user interface. Everything is simplified and very clear and easy to see. There are a plethora of assets available and they are all listed, plus you get the popular tab which easily shows all the top assets and right beneath that is your favourite tab with your favourite assets. It’s fast and reliable, which is what you will get from a platform that has this many years behind its belt. Constant updates keep you on the right track and there is no way you will ever encounter an issue with this trading platform.

5. WeBull

Now this one is, by all intense, a bit complicated and we advise it for experienced users. You have a lot of tinkering to do before you set up everything which makes it complicated for someone who is just starting and doesn’t know what to do. For experienced users, WeBull is awesome because it offers diversity, a whole bunch of very useful widgets that will help you trade more successfully and most important thing it is highly customizable to your liking. You are, literally, given an empty board to fill the way you want and with whatever you want. When you set it all up, WeBull offers such utilization that it is remarkable. You have all you need on one screen, from positions, trading assets, orders, news. Everything an experienced trader needs to successfully make a trade.

So, after all, said we believe that these five are top trading platforms that you should consider. One thing to keep in mind is that these are our recommendations based on the community and some of our experience. We strongly advise that all of you do your research before opening an account on each and one of these. Do your research and due diligence and you will have no problems. These picks are what we believe would benefit you as someone that is just starting, but we also included trading platforms that are for “intermediate” and experienced traders as well.

Trading is not something that should be taken lightly, and trading platforms are there to be your support through what you do. Choosing the right platform can be a difference between success or a very swift money loss and a huge disappointment. Look everything up once more, research, try to find all pros and cons of any of these platforms, and if you can it is always a good thing to consult someone that has a little more experience or has used one of these at some point. Get their insight it will be worth it.

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