How Many Countries Can You Enter with a St Kitts & Nevis Passport?

At birth, everyone is assigned the citizenship of the country they were born in. That is the law and that is how the world works. It does not matter where the parents may be from and why they happen to be in another country at the moment of their child’s birth. Later, when the child is of age and when they start looking out for themselves, they can also obtain the citizenship and therefore the passport of another country, the one their parents are originally from. For example, if French parents have a child in Italy where they moved for work and to start a new life, the child has the right to both French and Italian papers. This serves many functions since you can belong to more than one place. Citizenships and passports can also be obtained through marriage where the spouse of the native gets their own papers after enough time has passed. All of these methods of obtaining a passport other than the one you are assigned at birth are common, widely spread, and popular.

A New Way to Get a Foreign Passport

People often think in tactical ways and aim to start life anew away from home. They think of their offspring and bring along their partners. In some cases, it is even possible to take care of things for the parents and grandparents, perhaps other family members. However, there is another way to obtain a new passport and become a legitimate citizen of a beautiful country located nowhere else than the beautiful Caribbean Island and the Caribbean Sea. This is known as citizenship through (by) investment and it is on the rise. The thing about it is that it is only available in about a dozen countries, one of which is the breathtaking island country of St Kitts and Nevis. In this article we talk about this in greater depth and reveal to you why their passport can help you. If you want to know how many countries you can enter with a St Kitts and Nevis passport, keep reading. For additional info on this be sure to check out

About the Country

The islands of St Kitts and Nevis, and therefore the country of the same name, is a tropical paradise located in the Eastern Caribbean, a part of the Lesser Antilles. An exclusive Central American destination, it is a developing country on the rise and an increasingly popular tourist destination. The twin islands experience almost year-round sunshine and warm temperatures and they are rich with diverse landscapes, beaches, peaks, and numerus coastal towns. Real estate and finance are where they shine, apart from tourism of course, so business opportunities are great here.

With a population of only 53,000 it will never feel crowded. The official language is English but you will also hear Spanish and French here and there. Nevis has an area of 93 square kilometers, while the larger St Kitts stretches across 168 square kilometers. Almost 88% of people are Christian and the dominant ethnic group is African with just under 93%. The capital and the largest city on the islands is Basseterre. Independent since 1983, the country has a strong sense of identity and national pride. The people love their islands but they are also quite welcoming and sharing. The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar. Its prime location is one of its biggest strengths as it is located some 2,000 km southeast of Miami and the US, and a bit over 1,000 km from South America and Venezuela.

How Many Countries with their Passport?

Since the government opened the citizenship by investment program all the way back in 1984, it has is a well-received means of doing business and becoming a part of the community. Many businesses by foreigners with citizenships are flourishing on the islands. It is also the oldest program of this sort, therefore also the most reputable. In order to do it, you have to invest $150,000 after which you become eligible and will get your citizenship and passport within three to six months.

Regarding the passport itself, it is one of the strongest when citizenship through investment is concerned, especially in the Caribbean. It allows a visa-free or at least a visa on arrival travel to 157 destinations. Many of these are prime destinations especially if you are looking to travel a lot and expand your business. For example, you are able to travel all around the European Union, more precisely the EU countries that are a part of the Schengen Area and a few others. The country is a member of the Commonwealth so it has strong ties with all of the other countries that used to be members of the British Empire. However, some of them require you to have a visa.

If you are wondering about Switzerland, United Kingdom and Russia, since they are not members of the EU, worry no longer. All three countries are included in the list. Europe is not the only continent that is well connected with St Kitts and Nevis. Far from it. In Asia, you can visit Hong Kong and Singapore without a visa, two prime business and tourist destinations and hubs for everything you may need in the world. Also, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan are there to visit with no visa. If you want to visit North America, Canada is also included. You can go to Brazil in South America as well as Egypt, Libya, and Niger in Africa.

Last but not least, you should know that citizenship by descent will be guaranteed to your future generations, meaning you can establish a life for your children, grandchildren, and beyond. What is more, every applicant who gets the passport of this twin island state can include their parents, grandparents over 55, and unmarried siblings under 31 years of age who have no kids. Apart from the applicant’s own spouse and children of course. If you want to establish a second home in a new, exciting destination, a tropical island with strong ties and air links with Europe and both Americas seems like the best idea.

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