A Thorough Guide to the Rechargeable Electronic Cigar

A cigar is associated with fashion and style. A traditional cigar is a thick roll of fermented and dried tobacco leaves. Hence, nicotine is one of the ingredients in the cigar. Unfortunately, there is no way to reduce the amount of nicotine in a cigar.

Innovation in the tobacco industry has led the world to the introduction of electronic cigars, which are among the many styles of electronic cigarettes. It is also called a rechargeable electronic cigar because it comes with a battery that is charged using a USB cable or a dedicated charger.

What Is a Rechargeable Electronic Cigar?

From the introduction, you have a clue about what a rechargeable electronic cigar is. This is an electronic device powered by a rechargeable battery that provides the energy to heat and vaporize the vape juice to give users a natural feel of using a conventional cigar.

A modern cigar vape pen is stylish but tries to keep the natural look of the traditional cigar. Therefore, it is not as complicated as a vape mod device. If you have seen a traditional cigar with a sticker to show the type of tobacco used, you will easily identify a rechargeable electronic cigar.

Features of a Rechargeable Electronic Cigar

Are you a beginner who is looking to buy a rechargeable electronic cigar for daily use? Or do you want to upgrade your old device to a cigar vape pen? If you are, why don’t you look at these features to help you make the right decisions?

  • The chassis and the mouthpiece – For you to identify a great electronic vape device, you have to look at the chassis. This gives an e-cigar its structure and design. For a great reusable cigar vape pen, it should be made of metal alloy, although precious metals and expensive woods can be used to decorate the chassis. It is the housing for all the other components, and it is connected to the mouthpiece.
  • The battery and the charger – A rechargeable electronic cigar comes with a powerful battery that is charged via a USB cable. Modern devices include a fast-charge USB-C cable that you can plug into your computer to charge. Before buying an electronic cigar, it is crucial to consider a battery that will supply power for a long time, especially if you travel a lot.
  • The cartridge – If an e-cigar is reusable, it will come with extra prefilled cartridges to fit and use. However, disposable electronic cigars have one cartridge that you throw away together with the device after use. This is the chamber that holds the e-juice, and it is connected to the coil that heats it.

Rechargeable Electronic Cigar vs. Disposable E-Cigar

You can get both of these options and enjoy them completely. Rechargeable refillable e-cigars can be reused and are made with precision to last a long time. On the other hand, a disposable electronic cigar is made of a simple material such as PVC because they are thrown away after use.

If you are not sure of what to buy, try the rechargeable electronic cigar from ePuffer as you also check their disposable e-cigars that are pre-charged and ready for use from the box. You will be amazed that there are many options for an excellent cigar vape pen.

The E-Liquid Used in a Rechargeable Electronic Cigar

Apart from a device that resembles a traditional cigar, the e-juice used in a rechargeable electronic cigar differs from tobacco significantly. It can contain nicotine like a traditional cigar, but the tar and carcinogenic elements are removed during the careful processing of the e-juice.

Luckily, the manufacturer can regulate the amount of nicotine in the refillable e-cigar for users to choose what they want. Here are the typical levels.

  • 0 mg nicotine – These are considered nicotine-free e-juice options and best for people who are on the journey to quit smoking. This vape juice is not addictive, and it can contain beneficial ingredients based on your interests.
  • 12 mg nicotine – The e-juice in this category is considered medium or normal. When switching from traditional cigars, this is the best point to land on. Also, these options are good for beginners or people who do not want to become so addicted to nicotine. The good thing about this level is that it is very satisfying.
  • 20 mg nicotine – If you understand more about nicotine, this is a high level that you do not want to indulge in when very new to using a cigar vape pen. It is best suited to seasoned users who can puff all day long without taking a toll on their system.

How to Buy a Rechargeable Electronic Cigar

You only need one rechargeable electronic cigar for repeated use. But if you want, you can rely on disposable e-cigars that come in packs of one, two, and sometimes four. Any cigar e-cig can be bought online from a reliable website.

The seller should ship your cigar e-cig and have it delivered to your destination. You can also subscribe to a subscription program to have prefilled cartridges on hand all the time. Although the e-juice for a cigar vape pen is made using the same concept, it might differ slightly depending on the innovation of the manufacturer and the intended experience. So, choose your e-juice well to meet your needs.

How to Use a Rechargeable Electronic Cigar

A vape that looks like a cigar is quite easy to use. All you need is to switch it on and take a draw. Additionally, disposable e-cigars are pre-activated, and all you need is to take a draw too. It is essential to use a rechargeable electronic cigar properly by following the user guide. You can enjoy it more when you keep the batteries charged and cartridges prefilled all the time.

Lastly, store your rechargeable electronic cigar in the right way and keep it clean all the time so that it can work optimally. Whether you are using a beginner’s kit or a device that you have used for a long time, it is great to take good care of the e-cigar.


A rechargeable electronic cigar is now a popular device that you should try. If you love cigars, there is a decent way to upgrade; just identify an appropriate cigar e-cig and use it for the best experience.

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