Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD: What’s the difference?

One of the things regarding CBD that has offered convenience to the consumer is the choices we get these days. Although this has also become tricky for us as one has to choose between CBD products that can be applied on the skin or consumed, selection of strength, and then the type of extract.

If you are a beginner, this will certainly confuse you further. Therefore here is a detailed article on Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD: What’s the difference? This information is going to help you in making the right choices.


What does “Kinds of CBD” mean?

You must already have heard some terms related to CBD like Broad spectrum and Full spectrum in general conversations. So if you had been using CBD products, you will know that the very first step in selection is choosing the type of CBD that you need.

Although both of these terms appear complex, the biggest difference between them is the way extraction and processing take place. The hemp plant has several attributes and the processing makes sure that we can get less or more of a specific trait in the final product.

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD: What’s the difference?

Now coming to the main objective of this blog and you should know that three kinds of CBD can be compared.


1. Full Spectrum CBD:

This CBD has low amounts of every component that the cannabis plant has. This also means that there will be trace amounts of THC present. The legal laws state that any product cannot have more amount of THC than 0.3%.

In places that have made cannabis completely legal, one might also find that Full Spectrum CBD has even higher THC amounts. This is the maximum that you can get close to consuming the plant itself.

2. Broad Spectrum CBD:

This includes the CBD products that don’t have any amount of THC in it. There can be the presence of other components from the plant and cannot be called 100 % CBD either. You can see it as somewhere in between the three choices that you get.

3. Isolates:

This is the purest CBD form and comes in a powder form. It is 99 percent pure CBD. If one wishes to take it, you can mix it in your food, juices and then take it. You won’t get any other benefit apart from CBD alone, as no other plant component is present in isolates. But we aren’t going to focus on it. As we mainly want to differentiate between the first two kinds only here.

So, if you want to check out the difference between all the three CBD types mentioned above we highly recommend checking out the article on the cbdfable blog.


Full Spectrum CBD: What are the Pros and Cons of using it?

The major benefit of using CBD products that are Full-spectrum is the experience of what we call “Entourage Effect“. This is a scientific theory according to which when many cannabis components are working together, there are higher benefits experienced compared to individual intakes.

The components just like CBD and THC also can include terpenes and flavonoids. If you are looking for something that maximizes cannabis benefits then this will be the right choice for you.

A review done in 2011 had shown that terpenes and phytocannabinoids can work together and help in giving relief from anxiety, inflammation, and pain.  That being said, one of the disadvantages is that you have to take it in a larger dosage of a high potency CBD product. And this can eventually lead to making you feel high.

Still, it doesn’t mean that at any point in time you’d feel intoxicated. The small dosage at low potency is unlikely to give you these euphoric effects. Another aspect to remember is that the Full Spectrum CBD product might have THC, and this can give you put you at higher risk of positive testing when you go for a drug test.

This will be a good choice for:

  1. People that are specifically recommended for using specific CBD to THC ratio.
  2. People that have been suffering from a severe condition that Broad spectrum or isolates will not be able to alleviate it.
  3. People that live in states that have made cannabis usage legal.

Broad Spectrum CBD: Pros and Cons that you should know:


As there is absolutely no amount of THC present in Broad Spectrum CBD one can be sure that your mind will be very clear. Then there is also the disadvantage that this might not be as effective and fast in action. Of course, CBD is a space that presently needs so much more research so that we can come to a clear conclusion.

We still can’t say for sure that there will be no entourage benefit. There are certain other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that can be present in a Broad Spectrum CBD product as well. This can again provide you benefits of more than CBD.

This will be a good choice for:

  1. If you are suffering from a condition that CBD isolate won’t be able to alleviate.
  2. If you have sensitivity or allergy to THC.
  3. People that have been living in a place where the laws are strict regarding THC.
  4. If you are using CBD products for the first time and a bit hesitant.

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD: Final Thoughts:

So this was detailed information on Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD. This information is sure to guide you in the kind of CBD product that will be right for you. Regardless of the kind of CBD that you go for, make sure that you are always consulting your doctor before starting it. This is vital as if you are suffering from any medical condition you should know if CBD will work for you or not.

Also, CBD does interact with medicines, and talking to your doctor will give you an idea of how you must consume it. Again, if you are a beginner we always recommend that you start your way from the lowest dosage of any Full-spectrum or Broad-spectrum CBD product. You can gradually make your way up.

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