Bachelor Vs. 1 Bedroom: What’s the Difference?

Are you searching for “the perfect place” to live in?

Finding the right place that satisfies all your demands at an economical price is everyone’s dream. Let’s admit it, who wouldn’t want to live in an area that makes a living “worth living”?

While going on a scavenger hunt for apartments, you will come across a great variety of things, each better than the last and each having its distinct qualities. This diversity makes the selection process difficult.

Types Of Economical Apartments


The primary reason most people opt for small apartments is they either want to save up some money and find a budget-friendly place, or they want to get rid of the complexity of extra cleaning and maintenance.

It goes without saying that larger places require a lot of attention, tons of fixing, a load of cleaning time, and considerably more expenses. So why not choose a place that will save you from this drama?

If you are looking for accommodation that would prove easy on the wallet, there are a few options like a studio apartment, a bachelor apartment, and an efficiency apartment. According to analysis, a bachelor apartment and a studio one are much more popular.

Keep in mind these styles of homes are decidedly ideal for singles or young couples. While they’re also popular among budget-conscious property shoppers, there’s no need to settle. If you’re willing to move outside of the city, you can often find full-sized residences at costs comparable to smaller homes in urban areas. If you live in Toronto, for example, consider looking for a home in nearby Brampton. Check out an overview of that city’s housing market from Paradise Developments.

Distinct Qualities And Difference Between Bachelor And One Bedroom


If you have decided that you want a smaller apartment, and you are confused about bachelor vs. one-bedroom apartments, look no further.

We know that this decision is one of the essential ones you make. To make sure that you are choosing exactly what you want, try looking at the comparison of both.

Where should you start? Relax! We got you covered. Here’s everything that you could possibly search for:

Basic Size & Structure

Let’s talk about the structure, shall we?

Both of these are compact and excellent in terms of space-saving. But if we look at the structure of both, we can observe the extent of dissimilarities that are equally prominent.

The one-bedroom apartment is just like an ordinary apartment. Still, it is a subtle and revolutionized design that helps you enjoy the facilities of a normal apartment in a smaller one. The one-bedroom apartment consists of separate rooms for each function of the house. The apartment is walled separately, and it is favourable for people who like to make things distinct.

On the other hand, one can say that a bachelor’s apartment is an advanced form of an apartment, which is made specifically for people who want to save money. Moreover, some of the bachelor apartment rooms are joint, which creates space for a large common room.

Kitchen: Attached Or Separated


Where will you cook? Of course, you will cook in the kitchen. But how is the kitchen made?

If we look at the structure of a one-bedroom apartment, you can observe that the one-bedroom apartment has a separate kitchen made perfectly with all equipment. It has a refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher, an exhaust, and everything a normal kitchen has. The only difference is that it is comparatively small.

Now, coming on to the bachelor apartment’s kitchen, it can be either joint to the living room as an open kitchen, or it can be separated. Mostly, the kitchen is well-structured and thoughtfully made as an open kitchen that faces the living room or the dining room. But you can also opt for a separate kitchen.

The choice has always been yours! You decide it; you get it!

Bathroom Amenities


Do you want a large bathtub? Are you a person who likes to have a little refreshment from time to time in a bathtub fizzled by bath-bombs, with scented candles and essential oils on the side? The one-bedroom apartment would be your best pick.

A one-bedroom apartment has a well-structured and organized infrastructure that has the perfect feeling of a lavish bathroom.

In contrast, the bachelor apartment, although it has a separate bathroom, often has a shower to save space. The shower makes it easy to maintain the structure of the place and utilize the space dedicated to other areas.

Bedroom Structure

Want to enjoy an intimate moment in a well-maintained area of privacy? Try going for a one-bedroom apartment. As by its name, the main focus of this apartment is the separate rooms and one main bedroom. If you are a couple and you want to spend more time together, this should be your choice without a doubt.

In terms of a bachelor apartment, you will love the area if you are a single person. It has a well-oriented bedroom of the right size with the perfect bed included. It is also separated from the rest of the area, but you can change things if you desire.

Mostly one or two places are specified to be separate. This gives you more freedom of choice. And who doesn’t want freedom in today’s world? Click here to find more bedroom ideas and inspiration on how to design a nice looking bedroom.

Additional Elements

What more can I get? If this question is circling your mind like a wheel, you can put that to rest. You can just see for yourself and decide what’s best.

In a one-bedroom apartment, you have to choose from smaller things. Due to the walls and separation, the place is usually dainty looking. On the other hand, a bachelor apartment is typically spacious. With a large multifunctional room, an open kitchen, and a compact bathroom, you can enjoy partying in the area.

What Suits Your Needs The Best?

Doesn’t it depend on you? After all, you are the one who is going to spend his time in the apartment.

Well, if you are a college student or you want to share the space with your roommate after work, try choosing the bachelor apartment.

Meanwhile, if you have your significant other by your shoulder, make the most of your time in a one-bedroom apartment. Even though it costs more, it is always worth it!

What do you want? I’ll let you decide for now.

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