Bathroom Renovation Trends in 2024

You may have started planning your bathroom renovation in 2019 or 2024, and put it off due to the circumstances of the last two years, but what about the realities and trends of 2024? Are your original plans still the best and most trendy option?

Trends in this area, such as upgrading bathroom sinks with trusted suppliers such as WorldCopperSmith.com, are ever-changing and it’s important to stay on top of the latest. Here are some possible trends you should know about for the new year:

Features and Functions:


Floating sinks and vanities will be more popular than ever. This was a big trend in the early 2000’s, but has made a comeback over the past few years. With so many great models to choose from and manufacturers who offer high quality products at an affordable price, at some point you’ll want to consider designing around this feature.

Gone are the days of shampoo bottles lined up along ledges or the corner of the shower.

Built-in tub and shower caddies are a trend commonly included with newly tiled showers and baths, favored by homeowners who want an upgraded look and feel in their bathrooms.

Multi-function mirrors and lighted vanities will be more popular this year. Not only can you see yourself while you’re applying makeup or brushing your hair, but there are also shelves along the wall that can accommodate additional storage.

Whether it’s part of the bathroom renovation process or not, adding extra storage and customizing the overall look of the bathroom is something every homeowner needs to consider doing. The need for better organization and storage options became increasingly apparent to homeowners in 2019 and 2024 when they were spending more time in their homes than ever before. Clutter and excess mess are things that we strive to rid ourselves of in the bathroom in 2024.


Having multiple storage organizers is a good idea for bathrooms, especially if there isn’t enough cabinet or shelving space. You can even add some tiered, or custom storage solutions under the bathroom sink if it’s not too cramped, which is a great way to store things like medicine and hair products.

Whether it’s a towel rack, organizer or magazine holder, these are some items that every home owner needs to have in their bathrooms. Not only are they practical, but they also give your bathroom the look you want. Having multiple different styles is something everyone should consider doing while renovating their bathroom in 2024.



In part due to changing style trends, in part due to the expense of lumber and select other building materials, and in part due to an ever growing environmentally conscious population, several new building materials and energy and water-efficient items will be used this year for bathroom renovations.

A new and more efficient way of water filtration will be on everyone’s mind for bathroom renovations in 2024. Whether it’s installing a faucet that can do gravity flow or a shower head that uses less water, homeowners want their bathrooms to be as environmentally friendly as possible while still being functional and most importantly attractive.

From bare concrete walls and flooring to granite and quartz countertops, these are all very modern, aesthetic options that many homeowners want in their bathrooms.

There are several different looks included in the trend of modern bathrooms that appeal to homeowners who want a completely unique look for their remodeled bathrooms.

When it comes to lighting, LED fixtures are incredibly popular. Putting out more light than their incandescent counterparts (which is useful in the bathroom when you need the lighting to effectively do makeup, or even just to ensure you look your best), at a fraction of the energy expenditure. They last longer than other types of bulbs, and are often more aesthetically pleasing than incandescent or fluorescent due to their ability to change up the colors on their bulbs.

Faucets and shower heads will be getting more and more efficient, making the investment in energy-efficient fixtures a fairly simple choice. Showerheads that use less water while still maintaining the high pressure that is sought out, as well as low flow or dual flush toilets are becoming increasingly popular, and may towns and cities offer a rebate either on the products themselves or on your utility bill with proof of installation.



Paint color choices are another trend that homeowners need to pay attention to for bathroom renovations in 2024. Not only do they just look good, but they can be an accent for various other design elements like tiles or accessories. Keep in mind which colors are in style this season by looking at places like Pantone, and design trend magazines.

Black and white is a popular color scheme in any room of the home, but particularly in bathrooms. This scheme is popular because it allows homeowners to create an elegant space without putting any color into it. It’s also a bit easier on the eyes than a full on color explosion in a bathroom. Although many homeowners do use just one accent color to make it a little more visually appealing, black and white is going to be incredibly common for visual appeal in 2024 bathrooms.

With the increase of natural elements like wood or stone, people who are redesigning their bathrooms will incorporate these things into their design. Stone accents, whether it be flooring, feature walls, sinks, or even decorative pieces, are becoming especially popular among modern homeowners because they are durable, aesthetically pleasing, unique and can match the color of their stone with their countertops to create seamless continuity throughout the room.

Flooring is one of the most important aspects when it comes to renovating the bathroom. Tile and laminate are two of the most common types of flooring in bathrooms, and both are great options for homeowners.

Tile is usually the preferred choice of flooring because it’s long lasting and looks great in bathrooms. It’s also an easy-to-clean floor option, which means you can wipe it down when needed. Laminate is a popular choice as well because it can be installed over just about any surface, so you can use laminate in old or new homes without having to worry about damage from other surfaces underneath.

With a growing preference for high-end finishes and design, bathroom accessories such as bathroom trays and towel racks are likely to see a rise in popularity.

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