Bathroom Vanities Are Not Always Handcrafted; MDF and Plywood Are

A bathroom vanity is essentially a cabinet in which to store bathroom items, bathroom-related supplies, and medication. They’re commonly placed above bathrooms or on top of sinks. Bathroom vanities come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, materials, and colors. Some are frameless, while others have doors and/or tops. Most modern bathroom vanities are laminate, porcelain, or engineered wood. For more info click here.

Modern bathroom vanities utilize a variety of unique materials including metal, marble, wood, glass, stone, and concrete. Wood and stone are more common than metal, however, they can also be more expensive and are not always the best choice for bathroom renovation purposes. Granite and marble countertops provide the most durability, as well as a beautiful look. Concrete and engineered wood cabinets are less expensive but less durable than granite or marble countertops. All cabinets come with a sink and/or faucet and drawers that fit securely behind the sink and/or faucet.

An advantage to using bathroom vanities cabinets instead of kitchen cabinets is the increased storage space. Cabinets allow for more storage space. For example, one wall of a sink can become a storage space for toothbrushes, hairdryers, shampoos, etc. On the other hand, kitchen cabinets can house pots, pans, utensils, small plates, and other miscellaneous items. If you want your home to be more valuable and well-organized, visit this site for tips to consider.


One of the more popular types of bathroom vanities today is a French provincial vanity. A French provincial vanity looks almost entirely like it has been imported from France. They’re handcrafted from stained wood and designed to look very old and antique. Also, there are many different styles available. Some have intricate filigree scrollwork on the doors. Others have decorations such as floral patterns, engraved glass, and even mirrors.

There are also many sizes available when it comes to bathroom vanities. Vanities are available in single sinks, double sinks, even triple sinks! They’re all available in several different depths, from one and a half inches to two and three inches. Most bathroom vanities have a height of about four and a half inches at the highest point of the sink; however, some sinks may be as much as six and a half inches deep.

Generally, French provincial bathroom vanities or other types of high-quality wooden vanity will cost more than a standard home fixture. However, the price you pay for quality does not mean that you have to spend an outrageous sum. The following tips will help you to determine the average price for a vanity based on its size and material.


If you purchase your bathroom vanities in the same wood that you use for your cabinets, then the price is going to be a bit steeper. For instance, if your cabinets are made of cherry and the hardware is oak, then the cabinets alone should not cost too much. However, if you purchase the cabinets and the vanity in the same wood as the cabinetry, then the vanities will cost less overall. As long as the wood used for both items is high quality, then the price will not vary too much. It’s best to get information about the cabinet and vanity you are interested in so that you can determine the wood and price range to expect.

Other bathroom vanities that are made out of plywood or particleboard include those with slatted or beveled tops. These types of bathroom vanities are available in many colors. However, they do not look very appealing when placed next to a mirror. If you decide on a beveled top vanity then you can paint it yourself or have it stained by a carpenter who is adept at this type of craft. If you choose to paint over a painted finish, then you may have to sand the wood underneath to prepare it for painting. Sawing is not required for this finish. It looks as amazing as it is.

There are a bunch of different advantages that you will be able to extract out of bathroom vanity inspired designs. First of all it serves as a distinguished element that provides you access to a lot of space, it is not space conscious at all and is very space friendly to begin with. Imagine stuffing two to three bathroom components into a single variations and saving a lot of space in return, this is exactly what bathroom vanity inspired design is all about.

Your bathroom should always be clean, there is nothing two sided about it, people want their bathroom cleaning and absolutely glistening at all times. Professionals prefer a lot of their components within the bathroom wall hung, this way the sink, cabinets and every other thing becomes so easier to clean. Rather than having everything placed differently and horizontally the vertically placed elements can be cleaned through and through and more easily.

The bathroom vanity structure and design not only looks perfect and is easier to clean but put forth a clean and stylish vibe as well. You can customize the overall design and structure to your ultimate liking, do you like the vintage stuff? Sure get it in a vintage preset, other than that simple, casual and trendy options are always available. It can be said that there is something for everyone when it comes to bathroom vanity design.


Other advantages include having to store all of your things in one place, you don’t have to go through with two or three different places in your bathroom because you can find everything at a single place. One sink, one cabinet and one dressing system is not only favorite among a lot of people but is already trending among latest home architect designs. At the end of the day this model is not only fantastic but offers a lot of different benefits that various others fail to. You can call or get in touch with various renovation services there are to get your hands on all the latest and greatest bathroom vanity stuff. You can get in contact with top bathroom vanity service providers and get everything installed professionally rather doing it yourself and not getting each and every detail right. So, at the end of the day it is best if you leave everything in the hands of the professionals, lay back and rest.

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