How to Solve and Fix Videos Not Playing in Google Chrome?

Most of the Google chrome users complain about the videos not playing in their browsers. You might have heard these complaints like their web videos are either freeze and won’t load. Some people also shows issue about videos buffering too. If you are one of them, then here in this article, you will get some help to recover from this. It feels so much frustrating when you can’t watch your favorite movies and videos on Netflix and Facebook etc.

There are so many reasons for which this problem occurs, and in this article, we are going to research this. Sometimes the reason behind this is a slow internet issue or so many tasks opened in the windows. When you open so many taskbars on your device, then it doesn’t let chrome videos run. The outdated browsers are another reason for which these videos are creating issues while playing. Google chrome is the best and most popular browser that allows you to watch videos online. If you are facing issues with running the videos, then use some effective tips like to run these videos smoothly.

Part 1: Reasons Videos Are Not Playing on Chrome

If your videos are running slowly, showing the error message and looks blurry, and buffering a lot, then chrome can’t support your videos. Here we point out the facts that chrome doesn’t allow you to play and stream your favorite video. Here are few reasons behind this:

1. Update chrome on time

You should be updated your browser from time to time to get recovered from this error. When you update the browser from time to time, then you get benefitted from the new advanced features that help to run any videos smoothly.

2. JavaScript Disabled

There are so many websites that need JavaScript to play the videos. Most of the time, chrome disabled certain advanced programs due to so many privacy issues. If the device is hacked with any malicious activity, then this problem arises.

3. Too Many Open taskbars

When you open so many taskbars and tabs on your device, then Google Chrome bound you to run any videos. It can lower down the process of running a video.

4. (ISP) Problems

The ISP creates so many network challenges. It can affect your videos and level of playing smoothly. Besides that, your internal network issues and wi-fi issue also create some problems and affect your browsing experience.

5. Flash Player Disabled


If you are a techno expert, then you might have an idea about adobe flash. This tool has a security problem that stops you from running the videos on google chrome. There are so many videos on the sites that are not up to date and create issues for playing videos.

Part 2: 5 Ways to Fix Videos Not Playing in Google Chrome

In this part, we are going to share with you the best ways to fix videos that are showing issues while playing in google chrome. You can also try Wondershare Repairit tool by downloading this to your device.  Let’s check those ways:

Turn on your Flash Player

If your flash video is not running, then you should check whether your device has this tool or not. In this case, you can turn on the adobe flash that will pop up on your screen. If the notification is not turning on your screen, then anyone can visit the setting option and customize the setting. For this, you have to follow the certain process that is:

  • You have to first launch the Goggle chrome to turn on the PC again
  • Turn on your site that has the videos which you want to play.
  • Pick the Lock icon that is placed in the left corner of address bar.
  • There you got the option of flash; you have to just click on that and choose the Allow option. After that, refresh your page and click to run the video again.
  • Now, refresh the page & try playing your video again.

Clear Cache & Cookies

This is another basic solution that you will receive and get suggested by everyone. To get recovered by these corrupted cookies, you have to clear your cache cookies and the history of your device too. After removing all the browsing data, you can try to run your video again, and it works. In this way, you can free some of the free space for video and allow them for playing and loading.

  • For this first, you have to click on the more action that is placed on the left corner of google chrome.
  • Now move to the more tools & then click on clear all your browsing details.
  • When you click on this, then you will receive a time limit where you can choose any option as per your requirement and then click on clear data.

Restart the Chrome browser again

If your video is not running smoothly, then you can restart the chrome browser again. Before turning on your application one more time, you have to follow some steps. For this, you have to visit address bar and type “chrome://restart.”

JavaScript Enabling

If your video is not running in Google Chrome, then you should also ensure whether the JavaScript is enabling in your device and not. When you disabled the JavaScript, then it can affect your videos to run.

Disable Chrome’s Hardware

If your video is not working, then you should check whether the hardware acceleration of your device is on or off. If it is on, then you have to turn it off. You can go to chrome’s settings & disable it by visiting the more section. After visiting more, you have to click on the advanced section.

Part 3: Closing Words

After doing all these things, if this problem is still showing, then you can try another trick. You can try to disable the test system extension. You can also download videos to a computer, or you should update the chrome application. You should restore the chrome to default settings, or you can also use a video recording tool.

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