Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt and How to Fix It

Vapes became a popular item among people in all parts of the world. It is a great tool that people often use when they are surrounded by friends and family members. It seems that conversation always becomes more interesting when the vape is together with us. However, that doesn’t mean that things will always be as you imagine.

We will highlight one of the scenarios that sometimes happens to vape users. They take a long puff to get a tasty soothing vapor. Instead of that, people end with a disgusting feeling in their throat because of the burning taste. Those burnt hits are probably the worst possible thing that can happen when using vapes. It doesn’t matter which type of product you are using. The same thing can happen with all types of vapes that exist on the market.

The development of vaping culture is visible on every corner. There are websites like Vape4Ever that are a good place to expand your knowledge about all important aspects of that culture. However, the bad moments we mentioned may convince people that using vapes is the wrong decision. Because of that, we would like to analyze why you vape tastes burnt and how to fix it.

The Difference Between Dry Hits and Burnt Hits


Before we get to the point, there is one thing that we need to say. Many people think that dry hits and burnt hits are the same issues. Indeed, dry hits surely won’t be pleasant for the consumers. However, the burnt hits have a bigger potential to “surprise” you.

The dry hit comes only when the wick of the coil dries up a bit. The flavors you are expecting to taste won’t be strong because of that. On the other hand, when we talk about burnt hits, nastiness, and coughing are more characteristical for them.

After we made certain things clear, it is the right moment to get to the point. Let’s find out together what causes a burnt hit, and which solutions you have.

Tank Isn’t Full

Every vape on the market has little holes around the coil head. Well, those holes need to be full if you want to enjoy vaping. It is one of the basic rules that all the vaping beginners should know. If you manage to keep the tank full, the burnt cotton hit will not appear.

Despite that, we are sure that you are not planning to purchase a new vape soon. These items are going to be durable only if you maintain them properly. That is another reason why your tank has to be full. When the ports are exposed too often, don’t surprise if the coil head stops “working” as before.

The solution to this problem is easy and you don’t have to be a genius to solve it. Before everything, the consumer needs to prime the refill and coils. Despite that, the tank needs to be full always with no exceptions. Unfortunately, you may continue to experience the same awful taste. If that’s the case, you will have to deep clean the wicking/coil head. In case that doesn’t help either, replacing the coil head is the only option left.


Vaping at High Wattage

Every consumer on this planet has a particular mod which he loves to vape on. However, the vaping mustn’t be at a high wattage because some consequences could appear. In some cases, you may manage to solve the problem with deep cleaning. However, don’t expect something like that is always going to be a solution to the problem.

People often turn the wattage up accidentally. Because of that, when the burnt hit appears, check your mod before everything. There is a big chance that is the cause of the problem that you want to solve. That especially counts if you purchased the item soon. The problems with the coil head are not characteristical for the new vapes.

Fortunately, solving a problem of this type is easy, and it doesn’t require additional effort. Before everything, you should take the vape packaging. There you will find out more about the wattage range for the vape coil. It is strongly recommendable that you do not experiment with things here. Follow the instructions that you see on the packaging. There is a good reason why the vape designers printed the data there.

Despite that, beginners should know one crucial thing. Let’s imagine that you recently installed a new coil head. If that’s the case, you will need to start from the bottom of the wattage range. After you do that, take not more than 5 hits and start increasing the wattage slowly. Increase it for 5 watts each time after you take those 5 hits. Do that until you reach the maximal wattage, and do not try to go over that.

More precisely, there is one additional tip we would like to share with you here. As we said, on the packaging of the vape, you will manage to find its minimum recommended wattage. However, no one says that you can’t go even lower. That is the best way to remain safe when you start using a new coil. After that, it is up to you to calculate when you can go up from there.


The Coils Weren’t Primed

Let’s once again imagine that you have a new coil in front of you. Using the best practice to get ready for something like that is essential here. The smartest move of all would be to open up the tank and prime the coil head before filling the tank. When you do that, you will allow the wick to saturate for 5 minutes. Do not vape on it until those 5 minutes (approximately) pass.

Let’s describe a bit better the entire priming process. It means that the consumer needs to wet the coil and wicking material directly. The purpose of that move, the consumer ensures it gets saturated in the right way before vaping because of the dry cotton burns.

In most cases, burning a new coil is going to be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, in some rare cases, you may need to be a bit more persistent to achieve your goal. Keep in mind that wicking is a bit tight. Despite that, it is not a secret that wicking material usually is less porous. At least, it is less porous until you vape it in the best possible way. Because of that, don’t surprise if you need to invest a bit more attention in case you are using the coil head for the first time.

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