How to Fix a Poor TV Reception?

We rely on cable TV to bring us programming that our local channels don’t provide, and we expect a clear image when we use it. However, the more components you add to your TV, the more chance there is of something going wrong and causing a bad one.This type of signals on cable TV can result in snow or static effect, image freezing, color blocking, double image, waves or distortion, among other problems.



Every time you add an interconnect to your TV system, the reception becomes half strong. These devices are commonly used to connect more than one TV to the main one that goes into the house. Try removing any interconnectors you have installed to strengthen it and improve the image of the TV.


Settings for any component you have added to your system, such as a digital video recorder (DVR), could also affect the quality of it, causing reception failure and snow to appear on your TV screen.



Receivers are the first component connected to the wall cable outlet, and should be turned on and put on channel 3 or 4. If the configuration guidelines recommended by the manufacturer of your receiver and your cable company are not followed accordingly, the reception may not be processed correctly.

Old signal boosters

They require you to plug the connector resistors into unused plugs at the wall outlet to prevent reflection, weakening it. You may need to use resistors if you have it  and one or two of your television channels do not have a clear image. You can also buy a newer amp or a power that doesn’t need resistance.

External equipment

External equipment can also weaken a signal if it is damaged or incorrectly connected. While the external equipment is made to handle the elements, a fallen tree branch, a misplaced staple, or a bracket that is supposed to hold it against the outer wall can damage the cable equipment. You can call the company to send someone to repair it and check the external one and connections.

Other ways to improve it:

Repositioning: One of the main actions you must take to improve the television signal is to reposition the antenna. Try to raise its position at least 50 centimeters to increase the signal and thus receive higher quality.


Indoor antenna: Another good option is to place an indoor antenna near the window. You must keep it away from other electrical devices, especially computers, televisions, music equipment, etc. As they are devices that accumulate static electricity, they will interfere with the signal and you will not be able to receive it with the best possible quality.

Cables: check the cables of the antennas to see if they are in good condition, maybe they have been worn and that makes the signal poor. It is recommended to use coaxial ones, it greatly improves the course of the signal. However, some causes can only be eliminated with great difficulty. If the TV cabling in a house or apartment still dates from the analogue period and the old one does not transmit the demanding signals of modern digital reception systems, the walls must theoretically be taken out and replaced.

This is very complex and even more difficult to implement in rented apartments than in your own home. Also, if you have CCTV, there may be some kind of interference. Then call in professionals like TitusAlarm&CCTV to check what is causing the problem.

Amplifier: A good way to improve the television signal is to use a preamplifier to strengthen it. The quality it loses when traveling on the cables can be recovered with a device that increases the signal. Distribution amplifiers are highly recommended when you have televisions in multiple rooms.

Damage to the antenna: check the antenna well to see if it has any cracks, breaks or other types of damage that may be interfering with the signal quality.

Digital conversion box: install one if the television you are using is analog, it is not necessary in the case of digital ones since these signals are not subject to static interferences like the analog ones.

Satellite dish


A common source of interference is a storm. For example, storm clouds block their reception due to their charge. This interference can unfortunately only be overcome by waiting. If the storm is over and the television interference is still present, you should check whether your satellite antenna has shifted due to the storm.
If there is a radio interference, as can be read from the Federal Network Agency, you should wait a while until the error has been rectified by the specialist staff.

In order that you are at least protected against domestic disturbances, such as poor reception or corrosion, the following points should be observed for your own good.

-The satellite dish and the TV cable should be checked regularly to avoid errors and loss of connection.

-It is important to pay attention to whether a connection cable is damaged or the reception is disturbed by a badly processed F-connector. In these cases, we recommend that you replace the elements.

-In order to avoid unnecessary mistakes, you should use the correct plugs for connecting the cables

-Reception should not deteriorate if the right technology is installed or selected properly. The size of the satellite dish and a high-quality LNB play a major role. If you are not sure about the selection of the satellite dish or the LNB, ask our professionals in the forum.

Another common problem is …

Your screen is blue, green or black


Although it seems like a complete bug, most often it’s a simple matter – your TV doesn’t get a signal.

Make sure your TV box, cable (or whatever device you use) is properly connected to the TV or plugged in. Press the “input” button on your remote control. Don’t be confused if you don’t see this button, some remotely have a “source” or “TV / Video” button that has the same function.

Check also behind the TV that the cables are properly connected and that they are plugging into the correct ports.

Very often, this is also the cause of those horizontal or vertical lines that appear on the screen and completely interfere with television viewing.

If none of this helps, it’s time to call the seller and call for a warranty.


We hope that some of the tips have resolved your issue and that you can now enjoy the highest quality expirience on your TV again.

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